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A Lost Prince

By Kayleen Wenner

Other / Adventure

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Merlin was walking towards Arthur's room to tell him that his father had called for him to be there for court today, but all Merlin had thought about for the past few days was his real home the one he had been born in and that was not Ealdor. He missed it, he missed his friends. He had not heard anything since what had happened when he was fifteen until a few days ago when he was in the council chambers keeping Arthur's water glass filled. Merlin was jolted out of his thoughts when another servant by the name of Alya came running towards him calling his name. "Merlin good I found you I was told by some man to give this only to you and no one else was to see it then he left." Alya was holding out a letter to him he took it and thanked her and she smiled and left to do whatever she was suppose to be doing. Merlin looked at the letter and saw the name written on the front and the handwriting it was in and Merlin's heart skipped a beat. The name on the letter was his full name Merlin Adouriouse the only people who knew his full name were from his home and it was written in his father's untidy scrawl.

With shaky hands Merlin opened the letter and read it by the time he was done he had tears of both happiness and fear in his eyes. He took a deep breath then he saw another servant passing and said "Hey Ashen could you find Gaius and tell him to meet me at Arthur's chambers tell him it is urgent and tell him no one is hurt but that is urgent for another reason. If you could do this I would appreciate it he will probably be in the east side of the castle doing his rounds." Ashen said he would and left to find Gaius but Merlin stayed where he was for a few moments thinking "I have to tell Arthur now , how is he going to react? It will probably take me showing him what is under my neckerchief and Gaius backing me up before he ever believe me and he is probably going to hate me for lying to him. Why does this have to happen to me every time. I finally get a sense of peace and my world is thrown into chaos again." Merlin took a deep breath preparing for what he had to do and hoped that Arthur would understand.

When Merlin got to Arthur's chamber door Gaius was already there looking worried but before he could ask what was wrong Merlin told him "I know you are going to ask what is wrong. I got a letter from my father today the first one I have received since I was fifteen and mother and I had to flee. We have to tell Arthur before all of it comes out otherwise he will be even more angry and I want to be the one to tell him. I need you here because you can back me up you can tell him that I am telling the truth and he is going to want proof. I want you here for support as well." Gaius looked at Merlin concern and love for his nephew showing in his eyes as he said "You know I would do that for you anyway and I will help in any way I can." Merlin nodded and walked into Arthur's chambers knowing he never knocked anyway so Arthur was used to it.

"Arthur I need to talk to you now before you go to court today it is urgent and I need you to hear me out and Gaius can confirm every word I say is true and I also have a little poof but I will have to show you that once you hear what I have to tell you." Merlin said gravely Arthur looked up at Merlin seeing the look in his eyes and said trying to play their normal banter "Aren't I the one who is suppose to give the orders Merlin." "Arthur I am not in the mood for our usual banter I need to tell you before someone else does. It is not something I wanted to do but it is something I had to his to protect myself please just come over here and sit down so I can explain it to you because you going to find out anyway so it is better coming from me and no laws have been broken." Arthur could hear the desperation in Merlin's voice and he did not like it so he agreed.

Arthur sat down and waited for Merlin to start talking and Merlin looked terrified but he started anyway "To tell you what I have to I am going to have to start at the beginning to before I even came here that way you can understand. I was not born in Ealdor and I was not born a peasant. I was born in the kingdom Anelya the one you just received word that its king had retaken from the traitorous usurper. I was born higher than a noble, the king Balinor is my father. When I was fifteen my life was perfect I had loving parents, I had friends in the lower town, I was even friends with my knights, I had a girl I loved and hoped to one day marry. I was the best fighter we had and yes me being clumsy was a guise and I can fight with a sword probably better than you can, you fight only with your strength and analyzing only the move that is being executed nothing else. I fight with that way yes but I can see what they what they are going to do before they even do it. I can adapt my fighting style to who I am fighting. And with the way you fight I could take you down in two minutes without a scratch on me and we were enemies you would be dead within two minutes.

