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Andromeda Tonks Potter: Marauder In Training


Being a witch is crazy enough, but being the daughter of the Boy Who Lived just made my life even crazier.

Action / Humor
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Introducing Me

How do I start this off…? My name is Andromeda Tonks Potter, Eldest daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter. I know what you are thinking; Harry and Ginny’s eldest child is James Sirius. But you, see I am adopted. My birth name is Andromeda Lyn Myers. My parents were Chris and Joan Myers both born into highly ranked class pure-blood families. I was born on March 6, 1998. Both of my parents died fighting for my safety during the Battle of Hogwarts. I was actually swaddled in Professor McGonagall’s classroom because my birth parents thought I would be safest there, you know just in the castle that was the field of the battle, the location of many deaths. Since the rest of my family died prior to my birth, I had nowhere else that I, as an infant could be, and have someone find me and take care of me if my birth parents were to die in battle. My birth parents were killed by the Death Eater Rabastan Estrange in the middle of the battle. After the fighting ended, with Voldemort dead, many of the survivors stayed to help clean as much of the school that they could. While she was helping clean up the mess, Molly found me sitting on top of McGonagall’s desk, she took me downstairs where Mom was sitting and had Mom watch over me until she was done cleaning. Mom, during the time she was watching me, deciding that the only place I wouldd be the safest at, would be with her and Harry. So, I was adopted a week after I was found in the classroom by Harry and Ginny, who were dating at the time, after about a year of me being a member of the Potter/Weasley household, I gained two other masterminds and best friends, Teddy Lupin, Dad’s godson, so I call him my god-brother, or even my third little brother since I am a month older than him, but I only do that when I am upset with him; and Victoire Weasley, my cousin from Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur, or Aunt Phlegm as mom calls her when Mom is upset with her. When Teddy and I were two and Victoire was one; Dad, Teddy, Victoire, and I concocted an ingenious idea for Dad’s marriage proposal to Mom. Well, it was not as ingenious as you would assume because Dad employed toddlers for a marriage proposal so it involved a lot of glitter and puppies. But with the actual help from Aunt Hermione, Dad had a lovely proposal planned, to which, of course, Mom said yes. They got married on June 12, 2000. My brother James Sirius was born on April 12, 2005. I never liked that day after that, because I was not going to be completely spoiled by Mom and Dad. We were then blessed (sarcastically) a year later on February 9, 2006, by the birth of my second brother Albus Severus. I later realized that Albus is my favorite brother, which really is not that hard to beat James. Albus feels like the odd one out, between James, himself, and Lily, James acted a lot like our grandfather, while Lily acted like our grandmother, while Albus acted like his own self; so he usually looked to me for guidance. He approached me this past summer, before my seventh year, since he is going to Hogwarts next year. He is already nervous about the sorting, because James decided to make fun of him saying he will be sorted into Slytherin and telling him about all of the people who were sorted into that house who became Death Eaters, one of which he is named after. He came into my room in the middle of the night, having a panic attack, so, even though I do not talk about them much, I told Albus about my birth parents, Pure-Blood Slytherins, who fought against Voldemort, even Andromeda, Teddy’s Grandma was a Slytherin, but she followed the Order of the Phoenix. Even though he started to feel better about his sorting, I could tell he was still very nervous, so I decided to tell about when I was sorted, which feels like such a long time ago, I told him about how nervous I was, hoping to be in Gryffindor to be like my adoptive family, and how the Sorting Hat told me that your family does not show who you are, and he also noted on how courageous I was for wanting to be in Gryffindor, telling him that was the house I wanted to be in, just like Dad did when he was sorted, but for a different reason. I was finally blessed two years later with the birth of my little sister Lily Luna on June 15, 2008. I got my Hogwarts letter in the summer of 2009, Teddy, who was staying with us while his grandmother, Andromeda took a holiday, was very excited to finally go to Hogwarts, and I was sorted into the Gryffindor house, while Teddy was sorted in Hufflepuff like his mother, my namesake Tonks. I found it to be a relief because I was sorted in Gryffindor, like my family. I was a little worried that I would be sorted into Slytherin like my birth-parents, not that there is anything wrong with being a member of the Slytherin house, the rumor that every Slytherin student turned evil is not seen true anymore, my birth parents were a prime example of that, but I wanted to be more like my adoptive parents, because even though everyone excepted me into the family, I did not want to disappoint them. When I was getting sorted, the Sorting Hat told me that my heritage does not describe who I am as a person, I took that piece of advice, and now I live by it. Victoire joined me in Gryffindor a year later, her and Teddy secretly started dating that year as well. Well, the only people we were keeping the secret from was our parents. And this is how we’ve spent these past few years at Hogwarts. Enjoying