Sanity is Overrated

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Axel had been standing outside the Strife's apartment block for about half an hour, trying to decide the best way to apologise and was surprised he hadn't been picked up by the police as a stalker or something. He took a deep breath, pressed the number for for Roxas' apartment and waited for the hollow beep that signalled that someone had picked up the call.

"Rox, that you?" He shouted into the intercom.

"What do you want asshole?"

From the venom in the voice, it was definitely his date from the day before.

"I screwed up ok, I'm sorry."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"I want to take you out again and make it up to you"

"And why would I let you do that?"

Axel looked around to see if anyone was listening in on the rather one sided sounding conversation

"I really like you" The desperation even surprised Axel himself. "Are you going to let me in?"

"No. Here's how it's gonna go. You're gonna pick me up at 8.00 tonight and take me to the cinema on Twilight to see that new horror movie. You will pay for everything and no skimping on the snacks. I'll be very hungry."

Axel felt himself nodding.

"And if you are really lucky I may let you kiss me when you bring me home."

That got his attention.

"OK" he said in to the receiver, to find that the hollow noise at the end of the intercom had gone. Roxas had hung up on him.

"So, how did it go?"

Riku was lying on Axel's bed, feet up against the wall, head off the end.

"We saw that new vamp flick that I think was actually porn in disguise and ate most of the snacks in the place."

Axel kicked off his shoes into a pile by the door and joined Riku on the bed.

"Do you know how much that cost me?"

"Did it work though?"

A sly grin made it's way across Axel's face.

"It'll take that as a yes."

The redhead leaned over and pushed his friend off the side of the bed and he landed with a gentle thump on the carpet.

"Did you see Sora?"

Riku got up and rested his head on the side of the bed.

"For a few minutes. Why?"

"How did he look?"

"Like Sora. Did you want to know what he was wearing or something?"

"Did he look happy?"

"Doesn't he always"

Axel looked over at his friend and grinned. It was an awful lot of questions to ask.

"You called him didn't you."

"Might have done."

"Thought you didn't date your students."

"I've made an exception"

"Let's go to the park" Axel's voice was insistent.

They were in Riku's living room, curtains closed to the dark outside, lights muted enough to cast shadows.

He leant over the arm of the sofa where Roxas was lying and blew in his face.

The blonde put down the newspaper he was trying to read and rolled his eyes at Axel's enthusiasm.

"It's dark."

"I'll push you on the swings."

"Such an incentive"

A cushion sailed over and hit Roxas on the head.

"You're not all there, you know that."

Axel pulled a face, picked up his house keys from the glass topped table, grabbed Roxas by the foot and pulled him off the sofa.

"Lets go Rox"

20 minutes later Roxas was hanging upside down by his knees on the highest bar of the climbing frame. His T-shirt riding up by his neck, the cool breeze tickling his skin, raising goosebumps.

Below him, leaning against a metal support bar, Axel was finishing a cigarette, the smoke spiralling lazily into the air. He tilted his head upwards to admire the view and the uncharacteristic display of athleticism

"You gonna be hanging there all night?"

"If you don't come and get me down." The reply was coy.

Axel dropped the finished cigarette on the ground and sauntered the couple of meters to the blonde.

He smiled slyly, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, finally tilting his head up and locking lips with the blonde long enough for his boyfriend to nearly fall off the frame as all the blood rushed to his head.

He grinned as Roxas broke the kiss and pulled himself up so he was perched on top of the frame.

"Nice try." He purred.

"Come down and we can do that again."

"No, you come up here." The words spoken softly and full of promise.

Axel reached up, grabbed one of the a-frame bars and pulled himself up, moving with grace despite his height.

He sat on top a bar facing Roxas

"So" He said, grinning


"I'm glad I found you"


"You have no idea"

He reached out put his hand on Roxas neck and pulled him forward. Their lips met, tongues tangoed, wandering hands lit by the stars.

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