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Heart of Music


Being heir to one of the famous musical families, Hanzo Shimada felt his life getting more and more out of his control. Dealing with everything spiraling as he is frustrated over the fact that his music is coming to a standstill. Until he meets someone outside his usual world, who might make his songs come alive again. Cover by https://twitter.com/Pr0ngsie/status/1238886431000612864

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

“We’ll be making our landing on the runway soon. So please stay in your seat, love.” Said the feminine, british voice of the pilot over the intercom.

A young man with long black hair pulled into a messy ponytail closed the notebook he was writing in then placed his glasses into its case. This person in particular was Hanzo Shimada, first born and heir to the Shimada family, renowned for its musical influence worldwide.

Doing as he was told, stayed in his seat. He rubbed at his dark brown eyes before scratching his beard, noticing that he needed a trim again. Leaning over he pressed the button to respond back. “Thank you.”

“It’ll be good to be in my own bed.” He mumbled to himself. Sure, he could have taken a nap during the flight but it wasn’t the same. After spending a month traveling for his tour of Europe drained on him and all he wanted to do was go home.

It wasn’t too long after that the plane made its descent and landed smoothly, moving off to the private hanger. Once everything stopped, the man got up from his seat, grabbing his coat and suitcase.

“Need any help sir?”

Hanzo looked up to see the short, brown haired woman that was his pilot, Lena.

“No need though still thank you Miss Oxton. Since the tour is pretty much finished you are free to take your time off now. You’ll be getting that bonus for all the overtime.” Hanzo said, holding out his hand to shake hers.

“Just glad to be of service.” Lena replied, shaking his hand while giving him a salute. “So whatcha you going to do after the tour is over? You deserve a break after all that.”

“Sleep for one and spend time with Ama and Yomi.” Hanzo chuckled, as he walked down the steps to exit the plane into the night air. “I’d also like to recharge and compose some new music. That is if my brother will give me some peace and quiet.”

“Well speak of the devil.” Lena said, motioning towards the direction of a car waiting next to the plane.

Leaning against the side of the car was Hanzo’s younger brother, Genji with his shocking green hair, leather jacket and ripped jeans. As well as their ‘bodyguard’ and driver, Aleksandra Zaryanova or as most everyone called her, Zarya.

“I’ll take those.” Zarya took the suitcase and put it in the trunk of the car.

Hanzo managed to thank her just before his brother came over

“Nii-san!” Genji said, giving Hanzo a huge hug that made him grunt a bit.

Ototo-san. Hanzo replied and returned the hug. “Didn’t expect you to be here to greet me.”

Genji gave out a laugh. “Well Zarya was heading out to pick you up, I thought why not come too and welcome back my fave bro. Hey, Lena you comin’ along with us?”

“Heya, Genji! Not tonight, gonna get some kip and then fly off to England to see Emily. Lena said with a salute. “So you all have fun for me.”

“Awh well you be safe.”

“Yes, please do be safe.” Hanzo said, ushering his brother into the back seat of the car.

Lena waved happily, closing the plane door as the car drove off.

Hanzo sighed, closing his eyes and sinking into the leather seats.

“How about we celebrate your return and the final concert for your tour with some drinks!” Genji suggested. “Lucio’s club is scheduled to have a really cool guest tonight.”

“I’d rather just go home for a hot shower and sleep.” Hanzo looked at his brother in the corner of his eye. “Besides you know I am not one for dance clubs, even if it is owned by my record manager. If you wish I can have a few drinks another night but if you want to go on party escapades tonight, you must do that on your own.”

“Fine, old man.” Genji said jokingly. “I’m gonna party.”

Hanzo knew his brother was being playful and he loved him but now Hanzo didn’t have the energy for it. I hope he wasn’t too much of a handful while I was away.

“Nothing more than usual.” Zarya said with a hearty laugh, her heavy russian accent coming through. “Do you need anything picked up before home?”

“No, unless you want to drop him off at Lucio’s club on the way.” Hanzo replied.

“I’d rather take my own car tonight. So I’ll head home with you guys to change and then hit the town.” Genji said before leaning back. “Oh yeah, before I forget Akari is back in town, said she’d visit tomorrow for ‘brunch’. Probably to talk about your tour and all. Mother also sent you a text but you might have missed it, her and father are going to be back from Japan in time for your concert too. Not sure of the day.”

It surprised Hanzo that everyone seemed to be gathering back in just as he arrived back home. Pulling out his phone, there was a text from his mother that he missed as he forgot to turn it off silent mode.

