The Real Prequel Trilogy


What would happen if in the original prequels happened all the same except for Return of the Jedi what would happen if the Choosen One was kidnapped instead of turning to the Dark Side.

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What would happen if instead of being manipulated by Chancellor Palpatine Anakin was kidnapped by the Chancellor while on a top secret mission. He’s been missing for around three months. During that time he’s been cut off from not only using the force, but from everyone he loved and cared about.

What will he do?


“No, I will never join you” Another scream rang from the throat of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker after he refused to join the dark side one more time. The whip cracked once again upon the young Jedi’s back again and again, new wounds appeared over old ones.

Someone hidden by the shadows started to laugh from his corner. His laugh was so evil it sent massive shivers up Anakin’s spine. The man hidden by the shadows enjoyed the pain he was causing the young knight. Anakin defiantly looked at the man whom before all this was considered a friend.

Stepping out of the shadows the man reveled himself. Walking toward his prey Palpatine, or as Anakin now knew him Darth Sideous, dark lord of the sith, came within a foot of Skywalker’s face

“Young Skywalker, you will turn from the light and embrace the dark.” Anakin stared into Palpatine’s cold eyes with unwavering defiance. So much so that the sith lord almost considered backing down for awhile, almost.

“One way or another you will become my apprentice and I will become your master.”

Leaving the cell Sideous closed the door behind him once it was closed Anakin was released from the chains holding him up against the wall. He landed hard on the ground and stayed that way for awhile not wanting to injure himself more than he already was. After resting for a spell he forced himself to get up leaning in a corner of his cell. He grabbed what was left of his Jedi robe and tore it again into stripes using them to cover his wounds. With all of his wounds he was literally covered in bloody brown clothes.

Many hours later some food, bacta bandages, and a blanket were thrown in. Slowly moving toward the supplies he removed his makeshift bandage and placing the bacta over his new wounds before replacing the brown bandages back over the bacta. He ate the meager meal provided for him, once he was finished he grabbed the blanket quickly wrapping it around himself he drifted off into a restless sleep.


In my dreams I reminisced about what has happened to me since my capture. I was on a top secret mission from the Jedi council. Under order I told no one the specifics of what I was doing. My old Master, my padawan, and my pregnant wife didn’t even know where I was going. All I had told them was that I was going on another mission from the council.

On the day I was captured I had just made contact with the council when the command center was attacked. I’m not sure if the Master’s saw what happened, but if they did they probably saw me lose my lightsaber and immediately after get electrocuted until I was unconscious. That is all I remembered before this cell.

Waking up from my restless sleep I readjusted the blanket around me and while doing that I could feel the fear and desperation surrounding me. As a Jedi I wasn’t supposed to feel anything especially fear. I had to laugh at myself thinking of what the tabloids would say if they saw their so called “Hero with No Fear” cowering in a corner.

After that small spell of joy I thought about Padme, Obi-Wan, and Snips. I was sure they were all very worried about me. I couldn’t be totally sure since Sideous had someone place force binders on my wrists. My secret wife Padme was, if my math was correct, six months pregnant with our twins.

But even though the Force-binders cut me off from the force I was able to speed up the healing process of my wounds allowing most of them to have scabbed before my next torture sessions.

During the calm between the storms I did my best to stretch out as far as I could with the Force to get someone’s attention. I knew someone had to be looking for me. As I continued to reach someone I remember one of Master Yoda’s lessons from my time as a youngling ‘Do or do not there is no try’ that lesson was one among many of his other lessons that confused me as a youngling, but no matter how long it toke I was going to make contact with someone somehow.


Three months

Three months ago Anakin went on a mission other than that neither his padawan nor I knew the details about his mission.

Two months and three weeks ago The council informed us that Anakin had been captured by an unknown assailant working with Magna guards during his mission. Ahsoka and I were immediately dispatched to find clues to Anakin’s attackers and his whereabouts.

On our way to Anakin’s last known location we watched Anakin’s last transmission to the few council members aware of his mission. Then we headed to the base where the attack toke place. The base was a mess especially where the immediate attack toke place. Sifting through the wreckage I found a few of Anakin’s men as did Ahsoka most of them were suffering from mild hypothermia. We got the men suffering from the cold into a transport to get them to the medical frigate that came with us.

