Sanity is Overrated

You want a piece of me?

Chapter Seven

You want a piece of me?

Axel hit his bent knees against the breakfast bar as he tried to get comfortable. The Strife brother's apartment was not the largest place and it was way too small for extremely tall people like himself.

He chewed thoughtfully on his mouthful of cereal tapping his foot rhythmically on the bottom rung of the bar stool. He fiddled with the white mug next to him, tilting the dark sludge that has once been a cup of coffee. Roxas had downed most of it before racing to the bathroom to get there before any of this brothers to take a long steamy shower. The image had to be forced out of Axel's head before he chased after the blonde. That action would only have been met with a glare and a door slammed in his face.

He put the mug down a took another mouthful of the crunchy O's in his bowl. He hated eating on his own, finding it quite boring. He would have had the radio on at home, but after a cursory glance around the Strife's kitchen, he was unable to find one. A shock of blonde hair floated in the corner of his vision.

"Hey Rox" He said without looking up, taking another mouthful of cereal.

"You must be Axel"

The redhead looked up and mumbled around the mouthful. The eldest Strife stood over him, his blue eyes cold. He fixed the visitor with a steady glare. Had Axel stood up at that point he would have towered this foe and then some, but even he knew that it wasn't the right time to assert this fact or the fact that this guy had been giving a more personal service to his boss.

Cloud didn't bother to sit down, he leant on the bar, hands palm down, leaning forward.

Axel had been thought a few of the big brother chats, but very few if any, had given him a shiver up his spine.

"You look a lot like Reno"

"He's my brother"

Cloud's eyes darkened. He was silent for a second and Axel recognised the look Roxas pulled before he went off the deep end. Cloud leaned in closer. Axel audibly swallowed his next mouthful and dropped his spoon with a clink into the empty bowl.

"You behave like him?"

"No" said Axel quietly, not wanting to enrage the blonde any more than he unwittingly had already. His usual attitude not working under these circumstances. He was no way the same as his brother. He had seen how he acted with women. It always annoyed him how they were compared or even mistaken for each other.

He'd lost count of the amount of times he had been punched in the face when someone had caught sight of a flash of red hair in a semi-dark room.

He frowned, knowing exactly where this interrogation was going to end from the look on Cloud's face.

The blonde walked around the breakfast bar slowly, running his fingers across the counter top and stopped dead in front of Axel's sitting position.

He tilted his head to the side like an owl eyeing up it's prey, then straightened. In the shadow, his eyes were the colour of steel.

Axel flinched as Cloud poked him hard in the chest, his strong fingers feeling like needles.

"Hurt Roxas and I'll tear you apart" He spat.

Axel knew that it wasn't an idle threat as Cloud turned and left the room.

He watched the door close, completely speechless which was unusual. He would never hurt his Roxy. The guy was a complete psycho.

Roxas and Axel sat in a semicircular booth in a fifties style cafe. It was just down the road from the Strife's apartment making the walk back for the Cloud approved curfew attainable.

They were the only ones there apart from a waitress who was cleaning tables and filling ketchup bottles.

"I had a nice chat with Cloud this morning"

Roxas looked up from dissecting his slice of cherry pie and raised an eyebrow

"It wasn't a chat, more of a glare"

The eyebrow went down again and his attention went back to the pie. Cloud had had many chats with anyone interested in him or Sora. He really hoped that Axel wouldn't go the way of the others and be out of his life within a week.

Axel reached out and tilted the blonde's face up with a light finger.

"Any other Strife's for me to worry about?"

He looked slightly odd, it was a new face that Roxas had never seen before.

He smiled and thoughtfully finished his mouthful of pie.

"You know Sora, he's no problem. The only thing he could do is blind you by smiling too much or drive you insane.

He took a gulp of lukewarm coffee and swallowed.

"And there's Nami" he said off handedly waving his fork.


"Eight year old pain in the ass half sister. Never seen without any thing pink."

He put the fork down noiselessly on the plate and slid it across the table. Axel eyed it suspiciously before poking it with the fork.

"She sounds harmless"

"As harmless as a virus, but she'll probably turn to slushie when she meets you like when she first met Reno. It's the hair I think."

Finally he noticed his demolished pie.

"You going to eat that or play with it?"

He watched as Axel slowly placed the pie in his mouth, but it was when he licked the cherry jam off his lips, that Roxas started to dribble.

He heard a cough and found that the recipient of the orgasm face was grinning at him.

"Roxy, you're so predictable."

"Don't do that in public places then."

"What if I want to?'

"I'll sic Cloud on you."

Axel went back to prodding the pie.

"What about you?" Said Roxas, breaking the silence.

"There's Reno, but you've already met him. That's it."

He sipped Roxas's coffee

"The parents are traveling the world. He's supposed to keep an eye on me, like a responsible older brother and gets money every month for food, which he spends on beer. Last month he chucked me out and moved Zack in."

Roxas tried to look sympathetic.

"Uh huh."

The sight of Axel eating pie had turned his brain to mush and was now unable to form intelligent sentences.

"They have parties that are so good that they are on first name terms with everyone at the local police department."

The rage had turned to jealousy. "'Ku was rattling around the house on his own after Seph left on tour with the army, so I moved in there."

Roxas looked down at the table and noticed that the napkin that went with the pie, was no longer able to fulfil the duties as it was intended. He leant over and scooped up the torn pieces, depositing the into the ash tray on the next table.

"Sora's been wittering on about Resident Evil for the past few days." Roxas said quietly "Riku is pretty good at it apparently."

The sour expression on the redhead's face was still there

"For your information, he's been practicing every night this week." He snapped.

Roxas grabbed another napkin, threw it in his face and it landed on the pie.


Riku and Sora lounged on the sofa in Riku's living room. The formers long legs resting on the coffee table in front of them. His arm comfortably around Sora's shoulders, drawing him close to exchange small kisses. Sora lay against his shoulder, arm across Riku's stomach, fingers absently stroking the skin under his t-shirt.

At closer inspection, Riku was holding an Ipod in his other hand. They each had an earphone and lay listening to something no-one else could hear. in their own happy little world that it seemed rude to interrupt.


Zexion looked up from his book

"What Demyx?" he snapped

"Demyx sat on the arm of Zexion's chair and grabbed the book from his hands before slamming it shut. Zexion scowled

"Do you love me more than cherry pie?"

He raised an eyebrow

"How does my favourite pie come into the equation?"

He regretted asking the question as soon as he saw Demyx's face.

"Of course I do."

The words were spoken in measured thumps and punctuated with a sigh. he really hated unnecessary questions, unfortunately, Demyx was the king of them. Demyx responded with a 1000 watt grin and bounced off. So easy to please.

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