The Real Prequel Trilogy


(Catch Up)

Anakin and his family along with his former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi have made an important decision. After listening to an uplifting message from a rebel group that hijacked a imperial transmission. The group as a how decided that it was time to come out of hiding. Master Obi-Wan contacted the rebels via a communication with Senator Organa.

“Hello, old friend it’s so good to finally see you again.”

“Yours too Bail, I’ve decide to take you up on your offer.”

“Just in time old friend, I’ll contact Fulcrum and have him send you the coordinates where you can meet him.”

“Thank You, I hope to see you soon.” Bail nodded his head before ending the transmission.

“I’ve got the coordinates. Artoo help me program the navigation computer”

The little astromech immediately got to work and very soon the ship was in hyperspace.

“Ghost to Twilight, do you read me over.”

“Master, I’m going to inform my family about what were about to get into can you not tell Ahsoka about us I would like to tell her myself.”

“I’ve got it covered Anakin just get the rest of the ship ready for whatever we might get into.”

“Don’t worry I’ll get it done and it’ll be better than new.”

“Twilight to Ghost go ahead Fulcrum.”

“It’s great to hear your voice Negotiator.”

“I can’t wait to hear you too, Fulcrum.”

“I’ll cut to the chase we are about to embark on a mission to save another rebel cell. They are the ones who sent the transmission that finally convinced you to come out of your little hole, hermit.”

“Although I resent you calling me hermit, I’m eager to rescue our allies their message also convinced a few of our former colleagues to also come out of hiding.”

“I was wondering how you were going to control the Twilight there’s only one person I know that knows her inner workings backward and forward.”

“Hey, I’m not a bad pilot myself.”

“Well, he was better.’

“True I don’t disagree with you on that point I’ll just be holding in my lunch while he is flying.”

“Wait, but I thought. Never mind I’ll wait, how long do you think it’ll be before you get here?”

“Not long.”

“Ok, Fulcrum out”


After getting out of the cockpit I went to find my family. They were in the common room Luke and Leia were dueling each other Luke was doing fine, but Leia was having trouble using two blades at once. When this mission is over I’ll ask Ahsoka if she would teach Leia how to control two blades at once. Padme was on the couch reading up on what has happened on Naboo since we left. Walking into the room the two of them stopped and after critiquing their techniques I informed them all that we were going to be able to meet my former padawan.

Padme was of course thrilled with the prospect of seeing Snips again after so many years. They were always very close when Ahsoka was at the temple. I left my kids to fantasize about what Ahsoka looked like. Padme and I went to the refresher to remove the dye from our hair. Needless to say it was very easy to do once we found the quick removal hair dye gel in the bottom of her makeup bag. Once the dye was fully washed out of my hair I changed into a new pair of Jedi robes they didn’t look like what I had worn during the Clone Wars but they were comfortable.

“It’s been awhile since the last time I put on anything Jedi related besides my lightsaber.”

“Well, you were very worried that someone might recognize you if you kept wearing the attire of a Jedi remember so once we were settled on Naboo you had me make you some attire that made you look Nabooian so no one would look at you funny and be persuaded to look closer.” She was just putting her hair up in an intricate braid with an ornate headpiece not as prominent as those she used to wear as senator or even queen, but it kept her hair out of her face. My beautiful Angel and I stepped out of the bathroom, after throwing our old clothes into a dirty clothes bin. Obi-Wan called me to the cockpit we were about to exit hyperspace and he needed my help at the helm.

“Kids, buckle in, Padme can man the gun port.”

“I’ve got it” We entered a battle immediately coming out of hyperspace. I didn’t know who we were protecting. Obi-Wan felt my confusion and immediately contacted my old padawan asking for the required the information.

“Ghost, who are we protecting?”

“Two ties the one that is painted orange and the other with curved fins. We need to get them connected to a ship so we can get them into hyperspace.” Within a couple minutes the rescue was absolutely successful and the blockade runners escaped to a previously set coordinates.

