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It is a pure muslim story in which sana and Faiz who is religious can fallen into love after marriage. Peep inside to know more about.

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Faiz uddin - He belongs to a rich and religious family. Having a loving and caring family. Always thanks Allah for making him muslimah. Try his best for do not skip his prayers(Namaz). Ready to be minggle but some where asking Allah for getting back her. He is the CEO of Uddin company.


Sana Khan- Don't know how she came up here, a good muslimah girl. Respect her religion and thanks Allah for making her muslim girl. She lives in orphanage with her family(orphanage is her family) beleives in charming but som where afraid, currently she is working as a Receptionalist in a hospital.Having a dreams but didnt wants to go with.


Junaid Uddin- He is the younger brother if Faiz uddin and zara uddin. He too is religious, try his best not to skip prayers. Well thanks to allah for giving a loving and caring family and for making a muslim boy. Currently he is buissness man. Respects his elders.


Zara uddin- She is also a good muslimsh. Respect her religion, love her love ones. Currently she is studying second year of graduation. Wants her elder brother to get married.

Mr zishan uddin and Mrs zeba beggum are the parents of faiz,junaid and zara. Love their children and wants his elder son to get married soon.

Zishan uddin is a engineer and buissness man too.

Zeba begum is a lecturer ,she teaches to 11nth&12th standard. Awlays wished for independent. No dout she is a reach man wife but always wants to be herself.

Assalamwalikum/Helloe everyone. Guys this is my first halal love story,hope you all like it.

Waiting for your respect.

Allah Hafiz/Byee


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