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Stay With Me (Depressed !Izuku! X Todoroki)


Srry No Summary I’m Lazy Lol

Action / Drama
Shoto Todoroki
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Chapter 1

The class emptied, and the only two students left were me and Kacchan, my bully and childhood friend. He sat at his desk, glaring at me.
I gulped and stood up to walk out of the room, carrying my notebook under my arm.
Kacchan stood up and blocked my path. I tried to push past him, but he stayed exactly where he was. He grabbed my notbook out of my hands smirking, and exploded it between his hands.
The pages all fluttered away, the wind sweeping then all out of the window. I looked at him in horror. “Why would you do that?!” I screamed. He shrugged. “Cause I wanted to.” He said simply.
I wanted to punch him. He looked back at me and glared at me. He knew I had no quirk, and he made fun of me for it. “You know, if you really want a quirk that badly, there might just be another way.”
I looked at him hopefully.
“Really?” I asked. He nodded, grinning. “Just take a swan dive off the roof of the building and pray you get a quirk in your next life!” He said, laughing.
I felt my face heat up with embarrassment.
“Fine.” I said simply. Kacchan stopped laughing and gave me a serious look. “What?” He said. I looked at him, the light fading from my eyes. “You want me to kill myself, then fine, I’ll go do it.” I said. Kacchan’s eyes widened. “Wait, Deku!” He started.
I pushed him out of the way, and started to run up the stairs to the roof.

And that’s how I got here. I walked through the crowd. A lot of people liked to hang out on the roof. Everyone stopped taking and stared at me as I walked up to one of the edges of the roof.
I climbed up one of the fences, and stood at the top, dropping my back pack down to the roof again.
I turned around to see everyone staring at me with their hands cupped over their mouths.
I was about to take a step back, when I heard a voice coming from the stairs. “DON’T YOU DARE JUMP, STUPID DEKU!” I heard it say.
Kacchan stopped in his tracks when he saw me standing on the fence.
He looked up at me sadly and tried to beg me not to jump. I shrugged and took a step back. “Isn’t this what you wanted, Kacchan?” I asked before jumping. I stared falling, and I could hear Kacchan scream.
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