A twin fall inlove with one girl Characters:PARK HYEJIN,JEON JUNGKOOK ,JEON JUNGHYUN,Kim Jennie,Kim Taehyung. Well it is true story .It is true love. This is how to learn to love and respect each other's feelings and how to love in perfect way and the difference between the wrong and right.

Drama / Romance
Kashica Manalansang
Age Rating:


Characters:Park Hyujin,Jeon Jungkook,Jeon Junghyun,Kim Jennie,Kim Taehyung.


Place:Korea Univerity

Hyujin's POV

(I was sitting on my chair and heads down on the table. I was listening some music peacefully as the teacher didn't come yet,but the peaceful environment didn't last long as the door opens and reveal the person I hate the most...Jeon Jungkook(Jk)

Oh...let me introduce him,he's my neighbor. I and Jk never had a peaceful conversation because he's a donkey who irritates me and hats off to my luck,because since elementary school we are together until now. No matter what somehow we end up in the same place.

Jk:Hi monkey!

Hyejin: *here we go again* can you please shut up for awhile?

Jk:why are you speaking?


Jk:because I said "hi monkey" are you a monkey or what? *he said as he started to laugh*

Hjejin:haha funny!*I said and gave him a disgusting look*

Jk:your face tough Hahaha

Hyejin:YOU DONK- *before I could finish my sentence the teacher came in)

Teacher:Goodmorning everyone

Jungkook what's so funny,why are you laughing?

Jk:Because I realize how savage I am!*he said I just look at him angrily*

Jk:Hahaha...somone is gonna blast of anger hahaha

Hyejin:Listen you donk- *I was interrupted again by the teacher*

Teacher:shhhhh.. don't start again,why are you two always fight I don't understand.Ok Jungkook sit down now.*she said as the ugly donkey didn't take a seat yet.*

Jk:ok*he said as he started going toward my direction,so I looked away.


As Jk was passing by Hyejin he slightly pinched her cheeks which was red due to anger,but before Hyejin could say something the teacher started calling names

Hyejin:(mouthed) O will deal with you later

Jk:we will-*before he could say something Hyejin called the teacher and said*

Hyejin:Teacher Jungkook is disturbing me!

Teacher:Ok enough,Jungkook get out of here now!

Jk:But I-

Teacher: I said out!

Jk:fineee*before he could leave he look at Hyejin who was smirking evily*

Hyejin:Bye donkey~

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