A Lost Prince

chapter 10

Chapter 10

Merlin did not sleep that night he could tell Arthur did not either he could hear him next store pacing and talking to himself. It was a little after dawn and Merlin was still sitting in the armchair by the hearth staring at the fire the he had magically set so that it would not burn out till he wanted it to. There was a knock on the door Merlin did not even look up he knew who it was he had heard Arthur's door close to seconds before he called out softly "Come on in Arthur." The door opened and Arthur's familiar footsteps were heard then he closed the door quietly and walked over and sat in the armchair opposite Merlin.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Arthur asked "You doing ok?" Merlin finally looked at Arthur and said "I am doing as well as can be expected I am more worried about you though I know you were up all night. Once you were on your own I could hear bad off you were but I knew you would not take well someone intruding on you last night. But now, now I know you need to talk and you are just too stubborn to admit. Arthur I saw how you were last night even though you were trying to hide no one else noticed but I did I have known you too long to. When you thought no one was paying attention that fake smile you had plastered on you face would fall, your shoulders would slump forward, and you would look defeated. I know you well enough to know you are not alright you are worse off than I am. I made peace with fact my father is gone so has my family and made peace with reason behind it. But I know you are hard time with you did and a few other things that you are not sure about and you know you can trust me so talk."

Arthur finally relented know Merlin was not going to let go and would keep badgering him until he told him. "Alright fine, I am a little upset that I had to kill my own father I don't regret it though I know I did the right thing and made peace with that last night but there are other things that hit me when I was alone that I am having a hard time coming to terms with. The biggest one is I am an orphan now my mother died because I was born and my father died at my hand. I have no other family out there on either side. When I go home it will hit even harder that I am truly all alone even surrounded by friends I have no family left. It hurts to know that I hurts to know I have no family left. It is just hard to comes to terms with." Merlin now understood why Arthur seemed so down last night it was because he thought he had no family left.

"Arthur you think you have no family but you are wrong. Family is not just who bore you it is those who were there for you, who care for you, and would do anything for you without want for recognition or reward but just to do it. You may have lost both of your parents but that does not mean you don't have family left. You have me, my mother, my sister, Ailya, Sir Leon, Lancelot, and Gwain. We are your family Arthur and even if the rest of them someday leave you can have faith in that fact that you will always have me I will always be there just like I promised and like family is suppose to be. Arthur you will never be alone you have a family still and you always will. So don't feel like you don't have anyone because you do alright." Arthur smiled and said "You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. Thank you Merlin your right I'm not alone and I am glad of that."

Merlin knew now that both of them were now on the mend from what happened the night before. Now it was time for Arthur and Merlin to have a little talk about Merlin's sister. "Arthur we agreed that this morning we would have a talk about my little sister." Arthur's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head but he nodded and Merlin continued "Alright ever since we were children my sister always went to my for comfort and if she was not around then me. Last night though for the first time ever she ran to someone else and both me and my mother were in the room, she went to you. That means that she trusts you enough to show you her vulnerable side and from what I have seen before that, like the walks you both took, the way you look at each other, the laughing the flirting. I saw it all Arthur and I have to tell you if I could have chosen anyone for my sister you would have been the only one on the list. I do warn you though, that if you ever hurt her intentionally I will make your life a living hell for long time and don't want to know how I will accomplish that." "I would never hurt her intentionally and I was planning on asking you father in a few days but now he is gone and you are her older brother so it is only right to ask you. I want your permission to court your sister I know I have only known her for a few days but I feel like I have known her years so can I have your permission?" Merlin could tell that Arthur was afraid he would say no so Merlin thought he would have a little fun with his friend he already knew his answer was the one Arthur wanted but Merlin was going to have a bit of fun with him first.

"I don't think so I really don't know if I feel I can do that." Arthur looked crestfallen at that but said "I understand she is your sister you have-" Merlin lost it and started laughing so hard he nearly fell out of the chair and said through his laughter "I can't believe you fell for that you are so predictable. Of course you can my sister but you have to ask her first because she is the one your courting not me." Arthur's jaw dropped as he said "You tricked me and now you going to pay for it." Merlin saw Arthur get a devious grin on his face it made Merlin tense up he knew what Arthur was planning.

Arthur lunched himself at Merlin tackling him to the ground causing them both to fall to the ground. Arthur thought since he had the element of surprise Merlin would be subdued easily but come to find out that was not the case and Merlin had Arthur pinned to the ground under him in less the two minutes. They were both laughing by that time when they finally got their composure before letting Arthur up Merlin said "Don't think just because you get the element over me that I won't be able to defeat you or that it will give you any advantage because that will just end up with you defeated." Arthur just shook his head in exasperation and let Merlin pull him up off the floor.

