Chapter 8

Some days they would go to Diagon Alley to shop for whatever basics they needed that could not be found in the muggle world. On one such outing they were heading to apothecary to stock up on potions ingredients. The cold was coming and neither would want to go outside for longer than was necessary. Hermione had spotted a book in the bookstore and grabbed Severus by the hand and dragged him across the street. The sudden movement coupled with the two war heroes made a lot of the passersby stop and look and mumble between each other. There were the occasional mumbles of is she holding his hand? And the expected of why is he allowed to walk freely? Even though Severus was cleared and proven innocent people still were wary of him.

They walked in to the store where sat a new potions book. To his surprise Severus knew nothing of this book and was immediately enthralled. Now that Voldemort was long dead there was more exploration in to different forms of magic outside of wizarding Britain. This new book looked in to that of Ancient Asia as a whole, the Americas, and of the African Countries. Severus decided to buy the book but when he turned to tell Hermione she had disappeared to another part of the store. He looked for her until he found her in the ancient languages section. In her hands were books on that of the Asian, African, and American languages. If it were any other person he would think they were getting ahead of themselves. But it was Hermione with the stack of books floating beside her; she’d have all the books committed to memory by the end of the week.

“Ready?” she asked a little bit giddily.

“Yes.” He drawled as he rolled his eyes. They went to pay but Severus paid for all the books. They were then shrunk and put gently into Hermione’s endless bag (the purse she had given away to Luna who decided to travel with Neville after all was said and done). They continued on to the apothecary to obtain some minor ingredients and seeds for Severus to grow his own stock over the winter. This didn’t take very long and they returned home.

Hermione did not waste anytime. She took all the books and set them down on the table in the library and immediately set to reading, forgetting the world around her. Severus knowing it would be futile to stop her stalked down to the lab to prepare and put away all the ingredients. When that was done he went to his attached greenhouse and put the seeds in their appropriate pots and sections. When he was done he washed his hands and stood by the door of the library and watched Hermione. Immediately he was reminded of the bushy haired child that sat in the Hogwarts library buried in her books while completely aware of the snickering going on around her. Just like him the library had become a haven away from the less intelligent masses. The library was his escape from the marauders just as it was her escape from the Slytherin boys. It was where he devised his own potions and spells as a student and where he went to for information on finding counter spells and counter potions against the dark magic that always managed to needle its way in to the safe haven of Hogwarts.

For a moment he sighed. Hermione was so eager to read the new potions and spells book that she had forgotten how tired she was and fell asleep. Severus quietly walked up to her and found that she at least had gotten a good ways in before she nodded off. As softly as he could he put a marker in the book and closed it placing it on the top of the pile. He gently picked her up and in her sleep she wound her arms around his neck. He carried her up to the bed and lay her down. Though he could not come loose from her death grip and ended up lying in bed next to her with his arms around her. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep as well.

Severus woke first when he felt the dire need to use the bathroom. He was thankful when he realized she had let go and quickly got off the bed and relieved himself in the bathroom. When he walked out he found her lying on her back taking up the middle of the bed. He smiled to himself. It was getting close to dinner. It was time she woke. Severus climbed on to the bed beside her and trailed his hand up her leg to the junction and magically made all her clothing disappear. The sudden nakedness made her shiver but she did not wake. Severus then ran his fingers between the lips to play with her clit. Her hips moved a bit. Then he slipped two fingers in to her vagina. It was then that she woke.

“Severus?” she moaned.

“Yes my love?”

“Not your fingers.” She moaned again. Severus knew what she meant and undressed himself, promptly burying his already hard cock inside her. He moved in and out of her as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Severus wrapped his arms around her as he repositioned to sitting up, Hermione straddling his lap. Up and down she moved while she gyrated her hips. The sensation caused him to dig his fingers in to her hips. With every movement her breasts bounced and giggled in his face and he could not stop himself from burying his face in her breasts. It wasn’t long before she came. And it wasn’t long before Severus came filling her so much that both their juices oozed out of her and into his lap.

When they were both sated they sat their kissing until Severus’ cock slipped out causing a torrent of cum to pour out of her. With a silent spell they were both clean. Severus stood and placed Hermione on her feet. She simply put on her button up shirtdress while he put on his pants and a t-shirt.

“I’m going to make dinner.” He announced as he walked out the room. Hermione followed behind and helped with dinner. After all was cooked they sat and ate in comfortable silence, Hermione’s foot rubbing Severus cock under the table. Severus liked the feel. He liked the fact that she tried to keep him aroused whenever possible. She was probably wearing that dress right then on purpose to tease him; it hugged her curves and was short that all she would have to do was bed over. When dinner was over Hermione banished the dishes to the sink and stood next to Severus.