“Luke, can you get up here?”

“Coming” right behind him was his sister.

“I need you to fly the ship so I can meet my former padawan with your mom and Obi-Wan. Ok”

“Got it Dad I will be able to meet her though.”

“Yes, you will don’t worry.” Obi-Wan and Anakin left the cockpit and went to the docking port. Padme was already there wearing her own Jedi styled robe and holding out both Obi-Wan and Anakin’s robes for them.

“Let us not keep Ahsoka waiting longer than she already has dear.” Obi-Wan chuckled at his former padawan’s wife as Anakin gave him his signature smirk. The Twilight was already docked with the Ghost Obi- Wan led the group after Padme and Anakin lifted up their hoods. The group entered the ship and they could hear Ahsoka talking.

“I don’t know. One chapter has closed for you Ezra Bridger. This is a new day. A new beginning”

“And as a chapter ends a new one begins” Obi-Wan used his kind advice to inform Ahsoka that they were there.

“Who are your friends?” She was on edge just like the Master and padawan were behind her.

“It’s ok young one you know them both, but they’ve had to lie about them being alive” Ahsoka relaxed just a little bit. Anakin and Padme lowered their hoods. Putting on his signature smirk Anakin met his old padawan’s eyes.

“Hey, Snips”


“And as a chapter ends a new one begins” I turned around as a calm male voice spoke behinds my back. There were two people with hoods on and Master Obi-Wan behind me.

“Who are your friends?” My hands were resting on my waist ready to grab lightsabers. The two people lowered theirs hoods and right then and there I was looking at two people I was told were dead. After many years apart from each other, my old master finally showed his face already having his signature smirk on his face.

“Hey Snips” I immediately released the tension in my legs and ran into Anakin’s arms. I had missed him terrible.

“Skyguy” Anakin returned my hug immediately.

“I missed you to, Snips”

“What happened?” Anakin of course avoided my questioning stare.

“Later, when we are out of earshot of others” Skyguy subtly nodded his head toward the Ghost crew I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about them.

“Sorry guys, I would like to introduce you to Jedi Knight …”


“Really” Anakin looked at his former padawan with affirmative nod of his head.

“Yoda gave me a seat on the council before he went into hiding.”

“Ok, Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker” one of the ghost’s crewmember visible dropped his jaw a few inches at meeting the famous ‘Hero with No Fear’. Ahsoka continued not even noticing the change on the guys face.

“Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi” the mouth went down a few more inches once the guy realized he was meeting the two most famous generals of the Clone Wars. Still Ahsoka continued

“And finally former Queen and Senator Padme Amidala …”



“There are a lot of things you’ve missed that I can’t wait to tell you all about.” Once Ahsoka returned the Ghost to Hera the twilek and its original crew which consisted of a Zabrick named Zeb and a Mandalorian explosive expert/artist named Sabine all of whom Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan met with including the new Master - Padawan team.

When the rest of the crew left the newest Master- Padawan team met the former great Master – Padawan team.

“It’s an honor to meet you Masters, My Lady.” Ezra bowed his head in the way his master had taught him too.

“Please, it is us who should thank you; it is because of your transmission, young padawan that we decided to come out of hiding” With that Ezra returned to the Ghost feeling very proud of himself.

“Ezra, before you go may I have a look at your lightsaber” Anakin’s curiosity spiked during the earlier conversation when he looked at the saber hanging from Ezra’s belt. Ezra offered his weapon and Anakin grabbed the hilt and immediately turned it on.

“It looks a lot different than a normal lightsaber, but in these troubled times, do well a hidden lightsaber will”

“Now don’t you sound exactly like a little green life form we know?” Padme commented with Obi-Wan both laughing at Anakin.

“Ok, I get it, but you have to admit it sounded good.”

