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Alec Hardy and the Doctor's son


Rose lied to the Doctor the day she said goodbye, she was pregnant with his child when she got rescued by Pete. The doctors at Torchwood were worried she wouldn't be able to carry the baby but three years later, Rose and her 3 yr old son John have moved to Broadchurch and meet Alec Hardy as he arrives in town just when the boy needs a bone marrow donor and Alec is a match. Although Rose's young son is ill, I won't be going into any medical details as I know nothing about such matters and would not even want to guess and certainly not want to get into any debates about such things.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

The Torchwood doctors had advised Rose to terminate her pregnancy, stating the differences in the time would cause the baby harm plus her coming from another universe and the baby had some Timelord genes. Rose of course was having none of it and she was going to have this baby – with or without the help of the Torchwood ‘experts’. What Rose couldn’t quite get her head around was that it was 2010 here and she was six weeks away from giving birth to probably a half Timelord baby, or so Dr Harper, her Torchwood physician had declared.

Inside the Tyler residence, the nurseries were being prepared since Jackie herself was expecting a boy, Rose had opted not to find out what she was having though Dr Harper of course knew and no amount of persuasion would get Rose to give in and find out. She’d had to make the gruelling journey to Norway, thankful in this world there was a ferry from the furthest reaches of Scotland unlike the world she’d come from where you had to travel through half of Europe to get there unless you flew. Jackie of course had argued they should have driven to the nearest zeppelin port but at one in the morning, that had not been an option.

When they’d arrived on the deserted beach, Rose wearing a thick jacket to disguise she was three months pregnant, she’d waited to see him then broken down when it had only been his image and she’d not had the courage to tell him she was having his baby, he would have let the two universes risk collapsing to get to her if he’d known though she’d told him her mother was expecting. Now she’d not long to go, Jackie was almost seven months as two nannies were being employed despite Rose’s protests she wouldn’t need one and had she been back home could never have afforded one but her mother had won in the end, saying she could still play a big part in the baby’s upbringing and go out to work.

Rose though had other ideas and had only gone along with it to keep the peace though the said nanny she’d chosen seemed nice enough but would be sitting around doing nothing all day unless she wanted to go out on her own and one nanny could look after two babies, still that was up to her mother on that point.

Rose was sitting in the kitchen talking to one of the cooks when Jackie came in.

“Rose sweetheart, I’m thinking of organising a party, do ya want to help?”

“No, you go ahead though why do you want a party?”

“It will be the last one before the babies come along and you need cheering up, come on, you used to love a good old party back home, we don’t need a reason do we?”

Every party and been a bore, they’d celebrated Christmas, Rose breaking down and running out crying when Mickey gave her a pink paper hat and asking what he’d done, getting him a scowl and a back-hander from an irate Jackie for upsetting her daughter but he’d apologised profusely afterwards, not that Rose had quite forgotten yet. There were always going to be times she’d get upset and that was never going to change, baby or no baby to bring up.

Just under six weeks later, Rose had moved into the Torchwood med-lab and was under 24 hr observation, no chances were being taken as the baby’s heartbeat was getting stronger and being half Timelord, now her life would never be the same. Boy or girl, the child would always be protected by Torchwood and only their doctors would attend but while she was waiting for her mother to visit after she’d got settled, she was looking online and came across a quiet seaside town in Dorset that it got her thinking.

Why did she have to bring the baby up in London, just because she’d been raised there? A nice cottage or something, close to the sea and maybe, just maybe, if the Doctor ever did make it back here, he’d think to look for her by the coast.

Two days later, Rose was lying in the hospital bed cradling her newborn son, whom she’d decided to call John, since that was the name the Doctor had gone by many a time. Jackie was talking to her.

“Here, let me take him a while, you get some rest.”

“I’m fine Mum, honestly. When’s Mickey and Jake coming to see me?”

“As soon as they can get downstairs, when do ya think? Mickey had a big smirk on his face Pete said, you’d think the baby was his. It’s not is it?”

“Really Mum? With what Dr Harper said? They want to do some tests tomorrow, they wanted to do them now but I refused, I want this time with him.”

“There’s nothing wrong with him is there?”

“They never said anything though it took them a while to hand him over to me. I wish you’d been here Mum.”

“You know I wanted to be sweetheart but it all happened so fast, you going into labour at six this morning. You were lucky it all went so well, being your first. Now we’ll have two boys running around, it’s gonna be strange, mine being your John’s uncle and two months younger, I mean, how weird is that? It’s gonna take some explaining I’ll tell ya.”

“Then don’t explain it Mum, it’s no-one’s business. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and when John’s settled, I’m thinking of moving out on my own, I don’t want a nanny looking after him.”

“Then you don’t have to, it was only to help you.”

“I still want to get away Mum, I was thinking of moving down to the south coast.”

“Where? Brighton?”

“No, a quiet little town call Broadchurch, I’ll ask Pete if I can do a bit of work from home, you know, consulting or something. You can come and visit, it’s only a couple of hours away.”

“Travelling by car with a baby? More like half a day, though I never had that problem with you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want all the home comforts and I’m not tryin’ to prove a point or anything, like you brought me up on your own so I can do but it’s I just don’t feel like staying in London.”

“Well what about you know, John being only part human? Won’t someone pick up on that?”

“Why? Torchwood will easily cover that up, if we need anything, someone can be down in a few hours and if he has to go to hospital or anything, it will only take one call to Pete and a private room. I’m gonna talk to him about it.”

“Well since I can’t seem to talk you out of it, I’ll help you talk to him, he only wants what’s best for you. You know we agreed he’s taking responsibility for you until you’re 25, I mean your real age. It’s taken some gettin’ used to, being three years older I can tell you.”