Captain Rex was also there, but since he wasn’t suffering from more than a few cuts and bruises. His help was invaluable as we continued to sift through the wreckage. We soon opened up a passageway where more clones were and they were transported along with Captain Rex. Down the passage way I found the hub for the communications room. Obi-Wan watched the security tapes keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Which considering this was Anakin’s temporary command center I had to remind myself that out of the ordinary was normal for my former padawan. Using every security camera available to me I watch the fight from all the angles. Even though Anakin was a formidable warrior he looked very tired and that made me very worried. When his lightsaber was forced from his hands the Magna guards immediately takes the advantage and electrocuted him repeatedly until he was knocked unconscious.

The kidnapper never showed his face, but he had fought Anakin with a red lightsaber which was a definite indicator the he or she was a master of the dark side.

Ahsoka soon joined me and I informed her about what I found as we headed back to the communications room. Once the rubble was cleared the room showed definite signs of a lightsaber fight. Using a flashlight I looked around the room for some evidence. Covering an area I could see something sparkling in the light of my flashlight. Kneeling down I found Anakin’s lightsaber the one he lost in the fight.

“Ahsoka” the young Tortuga looked my way as I tossed Anakin’s saber her way. She caught it and very soon realized what is was, her eyes immediately went wide.

“What do we do know Master Kenobi” I could feel Ahsoka’s emotions radiating throughout the force, mainly anger and fear.

“We take a breath, calm our thoughts, and think clearly. From the security tapes I’m sure that he was taken alive. He was very tired before engaging in the duel.” I continued to think as I looked around the room immediately taking into account that there were no blood stains anywhere.

“Master, we should go talk to the council to try to figure out why Anakin was on this mission in the first place.”

“Anakin has taught you well little one.” She gave me a smile and I sense her pride in the force. We went back to our cruiser to contact the council and after informing them of our findings. We asked them our questions.

“Why was Anakin on this mission?” A few of the council members looked at each other hidden messages passing between them.

“Secret negotiations, Knight Skywalker was overseeing between the Republic and a few key Separatist systems that no longer wanted to be under the tyranny of Count Dooku.” Master Plo answered.

“That explains why Anakin was so tired before the attack. Who knew about these meetings?”

“Only a few members of the council, Knight Skywalker, and Chancellor Palpatine, Senator Bail Organa who represented the Republic in this endeavor.” Master Windu answered this time. Now with this new knowledge the suspect list was considerably shortened, but I wasn’t done asking questions.

“Anakin was wearing Clone Trooper armor in the colors of his troopers. Why?” He was also wore a Jedi cloak, but so were all of his troops as well probably because of how cold it was on the planet.

“Had sent a Jedi along, no one knew, guarded secret we did.” Master Yoda responded this time giving us the last member who knew of Anakin’s mission.

“Thank you, Masters you’ve given us much to think about.” We ended the transmission and decided to call it a night. Making our way to our way to our respected beds I immediately fell to my knees as the bond between Anakin and I screamed in pain as it felt like the bond was being torn. I could feel his pain before it was abruptly cut off. Very soon people were crowded around me and Ahsoka their voices mingling around me not making any sense as my vision darkened and I slipped off into a dreamless sleep.

Opening my eyes my first sight was that of white walls, the clones must have brought the two of us to the infirmary. Slowly sitting up I had to first wait for my head to stop spinning before I looked around I saw Ahsoka already sitting up in the bed besides me looking downcast. Captain Rex and Commander Cody soon entered the room.

“How are you all feeling, Sirs?”

“Except for a small headache I’m fine, Ahsoka?”

“Same thing for me as well Master.” Ahsoka kept her eyes down and I could feel through the force that she was very confused.

“I unbelievable pain coming from Anakin then it just stopped. I don’t have a good feeling about this I can’t feel him, but somehow I know he’s being tortured.”

“I feel it to young one.”

“Master, does this mean … Anakin’s dead” Tears immediately welled up in her eyes. The Captain went to sit by her side giving her the support she needed making her more comfortable.

“No, Ahsoka it just means that his attacker has placed a force binder on him effectively cutting us off from finding him with the force. But even with the binders on we would know if he was dead” I tried to mask and control my own turmoil, but she of course could see immediately through my facade. She knew that I was just as scared as she was.

A month and three weeks ago the council toke us off the investigation. We continued on with our lives almost in the same manner as we had before Anakin’s abrupt disappearance. I took over Ahsoka’s training until such a time when Anakin would be found and could return to training Ahsoka. During her time under my tutelage everything I put before her she did it to the best of her ability and became a model padawan learner. She always focused a lot on each task I gave her.