When I was fifteen my cousin came to visit us but we did not know his intentions until it was too late. He had an army stationed not too far away. We were all asleep and woke to screams in the lower town and that only happens when we are being attacked so I got my armor on ready to fight whoever it was to protect my people but I did not expect it to be my own cousin. We tried to organize a defense, gather the men, I already had my knights with me five of them were my closest friends. But we had no warning so out defenses where swept aside. My father ordered My mother and I to go with my knights and get out of the city. I tried to tell him I was not leaving but he gave me no choice saying he would rather I live that way at least if something happened to him the people would still have hope so we fled. But as we left the city my cousin sent a spell right at me it was not meant to kill me instantly. It was only meant to kill my people and me slowly as long as I stayed in Anelya. So we ran for the border once were across it no longer effected me or anyone but I could not return home. Me and my mother found a cure for the curse of it later but it still have the scar that is why I wear a neckerchief all the time to hide the scar from prying eyes. My mother and I wonder for a couple of weeks till we settle in Ealdor we pretended to be peasants but I never stopped training I never stopped pushing myself so when the time came I would be ready. I did not have my sword or my Armor anymore. I had sent my knights back to find my father and help him. My father started the rebellion against my cousin. That is why I spilled water all over you that day when you father said that my father had defeated my cousins army and taken back our home. But I received a letter from him today. My cousin escaped after the battle he was the only one left. He found out that I was here in Camelot and he's coming to finish the job to kill me. But my cousin still thinks that he is dealing with a naïve boy who is good warrior but has never truly had to defend himself from anything. When he comes I am going to have to fight him but has gathering more men only a few because he wants to overwhelm me. He is planning right now so my father sent my friends, my most loyal knights ahead to find me here and help me to keep me safe. They will be in by the time court has started and all I ask it that you keep all this secret even from your father until I am sure that this is not a trick from my cousin. I want to make sure it is them I don't want anything I have said to leave this room until then. I am going to stand in the crowd of peasant if it is them I will let them tell their story. If it is them they will see me and know what I am doing and they will catch on. I have a bond with my knights they can sense I am there even if they can't see me right away and I can do the same with them. But I am begging you Arthur to act as if you do not know a thing until I choose to reveal myself and I will take it from there, I don't want you to interfere even if your father tells me I am out of line at first because he does not know but he will in time. I am asking as my friend to do this for me even though I know you are probably very angry but it was the only way I could keep myself alive and safe."

Arthur was in shock for a few long minutes till he seemed to snap out of it and said "I am not angry with you, you did what you had to. You are the closest friend I have Merlin and I will do this for you but when he comes it is not just going to be you and your knights fighting him you have me and my knights helping you too now and we will stand by you in the attack because we are your friends too. The court is starting right now I should get down there and you should get in the crowd." Merlin sighed in relief and said "Thank you for understanding. let's go."

(At the end of court)

