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An Unbreakable Bond


"I was with you in your group 2 years ago, cel. Try to remember. I was... I was your boyfriend" He said looking deep in my eyes. He was intimidating in a good way. "I-i don't know what you're talking about, " I said a little harsher than I meant to. He looked at his feet and fell on his knees. I bent down and put my palm on his shoulder. A strange shiver ran down my spine and then it hit me!

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

I got out of my bed and glanced at the clock, once, before looking out the window. It was 3 in the morning and I could hear the sirens and gunshots already. Why should this happen to me everyday?

I tried my best to stay silent as I had my friends in the same room. The gunshots were increasing. I covered my ears with my palms. A few moments later, I uncovered my ears, panting.

The noises started again. I ran to my bed and hid under the sheets, gradually falling asleep.

It was all dark. I was walking and walking and walking. I don't know why I suddenly started running at full speed and finally tripped. I hit my head on a rock. Ugh. It hurt like hell. I felt someone bending right next to where I lay. That person brought their face right on top of me so that we were face to face. I heard hissing and woke up with a jerk.

"Celestia, you've been oversleeping! " My roomate, Louis yelled.

"You! " I threw a pillow at him and tried to sleep again. I tossed and turned but couldn't fall asleep.

I thought about my dream. I couldn't remember anything but those beautiful deep green eyes. I tried hard but I couldn't remember any of the other facial features. A shiver ran down my spine. What could that dream mean? I heard a painfully annoying high pitched voice that interrupted my thoughts and turned on my bed to face Patricia Arquette.

"Awe, little cel is still sleeping, " She teased in the most annoying voice.

I got up to retort but she threw a glass of capsicum juice in my face. I coughed. The glass hit me and my lip started bleeding and my head also pained. "Ew! I hate capsicums! " I exclaimed.

All my hair were covered in capsicum juice and my head pained.

Patricia shriek-laughed. "Poor baby hates capsicums! Grow up, bitch! " Saying she walked away. She's literally a girl made of plastic. How an amazing way to start a day!

I got up and started to go toward her but then I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist pulling me back.

"Don't waste your energy on her, " He whispered into my ear and I softened. I nodded slightly and said, " Now that zayn malik is saying that, " Both of us chuckled.

As I relaxed, he released me. I live with my friends here. I love all of them, well, except Patricia, of course. Zayn is like a brother to me. He's just good at calming me, nothing more. Since we're best friends. And we don't have 'those feelings' for each other.

My head was throbbing. I put some band-aids on my hands and cleaned my forehead with a wet towel.

Now, I made my way to the bathroom. I was gonna take a long bath today. I turned the tap of hot water on and started to undress. I removed my top and realized I forgot to take my bra off yesterday. I removed my pajamas and as I was about to remove my undergarments, I heard something fall behind the window. I decided to ignore it but it happened again.

Out of my curiousity, I took a wooden stool which was in the bathroom and stood up on it so that I reached the window. As soon as I looked out of the window, I saw the pair of those deep beautiful green eyes staring back at me.

My heart leapt. I lost my balance and stumbled backwards hitting my back on the floor. I cried in pain. Aagh. I tried to stand but couldn't. My vision blurred and fainted.

I woke up in a bed. I tried to sit up.

"Hey, hey, hey. Lay back on bed, " Phoebe said. She's louis' sister and is just as charming as him.

"Wh-what happened to me? " I asked.

"You went to take a bath and a few minutes later we heard a loud noise. We tried to knock but luckily, the door was unlocked. We found you on the floor injured, so we brought you here. Thank god you're alright!" She said. "And, no, none of the boys saw you like that, " She added, laughing.

I laughed faintly.

"You should rest. I'll bring you something to eat! " She said, getting up and going away.

I smiled and started thinking about the the person to whom the pair of these deep beautiful eyes belonged to...

I felt a strange connection with that person. What could it be?

I kept thinking and Phoebe brought the food. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious person!

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