Thousands of year into the Star Wars timeline, in line with ours, the Jedi set off to find new life beyond their own on Earth. Little do they know that it will be the greatest mistake make thus far.

Adventure / Scifi
Jacob Smith
Age Rating:

Ch. 1

I thought we could do it...

I thought we could finally made some progress...

For once The Republic finally achieved new heights and they fell right back down to why we began this quest in the first place:


Darkness is what we tried to escape so very desperately.We won the Jedi Civil War eons ago, then the dreadful Order 66, after that the Galactic Civil War, and a few battles during a few millenia that the New Republic easily took care of, then there was peace. We thought the peace would last forever. When we finally found ways to travel between galaxies, far beyond the one we called "home", we thought wars were never going to be our biggest concern anymore. We thought this mission trip, this most grand of voyages would grow and unite whatever was out there finally make all of us one universal people.But we were wrong...Once again, we realized that with every darkness was light, and to every light...


My name is Brin Valo. I am currently adamant, an outcast in this world that this system that the native people call different names: Gaia, Terra Prime, the Third Rock, Midgard, and most commonly, Earth. I am telling you, whomever receives this back home, because you must know that this mission voyage was a complete and utter failure. If you can reach Earth and evacuate the scarce number of our ambassadors, soldiers, politicians, even I and the remaining Jedi, we still might have a chance to erase this nightmare from the archives and go on with our own peace if it still exists.This is exactly what happened so that you will learn why we need out. Lets start with our cause:

-BBY 3029, Coruscant, Jedi Temple

"Master Brin, may I pull you aside for a moment, please?"

"Of course, Master Ryn! Younglings, remember your lesson for today and keep practicing your deflecting. I will return shortly. Oh, and what is the key to it all?" In complete sync, which I love hearing every time, they all said "Feel, don't think. Your eyes can trick you! "I couldn't help but grin and chuckle a little bit. "I see all of you becoming Masters someday...but G'dari might have to work in the Library." I chuckled again, the little Twi'lek giving me a little smirk. "I'm just joking little one, I see you being in the Jedi Council sitting right next to Master Skywalker and I." Ryn smiled and replied to the group "Alright my dear younglings, keep focused and may the Force be with all of you." When Ryn and I finally exited the classroom, he put his hand on my shoulder and sighed. "So this is it. The Republic finally found other galaxies. Now I have to pick ambassadors." "Master Skywalker..." "Brin, you aren't in front of the council. We go back farther than most Jedi here and you know we can talk casually to me, Grandmaster or not." "Sorry Ryn, habitual formalities. If you're hinting that you want me to go on this mission trip, than I think you overestimate my abilities just by hair. You always say that I am the best with a lightsaber, which I'd rather not boast, but my fate lies in growing our faith. I don't think this trip is meant for me." "Well I beg to differ. Besides, i already have a Farewell party scheduled for tomorrow." He gave his usual sassy smile. "Of course, typical Ryn. You surely are a carbon copy of your dad." "And you might as well be too." We both burst out laughing. We've known each other since infancy, and our families have been close to each other's side since around the beginning of the New Republic. After we had a few more moments to joke around and remember the good ol' days, Ryn finally said "We could do this all night, which I wish we could, you also have a debriefing meeting with the rest of the missionaries and the ship crew tomorrow. You might want to head to the living quarters soon. And don't worry about your younglings, I'll make sure they stay occupied." "Sounds like a good idea. Thanks, old friend, I really appreciate everything you've done." "My pleasure, brother." I was pretty tired already, so I gave him a brotherly hug and started to head towards my quarter. "Oh! one more thing Brin: the ship you'll be traveling in will be nothing like you've seen before! She's a beauty. Good night." A ship like nothing before... that got me intrigued. But I had to focus myself on what was to come, because it's like no mission I've done before. You can't blame me for being nervous, right?As I got to my room, I felt a spontaneous rush of exciting thoughts flow through my head. What will the outside universe be like? Will there even be any life to be found? What kind of technology can I learn about?These thoughts felt good to ponder for a bit, but as my head fell on the pillow they all flowed out of my head, only to be briefly replaced by a feeling that I've actually never felt. As I was dozing off, I felt a disturbance in my Force, and I saw a man fall to the ground...dead. I tried focusing on his face, but it was covered by some sort of armor. I felt his Force leave his body, and it was not a pleasant feeling. I rose sharply out of my bed, sweating profusely, and gathered myself. I haven't had nightmares that bad since I was a kid! But then I focused on the fact that it was just a dream, it was not real, and I then fell into a better state of sound sleep.

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