The Real Prequel Trilogy


Order 66 has been initiated and three Jedi Council Members have escaped the slaughter of their compatriots. Masters Yoda, Anakin, and Obi-Wan were able to quickly go into hiding. Yoda toke shelter on Dagobah, Obi-Wan went to Tatooine. Master Anakin and his family changed their identities in order to hide in plain sight. They also deleted all knowledge of their former lives of Anakin Skywalker the “Hero with No Fear” and the former Queen turned Senator Padme Amidala.

Nowadays history says that the “Hero with no Fear” died heroically during the last days of the Clone wars and Senator Amidala died giving birth and her died immediately out of the womb. She was ‘buried’ in the Hall of Queens on Naboo. (Only one of Padme’s former handmaidens would ever know it was only a life size decoy of Padme made by the cloners on Kamino.)

We returned to the story 15 years later when Sol (Anakin) and his son Xavier (Luke) are closing up their repair shop for the day.

“Good Job Xavier, you’re getting better at fixing things.” Sol ruffled his son’s hair to which Xavier groaned and quickly tried to fix his disheveled mane before any cute girls came by.

“Dad” Sol laughed at his son’s antics trying to fix what his father messed up. Together the two made their way home. Reaching the side the two entered and once the door was closed Anakin went to wash up. Which was what they were supposed to do after coming back from the shop, but Luke went straight to the kitchen.

“Hey Mom”

“Luke, don’t even try to touch any of your dinner without cleaning up. You know that’s the rule especially because of what you and your father work with on a daily basis.” Padme chastised her son with a spatula.

“Sorry mom I’m going” Luke ran out of the kitchen nearly colliding with his Dad.

“Whooh, slow down Speedy”

“Sorry Dad” but Luke kept running while his Dad turned around and entered wiping his nearly dried hands on a towel.

“Master Yoda was right about him.” Padme chuckled as she continued to finish cooking dinner.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember when he came to the twins first birthday and said that thing about Luke.” Padme spoke smiling at her husband.

“I remember he said ‘Your young ones are strong with the Force they are. Just like his father I fear little Luke is, but not as daring because he has his mother’s sense.’ ”

“Not to look for danger like his father who haphazardly jumps into danger because he is the ‘Hero with No Fear’ ”

“You added that last part, but I’m hoping that Leia will balance out her brother like you’ve balance me.”

“Ani, I know we have talked about this, but we have taught our children how to stay hidden and why because of whom we were. I believe they are more than ready to get their own lightsabers.” Anakin breathed out a clear sign that yes they had this talk more than once.

“I know Angel, but we are safe here the Empire has not bothered us and I fear that it will look very strange for the three of us to travel to Ilum and back on a freighter. I’m sure that the Empire with take notice of that.”

“Then we won’t go all the way by freighter just to Tatooine and borrow your old friends ship go there and back then return to Tatooine. Then we will return to Naboo on the freighter.”

“Your always the peacemaker aren’t you love.” So later that night Anakin told the kids around the dinner table and told his kids that he thought they were ready to make their own lightsabers they were so excited.. The rest of their clothes should be packed ready just in case they are going to leave the planet for awhile. Padme would stay on Tatooine while they went to Ilum which was less than a parsec away.


After Dad told Leia and me that we were going to build our lightsabers I was almost jumping off the walls with excitement. We’d been practicing with Dad’s lightsaber, but it was too rough for my liking. Leia had a different problem it was too big for her to get a good grip on it. On the point of Dad’s lightsaber being too big or not right for us we agreed on.

Even though we were pumped about being able to go we knew that we had to be extra careful what we say to our friends. Because since the Empire would hunt any rumor about Jedi who may have escaped the Order 66 slaughter Dad had a few rules that we were to follow once he had deemed us old enough to start training as a Jedi.

1. Don’t talk to anyone about your training unless Dad tells you he trusts them.

2. Only use your real name in the confines of our home.

3. Never wear any Jedi attire outside the house (I’ve never seen Dad wear anything remotely related to the Jedi world. He follows this rule all the time.)

4. Once you’ve acquired your lightsaber you must find a way to hide it in plain sight. (When we are in the shop or anywhere outside of the house Dad always has it in his boot.)

We understood these rules were only there to protect us because of who our parents. I followed these rules to the letter besides teaching us how to become a great Jedi. Dad also teaches me how to fix things in his shop, he is awesome at it, and he keeps telling me that this is the way he releases stress. I on the other hand love mediation Dad is always amazed how much I like it. I know from stories he told me that during his own padawan years he couldn’t do meditating very well, but time has tempered the Skywalker recklessness into wisdom he always felt calmer and more at peace when he did meditate.

I told him during one of our many meditating sessions that I always felt better connected to the force during those times. He agreed with then laughed and said “If only my old master could see me now.”

Mom told Leia and I about Dad’s destiny as the Chosen One. That one day he would restore balance to the force. Saying that if the time came for him to fulfill his destiny he would defiantly be ready Leia and I at one time or another trying to get her to explain more about it. She always said it was a tale that our father would finish the story when he is ready.