“Master Skywalker, it does something besides becoming a saber.” Anakin gave Ezra back his saber and Ezra motioned to his master who ignited his own saber. The Padawan toke aim and fired three simultaneous shots which the Master deflected. Padme and Obi-Wan were very impressed with the young ones ingenuity. Anakin on the other hand is amazed he himself was a great inventor and mechanic, but he had never thought of putting a gun and lightsaber into one. The supposed mechanical genius mouth was wide open.

“Ani, Tatooine to Anakin.”

“Really, Padme”

“Yes, my husband”

“This is amazing you have a great talent for creating things.”

“Thank you, Master” Ezra left his master and the others returning to the Ghost. The Master didn’t leave with his padawan, but something was bothering the Jedi.

“Something on your mind, Caleb”

“So you knew”

“Of course, I did Anakin however had left, before your incident”

“What incident?”

“I turned away from the light of the force and lost my way in the darkness, until I finally found my way back, but the memory of that still haunts me to this day. That is why I changed my name from Caleb Dume to Kanan Jarrus at your service Master Kenobi, Master Skywalker.” Giving a half-hearted bow to express himself.

“I know how tempting the dark side can be. It was hard for me as well no matter what you do you always feel as if you’re not doing enough good to outweigh the bad you’ve already committed.” Anakin spoke from his own experiences being tempted with the dark side himself.

“But, you’ve never embraced and turned away from the order like I did. It was another reason I changed my name. I am ashamed of who I was and what I did under my former name.” Kanan voice told the others of his frustration and the tears down his face told them of the regret he had in his heart.

“Being ashamed of what you were is okay, but you have to learn from those mistakes. If you keep dwelling on what you’ve done you might never see the future of what you can accomplish.” Obi-Wan told Kanan which helped to calm the young Jedi’s mind, but he needed more so Padme walked to him and let the mothering side of her take over. She hugged him allowing the Jedi to release his pain into a person who wouldn’t judge him at all.

“Thank you, Masters” Kanan returned to the Ghost and Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme returned to Twilight. They disengaged from the ghost and followed Ahsoka in the stolen Imperial transport that was entering hyperspace.

-On the Twilight-

“So when do we get to meet your former padawan.”

“Soon, Son, Soon” Anakin took over piloting for his son and waited until they came out of hyperspace a few hours later. After leaving the hyperspace lane the fleet scattered to their respected home bases.

“Skyguy, follow me down to the planet there I can get better acquainted.”

“Can’t wait Fulcrum, I also have two more surprises onboard that I couldn’t tell you about on the Ghost.”

“Ok” The two ships landed on the planet’s surface and the Twilight’s passengers left her hull. All of them put up their hoods Luke and Leia were also wearing Jedi cloaks alongside their parents and Uncle Obi-Wan.

Anakin and Padme had a good laugh when Leia asked if they could call Obi-Wan that. With all of their hoods up casting their faces into the shadow they followed Ahsoka to the complex.

“Come on in Master, Artoo will lead you to a room where we can continue to get reacquainted and I can meet your friends.” They entered the hallway where they were met by a very excited R2-D2 who started to speak droid really fast at Anakin.

/Of course this way/ Artoo rolled down the hall toward a room that wasn’t that far down the hallway. Ahsoka entered behind them and as they made themselves comfortable she opened another door in the room, immediately she was forced to the floor by a eleven year old Tortuga-human girl. Anakin’s muscles tensed, but he relaxed when he sees and hears her laughing.

“Honey, how many times have I told you not to surprise me like that when I come home?”

“Sorry mom, but I get so excited when you come home from your missions safe.” The little Tortuga laughed with her mother who picked her up and twirled her around.

“Umm, Snips”

“Whoops, Sorry Master this is my daughter Coral Tano”

“Who are you?”

“She’s defiantly yours, Snips”

“Coral, I’d like you to meet some of our old friends that worked with your father and me during the Clones Wars.”

