At Last I See the Light

Looking in the Eyes of Love

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This song was included in the Corrs' In Blue Special Edition as a previously unreleased song. It was originally done in 1990 by Patty Loveless. The song was written by Tricia Walker and Kostas Lazarides.

She had been a rebel when she was a teenager that she earned the nickname Rebel Bex but everything changed for Katherine Beckett when her mother was found in the alleyway, dead. They wrote it off as random gang violence. She became a cop so that she can fight for justice for other families, families like hers. That's how she was introduced to bestselling author Richard Castle, whose books helped her when she was grieving. He shadowed he because he was basing his next series on her. But little did she know that this unconventional partnership would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

I wonder should I tell you

About all the crazy things that I have done

I've been hiding all my life

When I should have stayed

I tried to run

Castle annoyed her when they were starting out, made the most un-funniest jokes (although inside she was laughing). He saw through her, through the mask she puts on, through her eyes. He's observant, so she tried to keep everything that happened in her past a secret. But somehow, he still managed to make her talk.

He was right. Her relationship with Josh was going nowhere even though she said they could have a chance. It's not what she really wants. Wasn't that the reason she gave Demming months ago when she broke up with him? She wants someone who cares for her deeply, someone who will be there when she needs him the most. She didn't realise that she was already running away from it.

I was searching for an answer

In a world so full of strangers

But what I found was never really enough

Now that I've found you

I'm looking in the eyes of love

For years, she denied that she was attracted to Castle. Heck! She's in love with Castle. But now she's ready. Whatever danger she was in, may it be her life at stake, all she could think about was Castle. He was the answer she was looking for, all these years. He was there when she needed him most.

Baby, you've been good to me

Oh, so much more than you could know, yeah, yeah

I never thought that I would find

Someone who's so sweet and kind

Like you

Please believe me when I say

This time I won't run away

I swear by all the heaven's stars above

Now that I've found you

I'm looking in the eyes of love

"Good morning, sunshine," Castle called out to his wife. "Wake up or we'll be late."

Beckett turned around to see Castle with the breakfast tray.

"Hm, coffee," she murmured, getting up and letting the blankets fall down to her waist on the bed.

"Yes, breakfast in bed," Rick said, placing the tray between them.

Kate smiled at him. It's things like this, sweet gestures like bringing her a cup of coffee whenever she needed it, that endeared him to her, made her love him. When they first met, she thought she was an ass, an egotistical, pompous jackass, but seeing him for who he really is made her love him even more.

She looked past her husband and saw their luggage packed. They are going to Venice for the week. Captain Gates had heard from 1PP that they have again the highest closure rate so she gave her top detectives a much-needed break.

"Hey, you packed my bags," she mused.

"Yes. You haven't packed yet and I figured you could use some help," Castle replied, putting a slice of pancake in his mouth and offering another to her, which took with a little twinkle in her eye.

"What?" Castle asked.

He noticed. "Nothing," Kate answered.

"Then let's finish this and take a shower so we won't be late for our flight," Castle suggested.

Beckett looked at him, with such admiration, in silence whilst finishing their breakfast. She can't help but think about them. Everything about them. She found the right person for her. She was nervous when they started, romantically, but she didn't run. She dove into it, invested in it. She found love.

Little did she know, he was thinking of the same thing.

Looking in the eyes of love

I can see forever, yeah

I can see you and me

Walking in this world together

Oh, my heart's found a hope

I've been dreaming of

Now that I've found you

I'm looking in the eyes of love

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