Sanity is Overrated

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

A muffled ringtone reverberated on the bedside table, disrupting a dream about chocolate pudding and the lead singer of his favourite rock band.

Rolling over, he grabbed his phone, flipped it open, not bothering to look at the screen and put it to his ear.


It was a voice Roxas' early morning brain didn't recognise.

It was a well known fact that he was unable to function in the mornings unless he had ingested several cups of coffee or crude oil, as Sora nicely put it.



The problem solving process was slow. His mind ran through it's internal rolodex, putting all the relevant pieces of together, like the 'Guess Who' game Kairi forced them to play every Christmas.

After a few of seconds, all the people cards were down.


"Who did you think it was?"

The voice sounded pissed. Roxas reasoned with his mind that it was about being forgotten. Being someone with hair that red, he probably wasn't. Usually.

"What time is it?"


"Oh shit"

Roxas rolled out of bed, the handset still pressed against his head. He hit the floor with a thump. Sora's snoring changed tone.

"It's Saturday Roxas"

This guy sure liked saying his name and it sounded good.

The other end of the phone was silent where he obviously expected a response. Damn his odd conversations with Zexion.

"You don't do mornings do you?"

Roxas was on the verge of asking him to call at a more appropriate time and slamming the phone shut. What kind of weirdo would leave their number in a guy's car anyway?

Then he laughed. Cue the drums in his chest that beat the day before. Somewhere in the middle of Roxas' thought process, the laughing stopped.

"What are you doing today?"

That was a question he should answer, or it would be considered rude.

"Driving my brother to a swim meet. But, I'm back at 11.30. Why?"

"I have a day off and I thought we could go somewhere date like"

Roxas swallowed involuntarily. Did he really want to do this? He wasn't like Sora, even though he wished he could forget consequences for one day.

"If it makes you feel any better, you could bring your brother and I could bring a friend. Seeing as I don't know you, you could be a serial killer or something"

Axel laughed at is own joke. The shivers were back, it was like he had read Roxas' mind.

"Ok, why not" He said, suddenly feeling a bit more comfortable around this virtual stranger who was actually being quite pleasant.

"I'll pick you up at 12.00."

"Sure" He answered "How do you know where I live?" He said as an afterthought, but Axel had hung up.

Cue the feeling that he was about to throw up.

He looked over at Sora who had slept through the noise. His twin owed him big-time and he was about to pay up.

He shuffled back into bed, letting the warm covers envelop him and tentatively stuck his arm out and patted the floor until he found a suitable projectile. He threw the heavy leather boot, it bounced off Sora's headboard and flew across the room, landing quietly on a pile of clothes. The resulting vibration shook Sora and the snoring stopped.

Interlude - Sora

Sora sat on a stool at the breakfast bar, sipped his cup of coffee and stared suspiciously at his twin who sat opposite him and was smiling a bit too much for it to be genuine happiness.

"Do you remember that you owe me big time?" The voice was wheedled

"Yes" His voice full of suspicion

"I'm seeing Axel today, and you're coming too"

Straight to the point

"The hell I am!"

"I could be a serial killer or something. He's bringing a friend."

"Like a double date? I only want Riku." The response was little more than a whine.

Roxas liked who he liked and that was it. Sora on the other hand was strictly guys and as much as the sweet blonde down the road tried to convince him otherwise, he only has eyes for Riku.

"This will cancel out all you owe me. It's a good deal; I'd take it if I were you."

"I thought you did all of those things out of brotherly love."

He shuffle backwards, almost falling off the stool when this twin reached over the bar with outstretched hands.


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