When Dad told Luke and me we were leaving soon to build our lightsabers I was so excited I twirled in my Jedi robes. Father of course laughed at us, but told us that we need to start packing for Tatooine and Ilum. It is very weird to pack for the hottest planet and also one of the coldest, but I made sure to pack my favorite doll. I’ve had it since I was a little girl and you could tell because of all the cloth patches all over her. Placing her in my backpack I continued to pack for the trip.

Luke was defiantly more excited than I was, but in my heart I wish I could go outside the safety of my home and not be afraid about being a Jedi. Telling the whole world that I am the daughter of the supposed-to-be-dead “Hero with No Fear” and the great Queen and Senator Amidala. Being who I was would put an extra target on my back.

The twins were very excited once they learned that they would have to opportunity the build their own lightsabers. Over the next couple of days Anakin, Luke, Leia, and Padme got ready to leave. On the day of their departure the twins were making the entire family late.

“Leia, Luke come on down your father and I are about ready to leave.”

“Coming” Leia was the first one down with a backpack and a suitcase. Very soon Luke followed his sister lead with the same baggage. Once everyone was outside the doors to their home were locked shut and the Amida family headed to a transport that would take they to Tatooine.

Once onboard it only toke the ship an hour to travel the few parsecs to Tatooine. They soon arrived at Mos Isley Spaceport. There Sol (Anakin) bought the entire family some sand-shades [They look like big sunglasses/goggles] Once they gather everything into a sand sled the group changed out of their Naboo clothing into different clothes that would both keep them safe from the sand and thin enough not to make them cooler than what them normally would wear.

Carrie (Padme) and Mira (Leia) changed into tan skin tight pants, long sleeve tops, gloves, a scarf cape [looks like the one Padme wear before the execution/kiss scene in Attack of the Clones] and finally a scarf that they wrapped around their mask.

Sol and Xavier (Luke) changed into tan shirts and pants, dark sturdy boots, gloves, and finally a scarf they wrapped around their own masks.

When night began to fall the family drove their sled across the Dune Sea toward a hidden caves at their far edge.

“Honey, how will our old friend recognize us?”

“Last time I saw him we identified each other by a code phrase that only the two of us would recognize” Within a few hours they arrived close as they could to the vicinity of their destination as their sleds allowed. They made their way closer before the first dawn arrived. A few hours before the second sunrise came over the horizon.

“Dad, why did we stop here?”

“Well, little angel; it’s for two reasons one to give your father a small respite, I’m not as young as I once was, and the other is that this is near the place where an old of friend of mine will meet us a few minutes after the second sun rises over the horizon.

“Do we know him or her Dad” while he and his sister tried to wipe of some of the rough sand off their.

“Nope, though I wish that our situation was different so you two could have grown up knowing and learning from him, but it was just too dangerous.” Sol lowered his head into his hands for a second then quickly breathed out. For the rest of the morning the family remained silent until the second sun crowned the horizon.

“Well it seems the whole families here” An older gentleman surprised Sol who immediately reached for his weapon.

“Who are you?” Mira asked the mysterious stranger slightly hidden behind her father taken safety her father large form provided.

“Some used to call me The Great Negotiator”

“Only one man that I know was called that and had to personal save his life about eleven times. Although, he would say it was only 10 times because he doesn’t want to remember one of the times I had to save him.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because on that one mission he did something extremely foolhardy and he was always embarrassed every time I brought it up or added a new number to the count.” Sol smirked as the old man laughed.

“I missed you, Ani-“

“My name is Sol; we need to get my family out of this heat as soon as possible.” Sol guided the old man back to where his family had camped for the night. Together they walked toward the old man’s home in the early morning coolness. As they entered the doorway, the charade of the Amida was finally dropped.

“Oh. I am so glad I can finally get out of these sandy clothes.”

“Well, you better not be getting to comfortable you and your brother are going with me soon unless you don’t want your lightsaber crystals.”

“Dad” the twins yelled at their playful father smirking father.

“Just making sure” Anakin laughed at his children.

“Luke and Leia before you go and try to scrap the sands of Tatooine off. I would like you to meet a very close old friend. Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

“It’s nice to finally meet our father’s old master. Even though we introduce ourselves as Sol, Carrie, Xavier, and Mira one of dads rule was that we can never call each other by our real names when we’re out in public.” The twins left one very confused Obi-Wan behind them as they went to the refresher.

“So, Sol was that really original?”

“Well, since any remaining Jedi are considered outlaws and are being hunted. Though not as much now as they had been when Order 66 was initiated, but we made our new names have nothing related to our former lives. Nowadays, to the galaxy as well as recorded history; Anakin Skywalker died heroically during the Clone Wars. My beautiful wife died in childbirth and her children died immediately within a few minutes out of the womb. With the galaxy thinking that my family and I are dead. My children had to only call each other by their true names only inside the house because even though we were in hiding on Naboo I didn’t want us to totally forget who we really are.”

“Your name is Sol and Padme’s name is Carrie, but I am curious as to what you chose for your last name. Knowing you it wasn’t as creative as your first name.”

