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The teacher and the housemaid


How did the Doctor start at Farringham School for boys? He had found himself residing at the school, believing he'd just arrived by taxi from a neighbouring town's railway station and unpacked his belongings. He had been found a room, it all having been arranged by the Tardis, his whole life story had been invented courtesy of the ship but Martha had to rely on the Doctor saying his maid from his family home was joining him.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

How did the Doctor start at Farringham School for boys? He had found himself residing at the school, believing he’d just arrived by taxi from a neighbouring town’s railway station and unpacked his belongings. He had been found a room, it all having been arranged by the Tardis, his whole life story had been invented courtesy of the ship but Martha had to rely on the Doctor saying his maid from his family home was joining him.

Martha Jones had arrived a few hours after Doctor John Smith at the military school she had found out from the Tardis he had been placed in, he had left some instructions for her on the screen, thanking her for being there for him during the following three months the creatures following them would have to live before dying off, like mayflies he’d said. Just how these creatures, he had called ‘The Family’ had found them, Martha didn’t know exactly but the Doctor had said the only way to avoid them was for him to hide himself away, make himself human and blend in.

She just wasn’t expecting to find herself in rural England, circa 1913 at a boys military academy and the ship tactfully leaving all the details on the console after she’d been to pack, then having to go back and pack for 1913, again with a little help from the Tardis placing suitable attire for the time period. Then she had found herself in a barn of some kind, a bicycle propped up against the wall making Martha smile to herself, the sneaky ship. She had cycled to the school, been admitted and reported to the head of the staff, a Mrs Graham.

″Welcome to Farringham School for boys Miss Jones, we were informed of your arrival. I believe your former employer, Doctor Smith asked for us to find you a position and as it’s the start of the new term, fortunately we have been able to find one for you, you will be told tomorrow what your duties are. Meanwhile, you will be sharing a room with another maid on the upper floor, it’s the second room on the left, your room mate is around somewhere, she will join you later. Have you any questions? Do you wish to know how much you will be paid?″

″Doctor Smith said he would get me the position of his personal housekeeper, I worked for his family and he inherited me from them.″

″I’m sorry Miss Jones but I am in charge of the staff here, all personal housekeepers of the faculty are assigned by me, I cannot allow new staff to take up such an important position when there are servants who have been here longer and are more deserving of a promotion. Doctor Smith had already been assigned a housekeeper for his room, you will have to wait another term to be considered.″

″I see, it’s just he promised me and he’s useless without me being around, I promised I would take care of him while he’s here.″

″I’m sure whoever I’ve assigned to him will take adequate care of him Miss Jones, he will be introduced to her tomorrow morning, I’ve yet to inform her of her new duties, she has several at the moment, she’s worked very hard to get the position. I will not let hard work go unrewarded, so if you can prove to me you can work hard, I will consider you next term but it may not be with Doctor Smith.″

Martha was bitterly disappointed, she was hoping that during this time, she could get closer to the Doctor, since he’d made it clear he wasn’t interested in her in that particular way. She had broken her own rule, that of only going with human males, she had found it difficult not to just come out and tell him how she felt but as she’d had pointed out more than once, he never noticed her. He liked her, she was sure of that or he wouldn’t have let her stay with him but he was lonely and she knew he missed his last companion, since he hardly stopped talking about her.

The first time, he had taken her to the same planet he had taken Rose Tyler, the woman he had clearly been in love with though he’d not said so, the second time when they had met Shakespeare, they had been sharing a bed for the night and had told her Rose would know what to make of the events. There were times when he would dance around the console then look at the empty seat as if expecting her to be sitting there, then the smile would be gone from his face.

Martha shook her head to clear it, finding herself on the top floor and looking for the second door on the left. She knocked, just in case her new room mate was present and getting no answer, went inside, seeing two single beds, one littered with clothes so she assumed that was already occupied or it could be whoever she was sharing with was either a bit of a slob or liked taking up both beds. She unpacked her few things and sat on the bed, wondering what to do until she could go down to the kitchen for tea, which she had been told for staff was at 6pm sharp or she would miss it and breakfast was at 6 am and she could only imagine what time the kitchen staff began work so she just hoped she wouldn’t get a job in there.

Still, she should easily be able to keep an eye on the Doctor and since all the staff would be well versed in keeping away from the male tutors for fear of being dismissed, hopefully he would stay well clear of them but she’d hoped to get some time alone with him but would it have been fair when he didn’t know who he was or who she was? How would he react afterwards if she were to finally get him interested in her? Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

She wished she wasn’t so far out of her time that she could get her phone out and call her mother but if she were to and get caught, who knows what trouble it could lead to and the last time she had called her had been a disaster anyway, Martha was not proud of shouting at her for the answers to a stupid pub quiz, even though it was to save their lives. She couldn’t even bring her phone out of the Tardis so if she wanted to talk to her mother, she would have to go back there and do it anyway.