‘Hanzo, dear. I know you are busy with your concert tour and all but I just wanted to send you a little message. Your father and I will be arriving in Austria on Thursday morning. We should eat as well, it’s been a while since we all got together. Akari said she’d join us as well. I’d love to hear all the details of your traveling. Love, Mother.’

Hanzo started typing a short and simple response.

‘I just arrived and I am fine but tired. It will be good to spend some time together again. See you in a few days and be safe. Love, Hanzo.’

“Looks like we’ll be having a family meal on Thursday. Mother wants us all to get together when they arrive.” Hanzo said to Genji while putting his phone away in his pocket.

“Ugh I was gonna stream that day.” Genji took out his phone and typed something really quickly. “I’ll have to reschedule with Hana, she still owes me that rematch.”

“So she can kick your butt again like last time?” Zarya said, looking at the rearview mirror at them both.

Hanzo smirked a little as those two sparked up an “argument”. Despite the arrangement at first to be professional, Zarya turned more into family for him and Genji. Through the conversation, he was drifting off somewhat, maybe he’d skip the shower and do that in the morning.

The feel of the car stopping in the personal garage woke Hanzo slightly but it was Genji shaking at his shoulder that got him up.

“Time to get up, sleeping in the car is gonna strain your back old man.” Genji said before getting out on his side of the car.

With a groan, Hanzo got his coat and shuffled out of the vehicle. Zarya was already heading for the elevator with his suitcase and waiting for them. The ride up to their apartment was quick and shortly they stepped out into the hallway that worked as a private lobby for just them. Genji got his keys and opened the door and let Hanzo and Zarya go first.

Though Hanzo was on the ground with a soft thump as two dogs knocked him over and started licking his face. Hanzo laughed tiredly and forced himself to sit up. Scratching behind the ears of a giant white wolf dog and a black akita inu. “I see you two missed me as well. Ama and Yomi, were you good while I was away?”

Both dogs tilted their heads and smiled, nuzzling him more.

“Those dogs behave better than your brother sometimes.” Zarya snorted, taking Hanzo’s suitcase down the hall to drop it off before coming back.

“Hey, I take offence to that! Not going to deny it but I’m still offended!” Genji pouted and then laughed. “Well bro, sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow I guess. Gonna get changed and party!”

Hanzo looked as his brother went off, trying to get off the floor while the dogs circled him excitedly.

“I’m gonna make cocoa before I hit the sack, want any?” Zarya offered.

“No thank you. Rest well and enjoy your day off tomorrow.” Hanzo replied, kindly turning down the offer, going off to his room with Ama and Yoki following closely.

After brushing his teeth, he changed into his sleepwear to reveal the intricate dragon sleeve tattoo that covered his whole left arm. Hanzo slumped into the sheets, it felt good to be in his own bed. No matter how comfortable those hotel beds were, it could never replace this. Shortly after he fell asleep to the warmth of the dogs snuggling against him.

“Alright all you beautiful people, our guest will be back shortly! Meanwhile enjoy some of these smooth beats!” The DJ yelled over the audio system as people cheered wildly.

A reddish-brown haired woman, in a simple knee length black dress, sat in one of the exclusive seats in the loft area. She was nursing a ‘Shirley Temple’ because after two beers the woman didn’t want to risk getting too drunk for tomorrow, not that she really got many hangovers.


The woman, now known as Brigitte, looked up from watching the dance floor to see her friend.

“Hey Hana! Some really great singing down there.” Brigitte chuckled. “The place seems more packed than usual.”

Hana, or also known as D.Va, one of the most popular pop singers known and Brigitte’s childhood friend.

“What can I say? I’m just that good.” Hana said confidently then asked, plopping down in the seat across Brigitte. “Are you having fun? I kinda dragged you here.”

“Of course, I would have come to see my best friend perform. Though I should head out now, I was waiting for your break.” Brigitte replied, scratching the back of her neck, apologetically. “I have work in the morning. I can’t be all glamorous and sing the night away like you.” She joked at the last part.

“Ugh I forgot.” Hana moaned. “Do you need me to get you one of the guys to drive you home? I can set that up.”

“Thanks for the offer but our place is like two blocks away, I can walk.” Brigitte said. “I only had two drinks so I’m not out of it.”

“Alright, just be careful ok.”

“I’m always careful. Still have a good night and you rock this place.” Brigitte gave Hana a hug. “Tell Lucio that I’ll see him later”

With that Brigitte walked out of the private booth and towards the main door.

“Goodnight Miss Lindholm.” One of the bouncers outside said as she passed by.

“Night, Arin.” She replied as she continued down the sidewalk to her house.

“Hey Arin.” Genji said, flashing his membership card.