A few hours later Merlin only had an hour before he officially took his father's place as king. Merlin was standing on the battlements of castle looking out over the forest and lower town. Arthur found him there and just stood there next to him in silence until Merlin said "He is really gone. In one hour I'll be taking his role that he trained me for almost all my life until I had to flee. In one hour I won't have any choice well no one will really but to accept that he is gone and he's not coming back." Arthur sighed but said "Your right Merlin your father is gone but from what I have learned from you over the years that I have spent with you is the one we love never truly leave us because we have our memories of them and what they did for us. You told me once when I felt down because of my mother's death that if I wanted to honor her memory and anyone else I had lost that I loved then I should live my life in honor of them and strive be the best I could be because they would not want me to feel bad because they were not there anymore but for me to keep going and doing what I could to make them proud and myself. You know if you said I said this I will completely deny it but for the last three years since you told me that it has been something I live by and keep reminding myself of that no matter what as I remember the ones that I lost who I loved will never leave me as long I remember them or if in my mother's case what she would have wanted me to live for. So Merlin it high time you took your own advice your father will never be gone as long as you remember him and strive to live your life the way you know the way he would want you too by just being you and honoring his last wish for you to show the world who you really are and fulfill your destiny for everyone which I know you can do. So don't worry cause as long as you have that he will always be here." Merlin let a small smile cross his face as he said "Thanks Arthur your right. You know you have changed a lot since I first met you. You became your own person not the person your father tried to force you to be. You are challenging everything you were ever taught since that little mace war we had in the lower town of Camelot. Any other person would have been thrown in the dungeon for fighting with you and telling you that you were an ass but instead you let me go that was the first time I thought that maybe you might be worth something but after a few more times of testing a few things out to see if I was right and you were worth something I ended up having to save your life the first time and that is when your attitude change sped up to a level I never thought possible. In the last four years that I have known you, you went from a compete ass to the only person I gave all of my loyalty, faith, trust, and friendship to and the only person I would follow anywhere even into the mouth of hell itself. Which might be where we are headed in the next few months once we return to Camelot and start bring magic back so might was prepare for that because when we head back it is going to be hell but I will follow you there anyway because if we have to go through hell to even start to fulfill our destiny then it is worth it as long as we do it together." Arthur said "Well from what you have said a few times we are two sides of the same coins so if am right nothing will ever separate us." Merlin clapped Arthur on the back and just smiled which Arthur returned.

An hour later Merlin said his oaths as the new king and the crown was placed on his head. Merlin stood up a faced everyone he could not help but smiled at everyone gathered there Arthur called "Long live the king!" with much enthusiasm causing everyone else to follow Merlin looked at Arthur smiling but now it was time for Merlin to say something to his people and friends.

Merlin raised a hand to quiet everyone's cheering and once the area was silent Merlin said "All I want to say is I don't think I could ever live up to how well my father ruled this kingdom before me but I promise you that I will do everything I can to protect the kingdom of Anelya and every person within her borders till the day I die. But I will also try and make a better life for all of us and every magic user here and everywhere not just in Anelya with Arthur's help that can become a reality. I hope that one day you can look to me to protect you and help you in any way just like you did with my father. I pray you all will let me help you as you all help my father and me through the years even when I was in hiding it was the thought of all of you and my family that me going but when I felt that that was not enough Arthur would get me through. I have everyone in the room and kingdom to thank for always standing by my father and me. I am including Arthur Pendragon and Camelot in this, together we will see the dawning of a united and free Albion and all of you will be able to say that you had some small part in that no matter how big or small it is all of you have a part in this and together all of us will bring about the golden age. A free and united Albion were all of us magic or not can be free and I promise you that that day is coming and it has already started. I hope all of us standing here today will get to see it because it be a glorious day. Thank you all for being here today and thank you for all your faith you have my family hopefully one day I will prove that I am worthy of that." Merlin bowed to his people who started cheering and clapping shouting long live the king. Soon enough though to Merlin's relief the coronation was over and he could finally have some time to wrap his head around all this.

Arthur caught up with him and said "Well that was great. I know you will do everyone proud just like your father did. Now what do you say to grabbing Gwain and Lancelot and just go out for a day trip out in the woods we will be back after nightfall." Merlin thought about and then agreed saying it might be fun because then Merlin got a devious smile on his face and said "At least for me." which made Arthur laugh at Merlin's antics. Soon all of them were heading out to the forest to just horse around and have some fun as friends.

Merlin had to admit he now felt he could fulfill his destiny and was time to show the world who he really was and what he could do when Arthur was by his side. The next year was definitely going to be interesting.

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