Even though we were taken off the investigation we personally continued to search for Anakin through the force. Every morning and after every meal we stretch our minds out into the force looking for anything that would lead us to Anakin. I know once a week both of us would feel the bond with Anakin being stretched to the point of breaking. When felt Anakin’s strength waning Ahsoka and I would pour out my strength into the bond which made us regular visitors to the mess hall to regain some of our energy.

One morning I felt a pull from the force during our morning meditation. Together we followed and found the familiar signature of Anakin. We immediately grabbed hold of him and wrapped our force signatures around him. We could feel his pain, exhaustion, and his loneliness.

Anakin felt us and we felt his relief of finally finding someone. After he sent an image we understood why he couldn’t speak to us because of the binders that he had on his wrists. So Ahsoka and I reached further into our connection until we could feel the binders and immediately broke them off. Once our links were finally unhindered by anything we learned everything he had every tried to hide from us. The most shocking ones were his secret marriage to Senator Amidala since the beginning of the Clone Wars and she’s expecting twins. However, the most prevalent information was that Chancellor Palpatine is the sith lord that the Jedi have been looking for and the one who captured and imprisoned him. He’s been trying unsuccessfully to turn Anakin to the dark side.

‘Master’ I am so relieved to hear his voice after so long I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a few tears of joy before responding.

‘I’m here my former padawan.’ He was as relieved as I was to finally hear my voice as well.

‘Skyguy’ Ahsoka was on the verge of crying herself.

‘Hey, Snips’ Ahsoka’s dam were released and some of her fear was released into the force until Anakin was safely back in the temple she wouldn’t release the rest of her fear.

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Lousy, I so want to get out of here and back home into a comfortable bed’

‘Do you have a clue to where you are?’

‘Not a clue, but no natural sunlight reaches my metal cell’

‘Ok, Can you get out of your cell?’

‘I think so, but the last time I tried was with the binders so I got umm shocked.’ I could feel that Anakin was trying to hide how much pain he was truly in from Ahsoka. So privately I told him

‘Why are you hiding how you’re really feeling from Ahsoka? You know she’s no longer the young inexperienced padawan we meet on Christophsis all those years ago’

‘I know Obi-Wan, but if she knows how much I’m hurting she might …’

‘Want to help you all the more. Anakin, Ahsoka has been searching for you every day since we learned of your capture. She’s become my temporary padawan and every task that I have placed before her she’s excelled at. I’m very sure that once you return to training her she’ll return to being the fun padawan I once knew and that she’ll be ready for the trials very soon.

‘Ok, I’ll think about it both allowing her to see my pain and if she’s ready for the trials.’

‘I’ll hold you too that. Anakin, once we’ve you’re going to have to choose at least on letting Ahsoka help you keep up your strength the other can wait until the proper time.’

‘Understood Master’

‘Have you made it out of the cell, Skyguy’

‘Of course Snips don’t you trust me?’

‘With my life, Master I just needed to be sure’ privately I reminded him

‘Now you should trust her with yours’ Anakin was annoyed at me for my answer, but he didn’t let his guard down for Ahsoka.

‘Go up as high as you are able and hide and don’t move until we come from you’ Once he was safely hidden Ahsoka and I came back to reality still keeping our connection with Anakin though on a smaller scale. Ahsoka was already waiting for me by the door like a puppy excited for her first trip outdoors. I quickly followed her lead adding Anakin’s lightsaber to my belt as well as my own lightsaber.

We made our way to the Council chambers where the Jedi who was now in charge of investigating Anakin’s disappearance was just finishing giving his report to the council.

“With all the evidence I have tried to gather I can honestly say that I have no clue where Knight Skywalker is.” The air in the council chamber took a downward spiral. It seemed that only Ahsoka and I were the only ones happy in the room.

“Master Obi-Wan, sense no sadness I do, why”

“Padawan Tano and I have been meditating every day since we learned of Knight Skywalker’s disappearance and finally just an hour ago today we established contact with Anakin.” The whole chambers mood went up in spirits

“Right at this moment he is in a hidden room sleeping safely from his kidnapper who we found out is Chancellor Palpatine.”

“Why would the Chancellor want to capture Skywalker, I thought the two were close.”

“Palpatine is not who he says he’s made himself out to be. His real name is Darth Sideous the same dark lord we have been searching for.”

“New development, most troubling it is, meditate I will proceed with caution we must.”

“Master’s Ahsoka and I must set out immediately to rescue Anakin from his hiding place before Sideous knows he’s missing.”

“Go, alert the healers to expect you arriving with Knight Skywalker very soon, you will.”

