Chapter 7

For the next few weeks they would switch up there sleeping arrangements. Some nights Severus would be in Hermione’s rooms and some nights Hermione would sleep in Severus’ room. There were nights when Severus would be alone because Hermione wanted to be, those were the nights he found he could not sleep. Her soft skin and warmth relaxed him at night.

On those same nights Hermione herself couldn’t sleep. She’d grown used to being cuddled up against Severus with his arms around her. She’d grown used to his scent of herbs. On such night their solitude would not last and one of them would sneak to the others room in the middle of the night.

On one such morning Hermione woke to find herself lying on her back and Severus asleep with his head on her chest and arms wrapped around her waist. His hair was draped around his face. He was much to warm but she didn’t mind. She moved his hair from his face and caressed his cheek till he woke. He moaned as he moved about. Once he sat up he looked at her through squinted eyes.

“Good Morning.” She said smiling.

“Good morning.” He mumbled. Hermione couldn’t help but smile at her sleepy wizard. She pulled him down towards her and kissed him on the lips. The taste of morning breath made her break the kiss. They got up, showered brushed their teeth and got dressed for the day. Well, Severus sat on the bed and watched Hermione get dressed at least. He watched as she softly lathered lotion on to her skin and step in to her panty and put on her bra. Once she was dressed Severus stood and scooped her up for another kiss and left to get dressed. They met in the kitchen and went over what they would be doing for the day over breakfast.

There wasn’t much to be done for the day. All orders thus far had been filled and the potion they were working on needed to sit for another day untouched. So, they were free to do what ever. Happy with this Hermione kicked off her shoes, grabbed a book and sat in the library on the sun-drenched sofa. Severus quickly cleaned up and joined her on the sofa with The Daily Prophet and two new books he had acquired.

From the corner of his eyes Severus eyed Hermione falling asleep as she read. When she had completely fallen asleep he took the book from her, marked the page and set it down on the coffee table and returned to reading. After a while Hermione had switched positions so her head was in his lap. Severus ran his fingers through her curly hair. He loved the feel of her soft curls on his fingers and apparently so did she because she never once woke to make him stop.

Hermione didn’t wake till the afternoon stretching like a cat and yawning.

“What would you like for lunch?”

“Surprise me.” said Severus as he continued to read. Hermione had a sly grin that Severus could not see. Very slowly she brought her hand on his thigh and traced up till she felt his cock. Severus’ attention was drawn away from his book and to Hermione. He sat back and let her continue. Her hand rubbed his cock through his pants as she felt him harden. The book in his hand was placed on the sofa and his eyes shut as a moan exited his lips.

Quickly Severus unbuttoned his pants allowing Hermione to jerk his cock off easier. She started out jerking him off with her hand then moved to using her mouth. First she licked him from the base up to the tip of his cock. Then she took each of his balls in her mouth and sucked on them making Severus twitch. She sucked his cock and let her tongue swirl around his cock. The sensation forcing him to grab her hair, gently forcing her down on his cock.

Hermione moved his hand and continued on. She reveled in his actions. His hips would jerk towards her, he would ball his fists, his eyes would squeeze shut, his breath would quicken and the moans would become deeper and loader. She continued on and finally felt him release in her mouth. He was salty and his cum was thick but she swallowed it all. She sucked till she got every last drop from him. She stopped and stood and leaned over Severus.

“Surprise.” She whispered in his ear. Then she walked away towards the kitchen to make a quick lunch for the two of them. Severus appeared a few minutes later behind Hermione kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“That was a wonderful surprise you little witch.” He said seductively in to her ear licking the lobe. “Though I am still hard from you.” Severus rubbed his still hard cock against her butt. Reflexively she ground her butt in to his crotch. “Don’t move.” He ordered. Severus removed her shorts and panty and bent her down a little more as he guided his hard cock in to her wet pussy. “You’re ready. Good!” he said as he pumped in and out of her. Hermione grabbed on to the counter. Her breath quickened as he moved faster. Severus leaned over her wrapping one arm around her to play with her clit as the other hand trailed up her shirt and grabbed her breasts and played with the nipple.

“Severus…faster!” was all she could say. And Severus obliged moving faster in and out of her. Her moans were louder and he was happy they were in the middle of nowhere. He moved faster until he felt her inner walls clamp down on his cock. The air was wrenched with the scream of his name. Hermione collapsed on to the counter as her orgasm ripped through her body. Severus continued on until he finally came again. For a few moments they stood there unmoving.

“Surprise.” He whispered in to her ear. Hermione chuckled and Severus pulled out and cleaned them both up. They sat together and ate lunch with smiles plastered on their faces.

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