Rose smiled as John began to stir from his sleep that she never wanted to put him down again. A while later, Jake and Mickey came to see her when Jackie went home, Jake with a massive blue teddy bear and Mickey with a brown floppy dog that was three times the baby’s size and two big blue balloons with ‘It’s a boy’ on them.

Jake went off and Mickey stayed to talk to her.

“Rose, I had something I wanted to say to you. I know you and the Doctor, well it’s his baby but he’s not here to take care of you so, if you agree, I’d like to step in, you know, if he needs anyone to stand up for him, well Jake does as well, naturally but if he needs a father figure, I’d like to be it.”

“That’s really sweet of you Mickey, thanks. You know there can’t be anything between us though, don’t you?”

“Yeah, ’course I do, I got over that and I’ve been here for you all this time, haven’t I? I just meant, if he ever needs anything and when he gets older. Will you tell him when he’s old enough, about his father?”

“Yeah, that goes without saying, he’ll want to know why he’s different but no-one will be here to teach him and it upsets me. When I got together with the Doctor, I knew what I was doing, it wasn’t an accident on my part, I just never told him I wasn’t covered but it just seemed so right and when I got taken from him, I never knew, well I told you that bit. I thought we’d have lots of times together but that never happened.”

“You could have told him on that beach, if you’d wanted to.”

“How could I? It would have ripped him apart, he’d have broken his own and the Timelords rules to get to us, I couldn’t have him doing that, it would have destroyed him and he’d still have found a way. Now, I’ve got a part of him.”

Baby John stirred in Mickey’s arms, the closest he knew he’d get to having anything with Rose, he’d lost her the first time she’d run after the Doctor with the big ears then he’d known for certain that last Christmas and the Doctor regenerated into a pretty boy. Putting the baby in the portable cot since Rose was looking tired, he kissed her cheek and left.

The following day, baby John was taken off for examination, Rose insisting on being wheeled alongside him but everyone remained tight-lipped about any of the results, Rose herself thinking he was too young to develop any Timelord tendencies but Pete had assured her as long as he remained director and Mickey and Jake worked at Torchwood, the baby would always be protected and no harm would come to him for being different.

Rose and her mother were also being protected, cover stories had been spread and the correct paperwork filled in, a second nature to Torchwood as they helped other humanoid forms and the odd friendly ‘alien’ looking ones settle on earth. Six months passed and finally, Dr Harper wanted to talk to Rose as she was getting ready to make her move to Broadchurch. She had been down with Pete and Mickey to look for somewhere to live, finding a nice place in a row of cottages near the harbour, just two bedrooms but it was big enough for them and Pete arranging for it to be paid by Vitex, not wanting anyone there to know Rose was really part of Torchwood, there was no real need.

So Rose, baby John and Pete were sitting in Owen Harper’s office, waiting for him to look up from his computer screen.

“Rose, I’ll be honest with you, you all know we didn’t want you to go through with this but you insisted, like your stepfather said you would and I’d really love to give the baby the all-clear, really I would but there are certain things we’re not happy with.”

Rose stared at him, the baby in his little fleece suit his grandma had got for him though being the beginning of August, Rose had questioned why she’d insisted he wore it.

“What are you getting at Owen? He’s always gonna be different, we all knew that. What aren’t you telling me?”

“It may be nothing Rose, it may be his Timelord part of him, he’s too young yet to get any positive results but there are things we don’t understand. You do know that if he wasn’t the grandson of the director, we’d insist on keeping him here?”

Rose was well aware of that but she’d never give him up without a fight, should Pete be ousted from the position and Jake and Mickey also fired.

“Yeah, I’d like to see ya try, you think I’m bad enough but going up against two Tyler women is committing suicide, trust me. So, go on then, should I be worried?”

“No, not yet. I’m aware you’re moving away, we’ve been informed and that a plan has been put into place should the baby need any medical attention but as for any cursory examinations such as schools, he’ll pass for fully human, at least for now, maybe even when he gets older, it’s hard to tell. Ok, I’ll release him from Torchwood’s specialist unit but I’ll want to see him, when he reaches the age of three, no older.”

“Right, ok then, you can send me a reminder but someone will have to come down and see him if I’m not already in London, we may not get back for every birthday.”

“Fine, I’ll make sure things are put in place. Good luck to both of you.”

Jackie had planned a farewell tea, nothing fancy. Mickey was driving Rose and the baby down the next morning, most things had already gone down to her new house, baby equipment and most of his clothes, Rose was now learning to drive but not passed her test and Pete had promised her a car of her choice fitted with a baby car seat when she did and she’d already looked up driving schools in the town and was quite confident she’d soon pass her test.

As Mickey, Rose and the baby were approaching Broadchurch, DI Alec Hardy was sat in his office in a town called Sandbrook, thinking if nothing exciting happened soon, he was going to go crazy. Things were not going well at home, Tess was always complaining about something or other and he’d taken to working late just to escape it. He was quite unaware of what was going to happen as he stared at his computer screen, wishing for a newsflash something was going on and that he’d never moved to the town.

What was about to happen would change his life forever as Rose and Mickey had pulled up outside her new home and Mickey went to take the baby seat out after he’d awkwardly put the pushchair up while Rose opened the door and he wheeled the baby the short distance from the parking area as Rose needed to sort out her parking space when she got her own car. Mickey was staying the night and going back in the morning, saying he’d sleep on the sofabed she’d opted to get if either he or Jake were to come down for a visit.

As she settled the baby in his new cot and Mickey had been to the nearby takeaway, she had no idea that in a few years time her life was going to change even more than she had expected and she would meet the second most important man in her life after baby John’s father.

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