“Send them Senator Amidala’s apartment, I’d rather not bring Anakin to the Temple immediately after we rescue him. That would be the first place Sideous might look for him and the Senator is an old friend who’d be more than willing to help us out hiding Anakin there until its deemed safe enough for him to return to the temple.” Master Yoda inclined his head and we took our leave. On our way to stopping by our rooms to disguise ourselves and set up a few things to get ready for Anakin’s return, Ahsoka contacted Captain Rex and told him to bring three of his best men and two medics all dressed up in militia outfits and meet us in the hanger for a stealth mission. She would give them more information face to face.

Once we arrived in our rooms I changed into a non-Jedi looking soldier with Anakin’s and mines lightsaber hidden within the arm guards. While I waited for Ahsoka I had Artoo record a message for Padme informing her of everything and to be ready for some Jedi healers. Artoo rolled out of the room just as Ahsoka came out of her temporary quarters. She had darkened her montrals and changed her headdress to the golden headdress she wore during the slave mission we did awhile back. She also wore a hooded long robe that went to her knees and zipped up the front. Her padawan braid hanged from a chain on her waist. She wore her normal knee-high boots. Together we put on our Jedi robes so Captain Rex and his men would be able to recognize us. We made our way to the hanger before Rex and his men arrived so I let Ahsoka fill them in more on the mission while I contacted Anakin. Opening my mind I found my former padawan asleep so I pushed against his mind almost about to give him a mental shock when he woke up very irritated.

‘Uggh, do you have too wake me up Obi-Wan’

‘You have to awake to be awake when we come to rescue you’

‘Ok, are you bringing medical personal?’

‘Ahsoka and I are going to be separate when we come to get you, but yes both of us will have a medical officer with us.’

‘Can I go back to sleep now’

‘I afraid not my former padawan you have remain awake so we can find you.’

‘Yes, Master’ I had to chuckle to myself after feeling Anakin’s annoyance at me. Returning to reality Ahsoka had just finished briefing the men on the mission.

“What’s so funny?”

“Anakin was just expressing his annoyance at me for waking him up.” She chuckled at that probably remembering her own memories of trying to wake Anakin up when he didn’t want to.

“Are we ready?”

“Yes, we are.” I smirked at Ahsoka’s joyful spirit as I removed my cloak and Ahsoka did the same. I put on my helmet and she her hood we toke the streets with our clone friends for back and stage one of the plan.


When I informed the troopers that we had finally found General Skywalker and they were more than ready to rescue him. It didn’t take long after that for Master Kenobi to come back to reality when he did he had a bright smile on his face.

“What’s so funny?” his smile grew even brighter and he chuckled a bit.

“Anakin was just expressing his annoyance at me for waking him up.” I chuckled as well remembering all the times I had to wake him up in the early morning he never did like it when I did that. Very soon we entered the underworld of Coruscant. My group followed Master Kenobi at a safe distance all the while I could feel that we were getting closer to my master. For about an hour we travelled this way before splitting up as we had discussed earlier that this was the best way to throw off any one tailing us.

Once we made the loop around we arrived at Anakin’s location Master Obi-Wan was already there and Kix was just about done attending to Anakin’s wounds. So I took the opportunity to look at the room that Anakin had chosen to hideout in.

“Really, Skyguy a cleaning closet” Anakin smiled weakly at me.

“I couldn’t find another place very quickly that could fit me comfortable.” He gave me another weak smile. I knew he was hiding how much pain he was truly in.

“Stop blocking me out Master I know you are trying to hide how much pain you’re really in.” He looked at with a bit of shock littering his face.

“Obi-Wan told me that you are no longer the snippy youngling I first met on Christophis” he immediately let down his mental shields and collapsed further into unconsciousness. I latched onto him and boosted his strength with my own to lean on.

“Thanks Snips”

“You’re not alone and you’d better remember that.” Kix just finished putting fresh bandages on Anakin. Over to the side there were heap of old bacta pads and torn up strips of his cloak with dried blood on the floor.

“Kix, did you take all of those off of General Skywalker.”

“Yes, Commander even though most of the bacta was no longer useful I am very glad that he kept them on some of his wounds are major, almost all of them have healed although, General Skywalker will need to take a dip in the bacta tank when he can.”

“If’s he’s safe to travel we need to leave this place before Sideous returns.” Rex and Boil helped Anakin get to his feet. We then made our way to the surface where upon Anakin had to stifle a scream when we entered the nightlife of Courscant. Over our bond I could sense that lights hurt him so I tore some cloth from my outfit and covered his eyes.