“I’m Master Obi-Wan Kenobi this here is Master Anakin Sktwalker and his wife Padme Nabriee Skywalker.”

“Dad told me a lot about the adventures he had with you Master Skywalker. My favorite story was when you and mom threw him off a wall.

“Your father was Captain Rex” Coral nodded standing in front of her mom she was a little shorter than her mother but like her mother she had her arms resting on her two lightsabers.

“Yep, that’s him”

“I told her all about our adventures General while my wife told her about the padawan-master adventures”

“It’s great to see you again Rex”

“You too General”

“Ahsoka did you tell Coral about every one of our missions.” Ahsoka gave her old master a mysterious smirk.

“Every reckless one, Skyguy I had to it was in part the way I taught her about her history as a Jedi and it did give her immense laughter when she heard them.” Laughter came of every ones mouths all at the expense of Anakin’s expense and after a few good minutes the groups laughter died down.

“So Skyguy, are you going to introduce to your other guests. Ahsoka nodded her head to a still hooded Luke and Leia.

“Oh, Right” Anakin smacked himself upside the head for forgetting his own children.

“Ahsoka, Rex, and Coral I would like you to meet Luke and Leia Skywalker.” The twins lowered their hoods and revealed themselves to the new members of their ever growing family.

“They look just like you Master, but hopefully they are not as reckless as their father.”

“I agree my love, but I wonder will the Alliance survive having the entire Skywalker family working with them.” Another round of laughter escaped the group’s lips.

“Dad, I thought the Clone armies turned against the Jedi order.”

“Yes, they did Leia, I’m sure Rex can enlighten us on the subject.” Anakin was curious as well, but he didn’t want to be the one to broach the subject.

“Well, get comfortable general it’s going to be a long story.”

“I’ll get some refreshments.”

“I’ll help you, mom” Coral followed her mother along with Artoo out the door. Everyone took a seat so that they could hear Rex’s story.

“Well it was a few months after you left for Naboo Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66 to all the clones. The order told us to eliminate all the Jedi because they were traitors to the republic. But the 501st and a few clones from other squads wouldn’t follow the order we saved as many Jedi as we could and went into hiding to a place where only a few of our number knew about. We traveled the galaxies trying to save as many Jedi as we could until it was no longer safe for us to do that without being noticed by the new empire. So we returned to the secret hideout and became a private army to raise money a few of us became a bounty hunter group. Ahsoka hired us for a job and when we came for the reward I recognized who she was and I revealed who I was. She was amazed that I survived I told her that all of us have survived and even about the Jedi we rescued. She asked me and my men if we would join her rebellion. I had to take it up with the rest of the troopers at our secret base. When I did most all of them wanted to go, but more than a few had built families there along with some of the Jedi we rescued. So as a group it was decided that those with families should remain and watch over the younglings that were rescued training them up until they were ready to become padawan learners. With the troopers and Jedi who didn’t have families we left the place that kept us safe for so long and joined Ahsoka. In the hope that we could help others gain the freedom that we ourselves had fought so hard to give to them. Ahsoka and I married very soon after that our own little daughter was on her way.” Rex smiled at the memory.

“That’s amazing Rex”

“My husband is amazing” Ahsoka, Coral, Artoo returned with refreshment everyone grabbed a drink and a snack before they continued with the conversation.

“So how many Jedi were you able to save?”

“Not many well not the whole Jedi order, but we saved Master Windu, and a few others. Not to mention ten padawan learners, more than a few Knights, about fifteen younglings, and a few masters. When we left our home base 10 of the Jedi join us five of them were padawan’s and the other were a mix of Masters and Knights they are spread out between the clone squads, but to maintain the secret that they are Jedi no one knows except for Ahsoka and I, and their captains or commanders. The Skywalkers caught up with their friend’s life and they did the same back and soon the entire company was caught up on everything that has happen to the other. This way they informed the next generation slowly preparing them for the future. A future with no Empire and defiantly no Emperor.

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