Sanity is Overrated

I will not be broken

Chapter Eleven

I will not be broken

The bashing on the front door interrupted Riku's Smash Brothers winning streak. He watched in dismay as Link was thrown off the off the edge of the screen, taken out by Pikachu of all characters.

He threw the controller onto the sofa where it bounced off a cushion and lay on the floor mocking him. Still the noise kept coming.

"Riku. Are you home?"

The silver haired man pressed pause and sloped towards the door. As soon as he clicked open the lock a blonde blur shoved its way through and Riku was pushed against the wall.

"Is Axel here?"

"He's at work."

"Good, I'm here to collect my stuff."

Roxas took his cardboard box into Axel's room and returned minutes later with it haphazardly stuffed with possessions. He put it down in the hallway.

"Don't tell him I was here." his voice breaking by the end of the sentence.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Roxas frowned and gently shook his head.

Riku lead him to the sofa and gently pressed the Wii remote into his hand.

"You can be Link if you like."

They sat in silence until Link finally beat the ice climbers.

"Does he usually work this much?"


Riku pressed pause.

"I never got to see him. Is there someone else?"

"He's not mentioned anyone to me. Look, I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you. Maybe you should talk to him, it's been a couple of weeks."

At the mention talking to his ex, Roxas started to get up.

"I have to go. Thanks for the game."


Roxas rose from the sofa, but flopped back down when someone started bashing on the front door.

"Rox, you in there?"

A door slammed from inside the house.

"Seph's awake" Riku grimaced. Cold air wafted through the house as Sephiroth opened the door.

"Cloud" A distant murmur


Cloud appeared in the living room doorway seconds later.

"Roxas" he sounded breathless "It's Sora."

Roxas and Riku's faces simultaneously turned white.

"Whats happened?" the younger blonde squeaked

"He took your car out and crashed into lamp post. He's in hospital"

Roxas and Riku vaulted the sofa almost tipping it over and followed Cloud out the door. Sephiroth closed the door behind them, noticing that Roxas had left his box behind.

Sora looked pathetic, like he had been hit by a 10 ton truck. Riku sat down next to the bed in the only chair and took Sora's hand.

Roxas stood at the bedside and watched as Sora opened his eyes.

"Sor, what the hell d'you think you were playing at?"

He knew he had yelled when Riku blessed him with a look that would make a nun faint, but by that point, he didn't care.

Sora was in hospital, his car was probably in a vehicle pound, beaten to a pulp and Axel was never going to speak to him ever again. Life sucked.

"Sora doesn't need this right now" Riku whispered. "Go and get us a cup of coffee."

Why Riku would want a coffee out of the machine was beyond him, but he left anyway. He shut the door as he left and sloped off to join Cloud in the waiting room. It was easy to find him, he wasn't exactly conspicuous. He was reading a magazine about cake decorating.

"Cloud." He looked up "He's broken his leg, he's not dead."

Not the best way to be reassuring. He knew that after he had spoken.

He sat down on the plastic chair next to his brother and tried to make himself comfortable.

Cloud flicked through the magazine, not even looking at the pages.

"He'll be driving us insane in no time." Roxas said, patting Cloud on the shoulder before staring at the door. Riku poked his head around the door frame.

"He asked to see you."

He sounded somber, like Roxas was going to read his brother's last rites or something.

He jumped up, knocking the chair over. Cloud rolled his eyes and picked it up.

"Just go." He snapped as Roxas tried to help pick it up.

He jogged to Sora's room

"Roxy" Sora chirped as soon as he put is head around the door.

"Don't call me that.'

He sat up, grimaced, then lay down again.

"Sorry 'bout your car. My fault."

"At least you're ok. Love you Sor."

it was something he hadn't said for a long time. Sora smiled. Roxas hugged him until he squeaked with pain.

"Since you love me so much. You can't kill me."


"Your car is at a garage. The police took it there."

"Which garage?"

Sora smiled at him innocently. Sora never looked innocent if he could help it. It was then that Roxas worked out what he had done.

The ever present urge to strangle his brother returned. He reached forward, arms outstretched ready.

"Roxas" A voice snapped from behind him. Cloud.

The eldest Strife crossed the room and pulled Roxas away from the bed.

"He could have died."

"So everyone keeps saying." Roxas pouted "He's only broken his leg"

His repeated his remark from earlier was only met with a glare from Cloud. He suddenly felt sick of his of his own voice.


Another tone joined the throng. People liked saying his name today. The voice sounded worried. He looked in the direction of the door and his heart jumped.

The person who loved the sound of his own voice had chosen that moment to turn up. He was holding a box with a large red ribbon around it.

"You brought me chocolate" came the voice from the bed "You're awesome"

"He's delirious." Roxas muttered "Morphine can do that to you."

"You're ok?" Axel said in surprise.

He reached over and pulled Roxas into a bear hug. Roxas struggled, trying to look mad, even though his mind and stomach were doing something completely different.

"I thought it was you." Axel squeezed tighter, then let go. "The police said the driver was in hospital."

"Sora was driving. You can leave now."

"Not a chance."

Axel grabbed his hand and pulled him into the corner by the door.

"Look, I'm sorry for what I did. Can we be friends?"

Roxas felt his blood boil. The mechanic was oblivious. He glared at the moron who had broken his heart.

"I didn't know you were this self involved" He spat

The room was silent for a moment.

"Actually, yes I did."

Axel rolled is eyes and let go of his hand. the warmth evaporated instantly.

"Sometimes I just don't get you."

"You don't get me." Roxas yelled "You spend all your time playing with engines. The fumes have gone to your head."

Axel tried to look insulted, but failed miserably.

"Go back to work, seeing as you love it more than me."

Roxas turned and stalked out the door into the corridor. No-one followed, not that he blamed them.

"Who said I did?"

He turned to see Axel standing in the doorway.

"You didn't say anything when I left."

"I was in shock. Never had anyone walk out on me before."

"I don't believe you."

"Don't then." he sighed. "For what it's worth, you got me worried."

He smiled sadly as he turned and walked away, dropping the chocolate box in front of Roxas as he passed.

Roxas stared at the empty corridor before going back to Sora's room.

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