our classes, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts, I usually find it funny when Dad comes in to lecture, because he is always so nervous, so he usually just looks at me, so he will be comfortable. Quidditch games are usually very dramatic, especially Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff games. I am the seeker and captain of our house team, like Dad, I have been the seeker since my first year, but I became captain my third year, since the rest of the team was either four or five years older than me. Teddy is also a seeker for the Hufflepuff team. Teddy and I are currently in our seventh year and are Head Boy and Girl, respectively. While Victoire is in her sixth year, and James is currently a first year. He was so proud of himself that he got sorted into Gryffindor House that the very next day he sent a letter back home to Mom and Dad. I could not help but snicker at that, even though he tried to act like the first James Potter, he was still very nervous, the main reason I could tell that was because he was holding his breath while Professor Longbottom placed the Sorting Hat n his head, he held that breath in until the Sorting Hat called out Gryffindor. James, surprisingly, made the house team, he is one of our chasers. He has probably been practicing with my old broom while I was at school, I have the newest model of the Firebolt, a gift from Mom and Dad since I made the team. I also receive many Quidditch related gifts from Mom’s former Holyhead Harpies teammates, hoping I will be just like Mom and join the team. This past summer when Teddy and I received the letters with our Heads badges, it caused a completely random party to take place at the Burrow. To say our family was excited would be a complete understatement, I think the closest term to their reaction would be that they were beyond ecstatic. There was then an entertaining yet heated and long argument between Uncle Bill and Uncle Percy about which one of them I was most like. It did not end until Aunt Audrey and Aunt Fleur pulled their husbands out of the living room, both saying it was time to leave. Dad congratulated me and told me that his parents would be proud of me as well, since they were Head Boy and Girl when they were in their seventh year. It was a great day in our family. Throughout the years Hagrid did bring a few strange creatures onto the school grounds, but they did not cause such a ruckus like they did when Mom and Dad attended Hogwarts, he finally learned that you cannot domesticate a dragon, especially a Hungarian Horntail. Fang was always his righthand dog, even though he is about twenty-five years old, which is exceptionally long for a dog. I usually go and have tea with him at least once at week, it started out as just me visiting him, then Teddy me joined two weeks later actually, Victoire joined our visits when she came to Hogwarts and James has joined us this year. We try to keep him up to date on our family, especially Dad, when Dad is visiting he absolutely makes sure he has enough time to visit Hagrid. Even though Teddy, Victoire, and I are quite rambunctious while at school, definitely with the help from items Uncle George sends us on a weekly basis from the shop, the three of us do not get into trouble like “The Golden Trio’ as Uncle Neville, I mean Professor Longbottom calls my dad and Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, as a way to try to make fun of me. I cannot count how many stories Professor Longbottom has told our class about the adventures he got sucked into because of my family. I just roll my eyes because I have heard every single one of these stories, more than once. I usually throw back to him jokes about how clumsy he was back at school. Even though I knew, when the time came, he was a true Gryffindor, showing how brave a person can be during the Battle of Hogwarts. He loves telling stories about how they snuck into the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic, in their fifth year. There is also the one about the Cornish Pixies. He actually has many stories about ‘The Boy Who Lived’, “Our King”, and “The Brightest Witch of Her Age’. Even though I know that their roles could have been reversed, Neville Longbottom, The Boy Who Lived; has a nice ring to it. I even have a knack for Potions, I wrote a letter to Dad when Slughorn had me on his wall, ironically next to the picture of my grandmother, Professor Slughorn says I remind him of my grandmother, which I find to be very touching since she is my Adoptive Grandmother. Then, there are the times that Dad would come to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and show us how to defend ourselves and how he would use me as his assistant for spells and tricks, since he taught me every single one of them when I was younger. What can I say, both Mom and Dad were adamant for all four of us to learn defensive spells. I have not only learned defensive spells, but I am also an Animagus, a registered one of course, with the help of Headmistress McGonagall I am now successfully able to transform into a Black Labrador Retriever with such ease. I almost look like Sirius’ Animagus. Now that I am older, my aunts and uncles have been asking what I am going to do after Hogwarts, I am not entirely certain what I want to do, I have thought about being an Auror with Dad, he did say that having an Auror that is an Animagus would be very helpful. All I know is that when I make my decision my family will always support me no matter the decisions I make. I know my past is a little twisted, but I wouldn't have it any other way, or else I would not be a member of such a loving family, the fame also helps, but just a little.

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