She had planned to go when she got some time off and see if she had missed anything on the recording he had made, in case she’d not got the job he’d asked for her to be given. She had found a suitable watch for the period that a servant would have been able to afford on the wages she would have received, it was just after four, two hours before tea. She was almost looking forward to starting work tomorrow, at least it would pass the time and it couldn’t be any worse than late night shifts in the emergency department at The Royal Hope Hospital.

The door handle turned and she looked up, hoping she would be able to get along with whoever she was sharing with. A young blonde woman stood in the doorway.

″Oh, you’ve arrived then? I was told I was getting a room mate this morning. Hello, I’m Rose and you are?″

Martha looked at her. A young blonde called Rose? How was this even possible? Martha found her voice.

″Yeah, hello, I’m Martha, nice to meet you Rose, I hope this wasn’t your bed?″

″Nah, mine’s the messy one, sorry, only my last room mate was less fussy than I am, she left last term. So, what job have you got then? Hope it’s not the kitchen, I narrowly escaped that, thank goodness.″

″I find out tomorrow, what are you doing? That Mrs Graham said you did a few jobs?″

″Yeah, I did until she just called me to the housekeeper’s room, I just got a sort of promotion, to a personal housemaid, can you believe it? It’s what I was hoping for, I tried working hard all last term to get it and it paid off.″

Martha started to panic. ″So who are you looking after then? I was supposed to have been promised one of those jobs, my last employer brought me with him but I’ve been told I’ve got to work my way up. I’ve not even been allowed to see him yet though I don’t know why he’s not asked to see me.″

Martha had been thinking about that, the Doctor had promised he would have enough residual awareness to let her in so hopefully when she did get to see him, he would at least remember her but maybe not enough awareness to seek her out.

″One of the new teachers, the history one, I think she said a Doctor Smith.″

Martha’s heart sunk, this Rose had got the job meant for her and this was more than a coincidence.

″So, what’s your surname then Rose? I’m Martha Jones.″

″I’m Rose Tyler. Bit formal Martha, you asking my surname.″

Martha recovered from the initial shock. ″I like to know who I’m working with, that’s all. I wish I knew my old employer was ok, are we allowed to go visit the teachers?″

″Oh, I don’t know about that, I’ve never had the need, they were all old and stuffy if you get my meaning, none of the maids fancied any of them.″

Martha dreaded to think what she meant. ″No Rose, I didn’t mean like that, I just wanted to let him know I’d arrived, that’s all. I worked for his family and when he became a teacher, I was with him at his last school but I’m surprised he never insisted I look after him here, he’s a bit of a scatterbrain, he needs reminding of things from time to time.″

Rose giggled, just what she needed, a scatty teacher to look after from tomorrow morning.

″Come on then. I’ll show you around, the pupils will be in their dorms now, we can move around the school freely, we won’t get told off and if we do, I’ll say you’re new and I’m showing you where you’ll be working, they all know me.″

″Thanks, can we stop by his classroom, see if he’s there?″

″Well we could if you told me who it actually was?″

Martha was stuck, how could she say it was the same teacher? There was only one way to find out. ″Actually, it’s Doctor Smith.″

Rose laughed. ″Really, well you must be really annoyed with me then Martha, sorry but I have no choice.″

The two women went off, Rose looking out for the Doctor’s classroom or his private quarters but as they passed a classroom, she saw the history room and stopped. There was the Doctor, dressed in a 1913 style suit covered by a gown and wearing a mortar on his head and he was talking to one of the boys.

″Very well Latimer, I’ll accept your reason but you know you can do better than that.″

″Yes Sir, I’ll try Sir, thank you Sir.″

The Doctor turned and watched the boy walk out.

″Martha, so that’s where you got to?″

″Yes Sir, I was being shown to my room and I didn’t know where you were. Have you settled in alright?″

″Yes, brilliant, I tried to get you my housekeeper’s job but I was told it wasn’t possible, sorry, I hope you don’t mind? They’ll find you something else, it’s not permanent, you can apply next term.″

Martha wanted to tell him there was never going to be a ‘next term’, they would be gone, if ‘The Family’ didn’t find them.

″Hello there, who are you?″ he asked, turning to Rose, a big grin on his face.

″Rose Tyler Sir, I’m to be your new personal housekeeper.″

″Well, I look forward to that then Rose, I have my breakfast at 7am sharp, if that’s not too early for you?″ he smiled.

Martha knew this was definitely a big mistake, he was already flirting with the blonde and she hadn’t even started working for him yet.

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