Sanity is Overrated

I'm a liar

Chapter Ten

I'm a liar

Roxas whizzed clockwise on the roundabout, pushed by an overzealous Demyx who was trying his best to wipe the miserable look off his friend's face by making him sick.

He'd been in the park all afternoon with Riku and Sora, Zexion and Demyx and was feeling like a fifth wheel. Axel was supposed to be there hours ago. He was usually late, but this was ridiculous.

They had been in the sun, eating sandwiches carefully cut at right angles by Zexion and playing frisbee, but now darkness was falling and Axel still hadn't arrived.

Roxas had called the redhead several times that day and was sick to death of his answer phone message.

Demyx checked Zexion's watch for the seventh time in five minutes.

"Sorry Rox, we have to go. Picking up half of Zexy's family from the airport."

He got up from the picnic blanket and pulled Zexion up with him.

"I have to leave too, early lesson tomorrow. You coming Sor?"

Riku smiled at Sora who stayed sitting.

"I'm gonna stay with Rox."

"Ok, give me a call when you get home, so I know you're ok."

"I think I'm going to throw up." said Roxas spitefully.

Riku frowned, but his expression changed as he saw Sora grin.

"He's just jealous. See you later babe."

Sora stood up and kissed Riku goodbye, taking the opportunity to have a good grope.

Riku grinned, before turning away and leaving them alone on the blanket.

"I wish Axel would care like that."

"I'm sure he does, he's just busy at the moment."

They silently watched the stars, not that they moved. Time itself was irrelevant.

The stars and the darkness disappeared from Roxas' view, replaced by Axel's head and shoulders.

"Sorry I'm late, what did I miss?"

"Everything." Roxas spat "Why didn't you call, I've been waiting for you all day."

"Was at work" Axel mumbled

"I kinda figured."

"I'll make it up to you."

Sora shuffled uncomfortably, wishing he had gone home with Riku. He could have been doing something a lot more fun.

"Again?. How many more times?"

Roxas got up and pulled Sora with him. He gathered up the blanket.

"Come on Sor, we're going home."

He turned his back on the redhead and stalked away.

"We'll do something tomorrow night, I promise" Axel's voice carried on the wind. "I'll come over to yours and pick you up."

"You want to go to the movies tonight?"

Axel and Roxas were lying on the latter's bed, the blonde lying against Axel's chest, playing with one of the tassels on his hoodie.

"I can't go out tonight, I have to work." The words were mumbled.

Roxas instantly sat up.

"You said that last night and the night before that. You've said that for weeks." Roxas spat. "I see more of Sephiroth than I do of you."

"It's a big project. I'm sorry."

"No you're not"

Axel closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable jolt of pain to shoot through his face. It didn't come.

Roxas got up, shoved past him and ran towards the door, his brain refusing to deal with what had just happened.

Axel grabbed his arm, all feelings migrating to the spot like iron filings to a magnet.

"Is there someone else?" Roxas said quietly.

"No." Axel shook his head "Of course not."

"Your job just means more to you that I do, that's all." His voice was sad. "You never said that you loved me. You won't miss me." Roxas' voice cracked at the last four words.

"Maybe it does, and maybe I won't" Axel retorted.

Roxas shoved past the redhead and opened the door. He slammed it shut as he left.

Axel finally moved when he heard the front door slam.

"You've got it all wrong. He shouted at the closed door."If I don't have you, I am nothing. You're supposed to be with me."

He said the last few words sadly before hitting the wall so hard plaster fell from indent he had made. So much for his security deposit. Sephiroth was just pedantic enough to get him to sign a contract and charge him for the privilege.


Sora opened the apartment door quietly so not to wake anyone even though it wasn't that late and crept through the door with Riku, who backed up in surprise when he spotted Roxas at the breakfast bar surrounded by cereal boxes. From the look of the surface he was on his second box of Crunchy O's.

Sora grabbed Riku by the arm and ushered him out of the door.

"Go through the back way. Let Cloud deal with him."

Riku raised an eyebrow, but followed Sora his bedroom window thanking God that the Strife's apartment was on the ground floor. After shoving Sora through the window and pulling himself through they sat in a heap on the carpet.

"Ok, Explain to me why we had to look like burglars?'

"Roxas is upset about something"

"You could tell that from a 5 second look in the kitchen?"

"He eats cereal when he's depressed and I thought that it would be safer for you if we left Cloud to deal."

"Any idea why?'

The patented adorable thinking look appeared on Sora's face. Well, that was in Riku's opinion.

"Axel's been spending a lot of time at work lately."

Riku dragged Sora backwards to his bed, where they lay, backs to the headboard.

"So what are we going to do?"

"We could tell him that Axel's got a surprise planned for his birthday"

"But, that would ruin it"

Sora looked genuinely shocked at the suggestion, pushing Riku on the floor where he landed with a thump.

"It's no use having a surprise if they break up, is it?"

Riku murmured as he got up off the floor. Sora scrunched up his face then grinned.

"If Rox goes to the garage and sees that Axel isn't doing anything dodgy or suspicious, he should forgive him right?"

"One problem, how do we get him down there?."

"I'll do what I do best."

"What, eat?"

Sora swatted at Riku who ducked

"No, cause trouble"

The intercom beeped in the apartment.

"What?' Cloud snapped into the receiver, taking the visitor by surprise.

"Is Roxas in?" Axel's voice was clear over the intercom.

"No" it was a blunt reply

A couple of swear words followed by the word psycho barraged down the intercom. The language indicated that the mental well-being of the redhead was pretty much zero, not that Cloud cared. The guy must have a death wish.

"Do you realise the mess you've made" He said.

Reno followed Riku into the living room, hoping to find his brother fit and well and not as the rumour stated, a shell of his former self.

He hadn't seen or heard from Axel since the beginning of his ill advised dip in the kiddie pool.

He noticed hair that mirrored his own, but was dismayed to find the shape was curled up in a tight ball.

Axel looked up from his position by the window. His left eye surrounded by a dark bruise and a cut held together by tape, that intersected his eyebrow.

"He's been moping for three days now. Refuses to eat, just sleeping and working. Muttering that there's no point anymore. He's even ignoring all of Seph's attempts to wind him up."

"What the hell did Roxas to to him?"

"More like what did Cloud to to him?" Sephiroth appeared in the doorway, holding a mug of something steaming that he thrust in Axel's direction.

"What are you doing here?" Sephiroth addressed the elder redhead with distain. "You haven't bothered with him for months."

"He's still my little brother. I've come to take him home."

"He's not a puppy or a child" Sephiroth snapped.

Axel looked up. The guy he thought hated him, was for once being a good guy. He smiled, his first one in days.

Cloud was not a irrational man, just one who didn't like his family being hurt. No one made Roxas eat three boxes of cereal one after another like a chain smoker. His hand had hurt after he had knocked the redhead out cold, but that was no conciliation to his face.

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