Chapter 3

After reading for a while in the library Severus stood and stretched. Some of his joints popping with every movement. With a swipe of his hand the lights went out and Severus swept up the stairs. He had to walk by Hermione’s door to get to his room but as he got closer to hers he heard the faint sounds of her sniffling and crying. For a moment he stood outside and listened.

After a few minutes she had not stopped. Severus quietly removed his robe and jacket and neatly laid them on the little table near her door, he also removed his boots and placed them beneath the table. Severus opened the door and crept in to her room and stood over her. Without a word Severus knelt down next to her bed and caressed her cheek. Hermione simply opened her eyes as the tears cascade down. No words were said as Severus stood and sat on the bed running his hand up and down her back until she fell asleep.

Once she was asleep Severus soundlessly left the room, closed her door and grabbed his things returning to his own. Severus sat in a heap on his bead and held his head in his hands. He had not expected that. He did not expect her to be crying in her sleep nor did he expect his gentleness with her in trying to calm her. He was exhausted now. Severus undressed, took a quick shower and dried himself then slipped in to bed.

Severus dream had changed. He dreamt he had her in his arms never letting go and telling her all would be all right. They were outside in the warmth of the sun and he was sitting on what seemed to be a chaise lounge as she lay on top of him, her face buried in his chest.

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