“Better, thank you Snips”

“Your welcome now that’s two you owe me.” Skyguy chuckled before immediately stopping because it hurt his ribs. We came to an alleyway and stopped there so Master Obi-Wan, Boil, and Fives went to get a speeder.


I was in my apartment undressing from the day’s debate when Artoo rolled in and played a prerecorded message from Obi-Wan.

“Padme, about three months ago Anakin was captured by a sith, but we have finally been able to locate him. He is very hurt and to throw off his kidnapper we are not taking him directly to the Temple, but to your apartment, Jedi healers are heading your way as soon as they can. Anakin has told Ahsoka and myself know about your secret relationship. Worry not, no one will know besides the two of us know about it though I think Master Yoda might have already known, but I don’t know how. I will see you soon Padme.”

My cup of joy was overflowing at this moment overflowing. My Ani has been found I knew he was captured and every day since then I’ve been very worried about him. Through our bond I could sense when he was in immense pain and so could our unborn child. The little one would become so quiet sometimes when he or she their father was in serious pain it would always worried me more when it happened.

Just like Obi-Wan said the Jedi healers arrived and I directed them to my bedroom. When they gave their curious looks my way I told them that this was one small way I could pay back the ‘Hero with No Fear’ for saving my life many times. I however would give the best that I have to my secret husband if it would help him in anyway.

I waited patiently in my living for Anakin to come home with Obi-Wan. Twenty minutes later Obi-Wan arrived, but without my husband.

“Senator Amidala, can I have permission to use one of your smaller transports to safely transport Knight Skywalker here?” I wanted to tell him not to be so formal, but we had guests within earshot so I kept up with the façade for my husband’s safety at the moment was all I cared about.

“Of course, Master Jedi and I’ll come along to help” Obi-Wan nodded his head and allowed me to lead the way to my garage, before we left he placed the two clones brought with him to guard my doorway. We quickly made our way there we grabbed the desired transport with a double backseat so the rest of Obi’s group could fit comfortably. I let Obi-Wan drive because I wanted to be ready for Anakin and he would find them much quicker than I would with his directions. Within moments we arrived at the alleyway. I could see my husband sitting on some crates leaning on his padawan and Captain who were on either side of him.

Very slowly they laid Anakin on the backseat with me, his head resting on my lap. As soon as he was comfortable I started to stroke his face wanting him to give me a small sign that he was ok. He unconsciously turned his head toward me.

“Ani, wake up I need to know your okay” he slowly opened his and smiled at me.

“Angel” he wasn’t awake enough to say anymore, but he went back to sleep with a smile on his face.


Once we Skyguy safely in the back of the transport Master Obi-Wan drove to Padme’s apartment.

“Master, have you contacted the Temple?”

“Yes, young one I spoke with Master Yoda. I’ve told him that we have Anakin and when he’s better we’ll transfer him to the Halls of healing.”

“Umm, were supposed to be asleep in our room at the Temple right now. How are supposed to explain ourselves the Jedi awake right now?”

“Top secret mission from the council that needed to be done immediately, forcing us to leave tonight. You can return to the temple and get a change of clothes for all of us once we get to Padme’s apartment.” We arrived at Padme’s within minutes and after Anakin was placed on her bed I went to the Temple and gathered what supplies we needed. Afterwards I reported to Master Yoda.

“Glad all of you safe I am”

“Thank you, Master, Master Obi-Wan told me that he contacted you”

“Contacted me he did, help I can give you when return to temple you do at the time stated on this pad take the designated path. Safest it is less Jedi to be seen by you will be”

“Thank you Master” Master Yoda handed me the datapad with the information on it and I placed it in my backpack. I silently made my way out of the Temple returning to Padme’s apartment where I found that Master Obi-Wan was already asleep in one of the guest rooms I placed his change of clothes on a dresser in that room. The rest of the Clones except the two guarding the door, toke up the floor and couches in the living room and finally I went to Padme’s room to look in on Anakin and found that Padme was sleeping beside him. Quietly I sat on his side of the bed trying not to wake him, but he must have felt my presence because he woke up.

“Hey Snips”

“Go back to sleep, Skyguy we’ll talk in the morning.”

“I don’t want to go to sleep and have to wake up and this will have all been a dream.”

“It’s not a dream; you’re safe with your wife and unborn child by your side and friends all around you.”

