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Carly Sayah, descendant of a Warrior


Ok... Take a full spoon of "Assassin's Creed", a dash of "Descendants" and hint of "Kingdom Hearts". Mix all this together in order to create a cross-over. Finally, add your personal touch and a history idol. Blend well and pour the story on Inkitt.com when ready. This new story is called "Carly Sayah, descendant of a Warrior".

Adventure / Romance
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My name is Carly Sayah. Unlike my ancestors before me, I’m an assassin and this is my story:

It was finally that day, I have been waiting for years. After a lifetime and after having killed men and women for the sake of the Assassin Brotherhood, with the VKs from Auradon, the king Ben, the Disney traveler Sora, and modern times assassin Desmond Miles, I finally got to meet Juno, great goddess of the Humanity. She asked for the sacrifice of an assassin in complement of the Apple of Eden in order to preserve peace in History. Desmond was only 25 years old and feared death. I did not, so I called myself volunteer to die that day. I stepped forward before Juno and that way, begun the process of my early death.

However, I felt so peaceful during the minute where she carried me off the ground that I didn’t saw the time she violently threw me away. Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil, saw me and caught me when I landed.

“Are you okay Lily? He asked me

- I don’t know, I whispered, what’s going on?

- Ms. Juno, he said while turning to the goddess, why, why did you throw her that violently?

- The sacrifice cannot work, barked Juno, you are a liar, a traitress!!! Your ancestors were Haytham Kenway and Shay Cormac, they were templars! You are a Templar!”

I looked at my friends all around me. Desmond looked disguised by me now. Ben did not know what to do, or even what to think about me. Mal and Jay shook their head, like they disagreed with the goddess. Evie and Sora came to me and whispered, “don’t worry Carly, we are with you.” As for Carlos, he helped me get up and gave a death stare to Juno as to tell her “how dare you reject her this way?”

I approached Juno once more and a bit confused, I started:

“I’m not an assassin? My ancestors were Shay Cormac and Haytham Kenway? Two templars and two men?

I fought alongside the brotherhood Ms. Juno. I killed men and women for the assassins’ goals, and I am ready to kill again if it’s necessary! I may be the descendant of templars and men, but my ancestors don’t define who I am. My actions do, Ms. Juno! I guarantee that I’m an assassin and a woman with balls. In fact, If I’m the descendant of Haytham Kenway, I’m also the descendant of his father Edward and his son Connor Kenway. And guess what Ms. Juno? Both were assassins and men, again! Now, look me in the eyes once again and dare to tell me I am defined by the two men templars I am descendant of. Once again!”

All around me, my friends feared the goddess’s reaction after what I said. Desmond was shocked while the others hold their breaths and came closer as a protection against any danger towards me. I prepared myself to face the powerful anger of a goddess like Juno. However, her reaction was softer than we thought. She simply came, placed her hand on my chest and closed her eyes for a better concentration. A blue aura came around me and I just let myself go in front of my friends who looked amazed. After a few minutes, Juno took off her hand and looking straight into my eyes, she gently said:

“That’s right! Your ancestor isn’t a Templar. But she’s not an Assassin either, she’s a lot more than that. She’s a warrior: Joan of Arc, who fought the English army alongside French men. Besides being the descendant of templars, you are the descendant of a fighter and a fighter yourself.”

At these words, I was quite intimidated, especially when Juno showed an illusion of the one we called “the virgin of Orléans”.

All my friends started to laugh of happiness while I ran into the arms of the warrior which she spread only for me.

“I still need a sacrifice, Carly Sayah, said the goddess with a sad voice, are you ready?” I look around me, in order to watch my friends one last time. All of them had feared this moment since the second I was volunteered to die. The VKs from Auradon and Sora were looking straight in my eyes, I could see their tears before they shed. King Ben shook his head with pride while Carlos lowers his, showing a deep sadness. When Desmond’s eyes crossed mine, I could see he smiled despite the sad look in his eyes, which made me trust in myself again. “My dear friends, I claimed, go for the fact that I won’t be dead, today. Just remember that I was just a girl, and an assassin after all, in your lives. After seeing a smile on every faces, I turned to the goddess: I’m ready, Juno.

