Sanity is Overrated

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

The front door opened before Axel could get the key in the lock. Roxas felt his stomach lurch.

In the doorway, leaning way too casually against the doorframe was the man who'd made his life hell for 5 years in high school.

Sephiroth slowly raided a thin silver eyebrow to appraise the new arrival, the Wii remote in his possession being tossed from one hand to the other.

"It's been a while Strife"

His voice hadn't changed, still held the same distain and superiority.

"Six months Sir"

The institution enforced pleasantries were still ingrained in his psyche. He would really have to get rid of them.

The young blonde looked at his shoes to avoid the stony gaze that Sephiroth was famed for. It was a widespread, but credible rumour that he stared down a black bear once, causing it to flee in the other direction. He was determined not to do the same even thought he desperately wanted to.

Sephiroth's feet crept into his peripheral vision. Even they were perfect.

Roxas felt a hand gently take his, regaining his confidence in the face of certain doom. He slowly looked up to meet Sephiroth's gaze then smiled.

He looked fucking ridiculous.

Roxas started laughing, but breathed in at the last minute giving him hiccups.

Faded blue jeans finished halfway up Sephiroth's calves revealing well muscled legs, an olive green sweatshirt hung off him, slanting to the left to show pale shoulder. He looked like he'd been dressing in the dark.

"Hell Seph. You gonna let us in, or interrogate Rox on the doorstep?"

Axel's voice brought him back to the real world.

"Seph let them in" Snapped a male voice from inside the house "Empty the dryer whilst you're at it"

The silver haired man at the door smirked then stepped to the side to let them pass. His long sliver hair tied back in a low ponytail with an elastic band swung as he moved.

He genuflected at them as they walked down the hallway. Roxas' chest tightened again and he felt extremely uncomfortable. It felt like he'd just walked into a haunted house at a funfair. You never knew what was around the corner. The bubble of apprehension burst when all he saw was some distinctly un scary magnolia painted walls, sporadically covered with family pictures.


Axel asked as soon as they were out of earshot.

"He was my history teacher"

The simple words were all that Axel needed to hear.

He followed Axel into a large loom. In the centre a couple of large blown leather sofas set in an L shape cut the room in half. Curtains closed to the sunlight to avoid glare on the apartment screen on the back wall. The brightly coloured characters on the screen were like statues.

Riku turned and rested an arm on the back of the sofa. He grinned at them.

"Sorry about Seph. Comes back every six months on leave, borrows everything I own and treats this place like a hotel" The apology aimed at Roxas.

"It's my house"

Roxas turned to see Sephiroth standing behind them, holding a wicker washing basket in one hand, the Wii remote in the other.

He put the basket down and elegantly vaulted over the back of the couch to land silently beside his brother.

"Now he's back, I can kick his ass at Soul Calibur."

Roxas weaved his way to the second sofa, dragging Axel with him. He threw himself on the sofa cushions. The redhead sat next his arm slung over the arm rest, the other around the blondes shoulder. He let Roxas fidget until he was comfortably settled and decided that his boyfriend was weird to be hung up on the past.

He had about five memorable moments from high school, which seeing that they were seven years ago and he had spent most of the time there out of his head on one thing or another, it was impressive that he had any memory of them at all.

The last interesting thing was being given head in the back of a minivan by a kid who really wanted to join the football team. Bold that really and underline it several times. The thing was, he wasn't on the team, he did track. Less people to piss off apparently.

He just wasn't above lying to get what he wanted. He hadn't lied to get Roxas and he was pretty proud of that fact.

It wasn't a compete lie on his part though. He was on the team for about three days, before he was caught doing something infinitely more interesting with a chick from the marching band. He couldn't even remember her name, but she was blonde with weird hair antennae things that kept poking him in the face.

He grinned to himself, his chin moving where it was resting on top of Roxas' head. The blonde tilted his head and mouthed "what?"

Axel shook his head and went back to watch the brothers and wished that his wasn't a self obsessed moron.

Ring out flashed across the screen after two moves.

"I'm getting a drink."

The change from intimidating to a child throwing as hissy fit was almost instant.

Sephiroth slunk out the room, not asking anyone if they wanted anything. From the look on Riku's face, this wasn't unusual.

"Bad looser. Anyone want a game?"

Roxas leapt up from his position and threw himself onto the other sofa. Axel frowned at the Roxas shaped warm spot that had started to get cold.

"I'll make it easy on you."

The blonde smirked as a response, grabbing the controller from where Sephiroth had thrown it in disgust. He scrolled through the characters, settling on Voldo.

"You have to be joking." Riku exclaimed

Axel snorted.

"He's just bullshitting ya 'Ku. Check out his cute poker face."

Roxas face stone walled, and then he proceeded to beat the hell out of Mitsurigi. You win flashed across the screen.

"Shit. Play again." It was more of a demand than a question. Riku didn't like to loose.

"A piece of friendly advice." Roxas said at the end of the 6th winning fight "Unless you want a serious beat down, don't play Sor. He's better than me."

He grinned at Axel who by that time was looking slightly impressed.

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