“It feels fantastic”

“I grabbed a change of clothes their on the dresser when you wake tomorrow” he nodded his head and went back to sleep.

Finally I went to the other guest room and toke off my disguise and after what felt like an hour I finally got it all off. Snuggling under the covers I slip off into the land of dreams.

A year later



“Anakin, what’s wrong.” My lovely wife looks into my eye and my voice catches in my throat. My whole body was shaking uncontrollable and I was already sweating hard. My angel placed her soft arms around me giving me the comfort I knew she wouldn’t understand that I got from her touch.

It had almost been a year since Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and the clones rescued me from cell Sideous put me in. I still have recurring nightmares from that experience. The only ones who knew what I had to deal with during that time. Most of the Jedi don’t know that I’ve broken the code regarding attachment. Although, Master Yoda already knew though I still haven’t figured out how he figured it out. He did visit the twins on more than one occasion especially on their birthday. During one such occasion Yoda commented on the twins force presence.

“Your young ones strong with the force they are. Just like his father Luke is and just like her mother Leia is, but both will balance the other out, so neither is as reckless as their father.” I feigned being insulated, but knowing for a look in his eyes he had already. Returning to the present I finally found my voice.

“I’m okay Angel it’s just a nightmare.”

“The nightmares are becoming less frequent that very good.” I always got her scared when I awoke from these things. Suddenly, two bodies jumped in our bed, both Padme and I yelped in surprise. We soon started to laugh when we realized that it was just Luke and Leia. They always jumped into bed with us when they heard me scream. Both of them were hugging their favorite toys. For Leia it was always her doughnut hair princess doll and for Luke it was a stuffed tontha.

“Daddy, you ok?” My princess was very curious on for her age, but I had a feeling that when she got older she would become like her although since she is my daughter she might have my temper.

“I’m alright my princess daddy’s just having a bad dream.” Leia smiled at me and snuggled in between her mother and I. Looking to Luke I waited until he too snuggled with his parents and sister. Looking into his eyes which were exact copies of my wife’s in that moment I could tell that he would have his mother’s common sense enough probably to combat my genetic capability for recklessness. It wasn’t long before the twins went to sleep.



“I know this is something you’d rather not speak about. But what are you going to do if the Sith go after the twins or me to get to you.”

“They won’t only Master Yoda and Master Obi-Wan know that you are married to me and since you are no longer in the spotlight you and the twins can go to the lake country and live out there safely.”

“Are you sure that will work?”

“I know it will Master Yoda, Master Obi-Wan and I hashed it out yesterday and we’ll be leaving tomorrow.” My wife’s worry subsided slightly and she tried her best to cuddle closer to me being careful to not wake up the twins. “Our family will never be separated unless I have a very important mission that takes me away from you for a time, but I will always return.” I wanted to kiss her, but with the twins in between us it was impossible. I settled with a peck on her head, I would never leave my family with doubt that I would be there for her forever.


Anakin kept his promise to wife every mission he went on he came back home immediately afterwards. This continued on for years then Luke and Leia showed signs of being force sensitive. The Jedi council dispatched two Jedi to test the children. Both parents were glad that when the chosen Jedi arrived it was Master Yoda and Master Obi-Wan.

While the two Master's were there Order 66 was given out the three Jedi felt the wave of untold loss as they felt the deaths of many Jedi. This was confirmed when Padme received a encrypted transmission from Senator Organa. She informed him that she knew of three Jedi that had gotten away. Bail was glad to hear this, but he warned the Jedi that they must go into hiding.

Quickly the Jedi haphazardly put a plan together Master Yoda would go to live on Dagobah and Master Obi-Wan would live as a hermit on Tattonine. Getting on Anakin's ship the remainder of the Jedi order left Naboo and headed to Tattonine. Before landing Master Yoda gave Anakin the rank of Jedi Master and Council Member. Anakin was astounded, but toke his old masters words to heart 'Pride proceeded the fall'.

After dropping off Master Yoda Anakin returned home he quickly sold his ship and pocketed the money for a time when his family might need a quick escape of Naboo. Returning home Padme and him started making a plan if the worst case scenario happened. 30 years passed and the three escaped Jedi still maintain their hiding safe and sound.

But that would not last long as a new threat was rising and it would take pure force of will to defeat. Will, that only a Jedi had to protect the innocent or in Anakin's case the ones he loves.

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M_E_G_A_T_R_O_N: Nicely written, great writing style and fantastic story line. The characters are interesting, great character development and fascinating story all together. Keep up the good work.

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