- Wait! Called a big voice behind us, your aren’t going anywhere, little girl!

- Dad! Cried Desmond, what on sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln are you doing here?

- Son, you are the new assassin of the modern times with her and I will not let a 20 years old toddler sacrifice for the Assassin Brotherhood. I am old. I’ll sacrifice.

- Are you sure, Mr. Miles? I asked

- Yes, trust me dear.

- Fine, conclude Juno, you may step closer William Miles.

- But Desmond! He can’t lose you, you’re his dad!, I cried looking a Desmond then his father again

- Don’t argue, he said, you are a young child and I’m done living now okay girl?”

As Carlos took me by the hand, dragged me and whispered “It’s alright, come on now”, I went with my friends to watch the sacrifice of Mr. Miles. Desmond, behind me, was looking carefully his father stepping before the goddess Juno and letting himself go, like I did a few minutes before him. I looked back at Desmond. His face expressed disgust, but also anger and right after love and pain. His tears felt down his cheeks while he was breathing heavily, like King Ben, the day he had to leave Auradon and his parents. The process ended, but this time, William Miles was gone at age 64. We had him a good funeral alongside the other assassins Rebecca and Shaun, and the templars Lucy and Elise. When Mal asked them about Desmond’s absence, she said that he had a harsh relationship with his dad, and he preferred to come later at the cemetery. As I was crying the death of someone else, Carlos came closer and took me in his arms to comfort me. “It might be better this way Lily, he whispered, he probably was a father, but you are a daughter, and somewhere out there, a mother needs you”.

After the funeral, we took the direction to a ball that took place in the city hall, in honor of the Humanity, the Assassin Brotherhood and William Miles. On our way, I saw Jay and Evie watching towards the cemetery. I asked them what they saw and Evie showed me the shadow of a tall young man, in his twenties, kneeling in front of Mr. Miles’ graveyard “Desmond!” I said. “Yes, Desmond Miles, added Jay, come on now! He needs to be alone.”

As soon as we were in the city hall, us, ladies went to change into some fancier clothes. I choose a pretty red long dress that reminded me a princess from a Disney fairy tale (since I love Disney) Next to me, the templars Elise and Lucy couldn’t choose the right one until Lucy felt for a beautiful white dress she would probably wear the day of her marriage. As for Elise, she found a yellow sleeveless dress that suited perfectly her body (https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive). Queen Mal’s dress was quite elegant with her signature color: purple. Evie somehow managed to find a beautiful blue dress, perfect for a princess of Auradon.

When we were finally ready, we went to join the boys at what was tonight the ballroom. When he saw me, Carlos went directly to meet me. He told me that I looked beautiful, then I dragged him outside to show him the stars in the warm summer night. Suddenly, he looked at me and called me:

“You did an amazing job defending who you are, he said, I barely saw a girl stronger than boys think, other than a girl from the Isle.

- Thank you, I said with a little blush, I told Elise and Lucy that deciding to be an assassin doesn’t mean I hate the templars. Lucy and Elise themselves are templars, and I like them a lot.

- I see, you weren’t ready to sacrifice your life, were you? Asked Carlos a bit worried, that wouldn’t be fair. You are so young Carly, and beautiful. And you have such a big heart.

- That wouldn’t matter Carlos, I smiled, you’re young, caring, and handsome too.

- Handsome? You really think so? He asked with a smile

- Yes, I do, I responded, because I like you Carlos, more than a friend.

- You like me? He asked with a giggle, it’s funny! You see Carly, he stopped for a second or two, I like you too. And I was hoping you liked me as well and I was scared you didn’t, but actually you do like me, so I don’t have to be scared anymore! I’m sorry, I’m nervous. Did I make you freak out?, he asked, a little confused.

- No, it’s fine, I said with a laugh, actually I was scared too at the fact that you probably couldn’t like me.”

We shared a tender kiss before walking back in the ballroom where a few of David Bowie and Elvis Presley hits were playing on. Carlos took my hand, then he asked me if I’ll take this dance. He wondered if a woman who could kill, could also dance.

“My, I said, I’d love to dance with you, here tonight”.


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