“Mr Shimada, you can head on in. They should be expecting you.” Arin moved the rope blocking the way so that Genji could go up.

Genji thanked him and made his way through the club, waving to a few of his regular women. That was until he felt warm hands drift close to the waist of his pants and smelled an all too familiar perfume.

“Genji~” The voice purred into his ear before nibbling it. “Want to dance tonight?”

“Ady, you are certainly eager.” Genji turned around and kissed the woman flat on the mouth. “I need to see a friend first but I would gladly give you a dance you won’t forget afterwards. ”

“Text me when you’re done but don’t keep me waiting too long.” Ady bit his lip and tugged it hard before walking away.

Genji grinned widely, this night was going to be amazing, though first he’d go say hi to someone. Taking the back way he took the stairs to the VIP rooms where he was let in at the showing of his card.

There sat Lucio and Hana, drinking and whispering sweet nothings to each other between kisses.

“Don’t mind me.” Genji cleared his throat, going over to the bar to grab some vodka.

The two love birds broke away.

“Sorry about that, we were just-” Lucio started, nervously chuckling and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Of course you had to come at the good part.” Hana pouted. “What if I interrupted one of your private moments?”

“Ask you if you wanted to join.” Genji said and then laughed when both Hana and Lucio gave him a look. “You know I’m joking besides if it was that bad you should lock the door. Anyway did I miss your concert?”

Hana still gave him a look, then it turned into a cat like grin. “Only part of it, I’m having a little break between since I’ll be here most of the night. Not that you’ll see much of it.”

“Why is that?” Genji asked, taking a sip of vodka from his glass.

“Because you’re most likely going to take that lady in the red dress somewhere more ‘private’. You have lipstick on your face.”

Lucio cut in to change the subject because he knew what the topic could get to. “Um, anyway Genji did Hanzo return alright? He was supposed to text me when he got back in.”

“Yeah, he returned like an hour or so ago.” Genji answered, taking another sip. “He was pretty exhausted so it probably slipped his mind. Just send something and he’ll get it first thing. Oh yeah, I heard you were getting two extra tickets for his final concert this weekend. Anyone in particular?”

“Me for one and a childhood friend that recently moved here and I thought she might enjoy a nice time out.” Hana said before drinking the last bit of her cocktail. “You also just missed her, she was here for a while.”

“Is she pretty?” Genji asked teasingly.

Hana gave him a look of ‘really’. “Yes but I’m not letting you hit on her when you have half the city’s women around your pinky. Besides you aren’t her type, I know that much.”

“Don’t know until I try.”

“If she says no-”

“Then I back off. I don’t go after anyone once they say no.” Genji said seriously.

“It’s just that she’s my best friend and I’m not about to see her heartbroken by a known playboy, even if that playboy is also one of my friends.” Hana replied seriously back. Leaning over she kissed Lucio on the cheek. “I’m gonna freshen up and head back on stage.”

“Alright, I’ll join you shortly.” Lucio gave her a smile to ease the tension.

Once Hana left the room Lucio turned to Genji.

“Well anyway, you are free to stay here while you’re at the club but just keep it in your pants.” Lucio said, trying to make a joke. “Gotta get back to work.”

“Will do.” Genji laughed it off.

Then Genji was alone in the room, sipping his drink. He knew Hana meant well but it still was a punch to the gut. A smirk formed on his face, at least he’d have something to look forward to tonight. Grabbing his phone, he looked for Ady on his contact list and started typing.

Brigitte made it to the steps of the condo, wishing she thought of wearing more comfortable shoes. At least the evening air was nice. She managed to get her keys out and opened the door. With a content sigh, she pried the high heels off her feet to walk on the soft carpet.

“Sushi! I’m home.” Brigitte called as a soft meow was heard and a white fluffy cat greeted her. Then she picked up her cat and nuzzled its fur. “There you are. How’s my baby?”

The cat started purring as Brigitte walked to the kitchen.

“Looks like I also need to fill your foodbowl.” Brigitte commented, placing the cat down before filling the bowl up and then grabbing some water to drink. “Tonight was fun, too bad I had to go early for work tomorrow. At least I’ll have this weekend free to go see that concert. But for now, Sushi, time for shower and bed.”

After finishing her drink, she texted Hana that she made it home alright. Then jumped into the shower for a quick wash. When Brigitte was done, she went to change to her oversized cat shirt and brushed her teeth while her hair dried. Sitting on the bed she set an alarm.

Though Brigitte must have been more tired than she originally thought, because she was out cold because shortly after she fell asleep, curling up under the warm blankets.

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