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parth samthaan as yuv Raj manik maan Singh niti Taylor as yuv Rani Nandini

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Let's go to old days

Year 1801

The era when raja's rule in India

In one room of

Raj Mahal of South kingdom

A girl of 15 year old girl see her elder Bhabhi crying in her room in dark of late night because she can't cry in light of day .. it's routine scene for girl from last six months 😲😲

She come to her Bhabhi who is sit in the corner of room in floor

Girl- Bhabhi SA royie mat na kyu Rahe h

Bhabhi - you notable to understand my situation right now when you get married you know about this if you're husband is like your Bhai SA

Girl - means my husband also have 2 wife's she ask questions to her Bhabhi with wide eyes

Bhabhi - may be more than 2 or many

Girl make haww face and put hand on her face

Bhabhi - it's the harsh truth nandu .. in our society till yet men's do many marriage until their wife give birth a boy

Nandu - but till when this all end Bhabhi SA it's not good na

Bhabhi - not know you know na your brother do second marriage before 5 months ago and divya(her husband second wife ) she is same of your age and she is very scare in pregnancy period because m also give birth a girl may God bless her 🙏 with boy

Nandini - Bhabhi let's go and sleep

She nodded because she have to woke up early she go to bed and lay down and here Nandini go in thought's

Nandini pov

N - what if my husband also have many wives and children before marriage me or I can which is my number in his wife names list

She see upward and fold hand🙏🙏

Hey bhole Nath please Mera pati sirf Mera ho

Mujhe pta hai aisa hona mushkil hai par aap Dekh lijiyega na

She see herself with sadness

And run to her room and sleep 😴💤😴


After 3 years

North kingdom palace

King having a argument with his three wife's regarding his only one son

King - Hume aap k beta Ka Samaj nhi aata 19 Saal Ka Hoga gya hai 20 va Saal laag gya hai abhi tk unhone ek bhi vivaah nhi Kiya

King first wife(boy badi maa) - shaama kijiyega raja ji but he not want to marry soon so

Another lady who is boy choti maa - ji jiji Sahi keh Rahe hai

King - kya khakh Sahi keh rahi uski Umar me humare 4 Bache ho Gaye the aur

King last wife voice stop his words

King last wife(boy mother) - aur yuvraj hone wale the hai na raja SA

She see other 2 ladies in attitude because according to her she give heir to king so she deserves all attention

Both ladies lower their eyes because they give birth to girls

King last wife(boy mother) - aap Sahi keh Rahe h ab to log baate Karne lage hai yuvraj k Sare mitro Ka vivaah ho gya hai aur Bache bhi

King first wife(boy badi maa) - lekin Meena you know na manik abhi vivaah k liye

Meena(boy mother) show her hand to her - bus kijiye jiji aap dono chahte hi nhi h ki mere bete Ka vivaah ho har samay vo praja k bare me sochta Rahe aur aap dono ki betiyo k sasural menge toofe (gifts) bhejta Rahe

King second wife(boy choti maa) - Meena vo humara bhi beta hai hum kyu chahenge aisa

King first wife(boy badi maa) - haan

King stop them

King - Hume Kuch nhi Sunna is 6 mahino me Hume yuvraj Ka vivaah Sampan Chahiye aur Uske baad jld hi humare rajya k naye utradhikari(beta) ki Khush khabari

Humari praja yuvraj k bete ki raah Dekh rahi hai

King last wife(boy mother) - ji vo humari chacheri Behan ki beti Reena manik ki bachpan ki dost h wahi thik rahegi manik k liye hum kitne samay se yuvraj ko issue vivaah k liye samjha rahe phle to voq chote the tAb unki zid k aage him jhukh Gaye the

Hum humesha se use hi humare Ghar ki bahu banna chahte Hain

but suddenly they hear a voice from back

M - lekin Hume ye vivaah manzur nhi h maata Shri

All turn and see manik stand there .

His badi maa and choti maa signal him to be quiet in front of his father but he ignore them .

King - to aap kis se vivaah Karna chahte hai akhir aap chahte kya hai ki aap Ki wajah se humari praja apna naya utradhikari na dekhe

M - pranam pita Shree .he fold hand and bow head Infront of his father and he put hand on his head

King - jeete rahe

M.- humne ye nhi Kaha ki hum vivaah nhi karenge but aap Hume kitne Saal se vivaah Karne k liye majboor Kar Rahe h Jo ki Achi BAAT nhi Baal vivaah apraad hota hai tb bhi Aapne bachpan me humare sath

King - ab to aap balak nhi Rahe na

M - Ji aur hum bhi jaante h ki humne Reena k sath Apna vivaah hone se Kaisa roka tha 4 Saal phle

King - wahi to hum aapko keh Rahe h har Baar aap Jaan dene ki dhamki se Hume nhi Ruk sakte aap and he go from there he want to meet south kingdom raja for some strategies for rival kingdom

Manik see his father going figure and see his badi maa and choti maa sadly and left from there

His own mother make face and left

But his badi And badi maa go behind manik ... Who are helpless that they can't support their child on wedding according to his wish and when he want to get married

South kingdom means Nandini parents rajmahal

Now what happen when manan father meet each other

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