"If there is anyone else who want to say something please do it now." Uther called out, Merlin's heat stopped when he saw his friends lead by the woman he loved who was his best and most loyal knight stepped forward. Before she started to speak she looked around catching his eyes and figuring out what he was doing like he knew she would. "King Uther my name is Ailya, my companions and I are from Anelya my king sends his regards. The reason we are here is we are searching for his son who has been rumored to be here in the castle hiding probably as someone in the lower class. The traitor will be coming to find him to kill him so my king sent us to help protect his son he even might be in this room." Uther was a little shocked then asked "Why has your prince not come to us we could have protected him and to sent word to you." Merlin stepped out of the crowd and said "Because no one would have believed his story now with how he looked and acted." Uther snarled at Merlin and said "Mind your place boy, stay out of things that don't concern you." Ailya tried to defend Merlin "How dare-" Merlin cut her off saying "Ailya it's alright they need proof and I will give it to them I am glad that I don't have to hide anymore." Uther cut in saying angrily" What are you talking about boy you are nothing but a peasant from Ealdor." "That is where you are wrong that is only what I wanted you all to think. I have been in hiding since I was fifteen, I came here to seek refuge with my uncle at my mother's request because the people in Ealdor were becoming too suspicious of me. My uncle Gaius had been protecting me. I stayed in character so I would not be found out because if word got out where I was I would have been hunted down and killed by my cousin. I did not expect to find friends here and I count your son Arthur among one of the closest friends I have here in Camelot but even they did not know who I really was. I received a letter from my father just a few hours ago telling me to expect my knights who are also my closest friend from home. I told Arthur but I asked him not to tell you until I could be sure this was not a trick from my cousin because this is exactly something he would do. I ask that you give my knights shelter sire it has probably taken them a couple weeks to get here because as you know all the other kingdoms lie between here and Anelya." Uther was looked flabbergasted at the new information and said "Of course rooms will be set up for them I am sorry if we ever mistreated you. I would ask if your father would be interested in an alliance between us from what I have heard your army's skill is legendary and you have many things we could use and we can give you anything you need." Merlin said "I think that would be beneficial to both of us but you should know that we do not outlaw the practice of magic if you try to change that there will be no alliance but we will not move against you but we will not try and change how you run your kingdom either for it is yours to do with as you will and if you agree to an alliance we will make sure that no one who is comes here from our lands is magic user. But all that can be settled later if it is alright with you I would like to have some time with my knights because I have not seen them for many years. Later I promised your son a sparring match to see which one of us is more skilled he offered the challenge and I am more than happy to except for it will be fun for me to see how long he last against me for I have never not defeated a foe since I had to flee even though I did do it in secret." "By all means have your time with your knights." Uther said but Arthur cut in before it was over "Father if may Merlin is a good friend to me and his cousin is coming to kill him I ask your permission to for Me and my knights who are friends of Merlin as well to help him when the time comes." Uther nodded his consent and with that Merlin thanked Arthur and Uther then left with his knights.

They walked till they came to a large guest room where Merlin ushered them all inside. Once the door was closed he turned to face his childhood friends and said "You do not know how much I missed you all. I have dreamed of the day I would see you again." A knight named Alith came forward, he was Merlin's best male fighter and a great friend and said "It is good to see you too Merlin We have been waiting for the chance to find you ever since that day and I can't say how happy we all are to see you again and how honored we all are to be able to fight by your side again." Merlin embraced all his friends but one, Ailya. When he finally turned to her he looked upon the woman he loved more than anything in the world and said "You look more beautiful than ever Ailya, and I have never loved another my heart has and always will belong to you. I trust that you have been keeping the rest of them in line in my absence keeping everyone well trained. I did not make you my second in command for nothing." Ailya's eye's filled with tears of joy as she said "I have never loved another either I have missed you so much, but I have kept the other in fighting shape just as you would have. I always hoped I would see you again but now that I am I feel like you are going to disappear again." Ailya looked down at her last words.

Merlin's eyes filled with compassion and love for the woman in front of him, he put a hand under her chin pulling it up till he could look her in the eyes as he said "Ailya that will never happen again, you will never lose me again. And after all this is over we will need to talk before we go home. I have no intention of ever leaving your side again, and nothing is going to tear me from you again do understand me." Ailya nodded not sure whether she could do what she really wanted but Merlin knew so he answered her question by doing it he kissed her passionately for the first time since they had parted all those years ago. The he embraced her saying "Never fear that I will leave you again. Don't worry about my cousin he is no match for me now, you knew my magic was strong back then but my sword was stronger but now I would say that is has equaled if now surpassed it. He still thinks he will be dealing with Naïve boy I was but he has no idea that I am now a man who is a seasoned warrior who won't back down from a fight and he is no match for me now." He broke the embrace kissing her gently one last time before saying "That prat Arthur is still waiting for me to spar with him so why don't you all come he is actually the best swordsman in Camelot so this will be interesting then after I want to spar with all of you just like old times." they all smiled and said that they would love that and they all departed for Camelot's training grounds.

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