“Padme helped me decide on our last name we decided on Amida because it’s so close to Padme’s senatorial last name Amidala, but no one has made the connection that my family is somehow connected to my wife.”

“Ok, but why in the world Anakin, are you still wearing that eye patch we’re all friends here.” Padme started to giggle and Anakin tried to make him smaller in the chair as if his trying to hide from his old master gaze.

“Well, this” pointing to his eye patch “I was originally using it to cover up my very recognizable scar, but I used to take it off. One day in the shop I was trying to duplicate the kyber crystal in my lightsaber so that my children wouldn’t have to leave the safety’s of home to get their crystals. And as you well know even my most planned out plans usually end with an unforeseen problem. That problem was an accidental explosion which damaged my eye enough that I’ve had to continue to wear this patch to protect my eye from the sunlight” Obi-Wan started to laugh out loud with Padme joining in the fun.

“Oh, Anakin how many times have your experiments, almost blown up in your face. This one probably did because I wasn’t there to stop you like I was for the others.”

“You don’t need to rub it in I know you’ve told me a lot of times my old hermit friend.” Padme and Obi-Wan continued to laugh and were soon joined in by the twins who were able to get into a change of clothes.

“So when are we leaving for Ilum?” Anakin gave a look towards that showed the definite fear in his eyes.

“Are you sure Master, four Jedi going to Ilum Sideous will defiantly feel our presence.”

“Sideous, that mans day are numbered and he believes that he is invincible. His death and the death of the Empire will be soon. I’ve recently been in contact with Senator Bail Organa he has told me that he has created a rebel army and he would like me to join in his crusades.”

“So Bail created a rebel army well I don’t know if I want to join them though it seems righteous. If we do join I don’t want the twins to go into battle until the two of you agree that they are ready and can handle their own with a lightsaber.

“No worries, Padme the twins will not go into battle until they can work well with their own lightsabers, but after seeing how well they’ve done with mine I believe they are more than capable. Of course, that depends on if they only get one crystal each or two it’s all going to depend on what the force draws them to.”

“Well, let’s join the Alliance it is time for the Skywalker family to come out of hiding.”

“Agreed” Obi-Wan had all of his things already packed for the trip, but the Skywalkers still needed to close up their shop on Naboo. So Padme decided to redone the disguise of Carrie Amida so she could travel back to Naboo to gather up their things and extra supplies and any personal items that they had left behind. They decide to keep the house just in case the family needed to hide again. With the ruling Queens Knowledge the house remained in the Amida name when they need it most it will be there for their use. While Padme went to Naboo, Anakin and his children along with Obi-Wan they all travelled to Ilum.

Once they arrived and entered the ice chamber the twins entered the inner chamber and four hours later Luke and Leia got their crystals. Leia earned two crystals and Luke earned one, both pontite crystals. Once the company of Jedi returned to the Twilight, the twins started to work on their lightsabers Anakin entered the coordinates for Naboo into the navigation computers.

“Master, how did you find the Twilight?”

“Actually she found me along with your former padawan and former captain of your old squadron.” Anakin visually relaxed his shoulders.

“I was very worried that she was dead, but I am very glad that Ahsoka and Rex are alive and well. Do they know that I am alive and married to Padme?”

“I only told her that you were alive and safely hidden, she doesn’t know about your marriage.”

-Beep, Beep-

“It’s Padme”

“Sol, how far away are you away from Naboo.”

“About an hour, what’s going on Angel?”

“The Queen just informed me that the Empire is on its way and will be blockading the planet very soon.”

“Ok, quickly get out of city and meet us at the entrance to the Gungan waters and be ready when we get there.”With two hours the Twilight arrived at the previously designated area and in five minutes the ship was back in space heading to. . .

“So, where are we going now Master?”

“Bail told me to contact him if I ever did decide to take him up on his proposal. Once I did he would tell me where we are to meet Ahsoka who’s name to those she contact’s is ‘Fulcrum’.”

“Hey, Dad someone’s hacked the Empire’s communications.”

“Ok, let’s hear what’s going on with the Imperials that someone wanted to hack them to get out” Obi-Wan had already turned on the holo-vid and tuned it the right channel.

“We have been called criminals, but we are not. We are rebels, fighting for the people, fighting for you. I’m not that old, but I remember a time when things were better on Lothal maybe not great, but never like this. See what the Empire has done to your lives. Your families and your freedom, it’s only going to get worse. Unless we stand up and fight back. It won’t be easy there’ll be loss and sacrifice, but we can’t back down just because we’re afraid that’s when we need to stand the tallest. That’s what my parents taught me. That’s what my new family helped me remember. Stand up together because that’s when we’re strongest As One. . .” static

“What happened?”

“The Empire must cut them off somehow stopping the rebels from communicated anymore. But I think their message got through.” Anakin and Obi-Wan gathered with the rest of the Skywalker’s to discuss all their options.

“So, my former padawan what are we going to do?” Obi-Wan had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and of course Anakin responded in kind with his own signature smirk.

“Well, if there are no objections I suggest we meet up with my old padawan and join the rebellion.”

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