Chapter 6

For the next few days Hermione would do little things to mess with Severus. Some of the time Hermione would wear clothing that either clung to her curvy body or revealed parts of her body. Whether they were shorts or a low cut shirt it worked wonders. Many times she watched out of the corner of her eyes as Severus fidgeted. Other times he asked her to leave and get a certain ingredient or other times Severus would leave.

More often then not Severus found himself in the bathroom or in his bedroom relieving himself of his erection. When no amount of picturing the grossest of things or horrid of things would soften his erection Severus would run to the bathroom and lean against the door as he warded it and put up a sound barrier and stroke till he came hard all over the floor.

Many times Hermione would catch herself fantasizing about Severus masturbating in the bathroom. Wondering how he would feel inside her and his hands on her. Many times the thought alone would bring her to quick and powerful climax. Sometimes she would purposely not hold back and moan loud enough for Severus to hear her, wishing he would just come in and ravage her. He never did though.

On one such night that changed. Hermione lay in bed under her sheets completely naked with her hands gently caressing her body imagining them as Severus’. She would start at her neck and move to her breasts and pinch the fully erect nipples till she moaned. Then her hands would move south and she would cup her mound then separate the lips and play with her clit while the other fingered her hot center.

Her moans were loud and Severus heard her. He quietly left his bedroom and stood outside her door. He could tell her lights were still on and listened all the while stroking himself. It felt good touching himself and listening to her but then he stopped when he heard her moan Severus. Did she know he was there? He backed up a bit but she didn’t say his name again for another few minutes. His cock twitched with the sound of her voice and he could not hold back any longer. Silently he opened her door and padded to her bed and placed his hand on her cheek.

Hermione did not jump but opened her eyes and smiled at him. Severus threw caution to the wind and leaned down and kissed her lips. He pulled the comforter off her and removed her hands taken each of her fingers in his mouth till they were clean of her juices. Severus quickly undressed and climbed on the bed over her and gently kissed her lips.

“I will take you tonight Hermione.”

“Please do.” she whispered. Severus moved to her jaw and down her neck sending chills though out her entire body. He moved down to her breasts where he took one in his mouth and pinched the other. Alternating between the two. Severus felt her fingers caressing his scalp and it was a wonderus feeling. Slowly he moved from her breasts down the taught soft skin of her belly to her mound. She kept the hair there trimmed, which he liked very much. He separated the lips and without warning licked her from her vagina to over her clit. Hermione’s head flew back into the pillow and her back arched. Severus continued licking her, sucking her clit and alternating between sticking his fingers and his tongue in her vagina. It wasn’t long before her back arched and he felt her inner walls clench around his fingers and her juices spilled out which he quickly lapped up.

When she was down from her high Severus climbed over her kissing her so she could taste herself on him. She actually liked it. Severus took his cock and rubbed the head on her sensitive nub and around her opening.

“Do it Severus,” she moaned and Severus obliged. He swiftly went deep in to her eliciting a loud moan from her. At first he would move slowly pulling out to till the head of his cock was all that was still in her and slamming back in to her. “Faster.” She ordered and Severus moved faster. He knew it wasn’t long before he would cum so he went on and on moving his hips about to feel every part of her. Finally, she climaxed wrapping her arms and legs around him. Severus could not hold back any longer as he felt her walls squeezing him and he came hard in to her. So much that it was coming out of her while he was still inside her. Their orgasms were strong and they were dazed. It took a while for them to come back down to earth from their daze.

“That was amazing.” was all she could muster.

“That it was.” Severus then got up to leave but Hermione grabbed his hand.

“Stay, please?” she asked. With the look in her eyes he could not say no and he stayed. They curled up together under her sheets and slept soundly.

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