“I’m going to get some more reading in.” She whispered as she rain her fingers through his hair. Severus didn’t say anything but caressed her leg up to her waiting pussy, playing with her clit and making her gasp. She looked at his face and was met by a sly grin. “I need a break.” She whispered again as she bent down and kissed him. Severus removed his fingers and placed them in his mouth.

“Go on then.” He said smiling. Hermione turned and walked away to the library. Severus, to lazy to stand up pulled out his cock and satisfied himself. Severus seemed to have turned in to a teenager. Never had he had a libido like he did now. Then again the only witches he had sex with before Hermione were the seedy ones at Knockturn Alley; and even then that was a once a month thing just to get him over and calm. When he was done he cleaned up and went down to the lab to check on the potion they were both working on.

Severus took out two necessary ingredients and set to putting them both through the mortar and pestle each. When they were reduced to powder he sprinkled them both in at the same time and put a spell on the stirrer to stir ten times counterclockwise and twenty three times clockwise slowly. This took all of an hour. He put the potion back on stasis and trudged up stairs to the library once again asleep. Once again he marked the page she was at and placed it on the top of the pile and carried her off to bed, all the while doing silent nox’ to turn off all the lights. He magiked away their clothing and they slept naked beneath the covers.

The next morning Severus woke to a tap tap tap on the widow. He turned to find a large barn owl sitting on the outer windowsill. Cursing he got up forgetting his clothing and opened the window for the bird to fly in and perch on the footrest of the bed. He took the letter sent the bird on its way quickly closing the windows against the cold morning air. Severus recognized the seal immediately. It was Minerva contacting him.

Dear Severus,

I am sending you this invite to come to the annual celebration ball here at Hogwarts. It would pay for you to come.



Severus huffed. He never liked going to these functions after the war. But upon trying to miss one year Minerva had promptly showed at his door and dragged him out of his house to the ball not allowing him to leave until he was there for at least four hours. The entire time he sat in the corner trying to dodge those who wanted to talk to him and hiding from one teary Trelawney. Hermione heard his sigh and woke.

“Good morning Sev.” She mumbled.

“Good morning.” He retorted as Hermione sat up.

“What’s that?” without a word Severus handed over the scroll. She read it through and looked up at him. “I suspect you don’t want to go. Don’t worry I’ve never gone.” At that admission Severus stared at her inquisitively.

“How pray tell have you avoided going?”

“Been out of the country, depression, too busy. Minerva doesn’t bully me. If I say I don’t want to go she doesn’t hassle me.”

“Well aren’t you lucky. I have to go or else she will hunt me down and drag me there. I’ve not been allowed to miss once.”

“Oh, well, I guess that means I am going with you.” She said smiling. “”When is it?”

“In five days. Think you can find something to wear in time?”

“I suspect so. Just…do I have to wear muggle clothing or wizarding clothing?”

“One year Arthur Weasley came dressed as a clown so I guess anything you please.” So, at that they got out of bed and got ready for the day. Severus took to the lab while Hermione went to muggle London and found the perfect dress and shoes to wear with it. Hermione then had lunch by herself and went to the local museums. It had been a while since she strolled around the city. Then with her purchases she apparated home and placed them in the closet. She went down to the lab and found Severus looking absolutely bored. As quietly as she could she walked up behind him and pecked him on the cheek. He didn’t react right away. He turned his head and gave her a smile only Severus could give. It was then she realized he was drunk and accioed some bread to eat.

“You shouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach.” She said as she poured a few fingers of firewhiskey for herself. She downed the liquid and sat next to him. “Why are you drinking anyway?”

“Felt like it.” He answered in a clipped tone.

“Severus, what’s wrong?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t go with me.”

“Why?” she asked worriedly.

“You really want to be seen with you ugly mean former potions professor?”

“Yes.” She answered confused.

“No you don’t, I’ll ruin your persona.”

“Severus, first off I don’t find you ugly. I never have. Second, you haven’t been mean to me. If you were to anyone else I really don’t care. And third, if they don’t like that we are together they can go suck a nut.”


“Sorry, muggle term. And even so do you think they really care. Minerva didn’t even send me an invite. I stopped by my apartment to get some stuff and there was nothing there.” She said as she stood and stretched from the hunched position she was in. “And plus I look a hell of a lot better than the last time any of them saw me. In fact, we both do. Why not go and ruffle a few feathers?” she said as she leaned over as kissed him. “I’d love to be seen with you any day.” She kissed him again. Severus watched as she walked away, hips swaying as the now long braid of hair swung from side to side.

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