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Annabelle's and Teddy Bear's Adventure


It is a fantasy dream of Annabelle and her Pet Hamster take a fairy tale adventure.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Annabelle is a nine-year-old girl who loves to read and writes fairy tale stories. Her great friend is her pet hamster, Teddy Bear.

Annabelle and her hamster “Teddy Bear” were playing in their back yard. It was a very warm day outside. Teddy Bear was sneak to the tall grass. Annabelle could not find her. “Teddy Bear, where are you?” Cried, Annabelle. Annabelle knelt and she felt Teddy Bear. “There you are,” said Annabelle. Before she could grab her, Teddy Bear disappeared into a hole.

Annabelle tries to reach for Teddy Bear through the hole, but instead, she fell into the hole, and in a few tumbles, Annabelle stood up and dust herself. “Oh! Teddy, you made me so dirty,” Cried Annabelle. Where Are you? Annabelle heard a shrill squeaking sound and follow it. A minute later Annabelle found Teddy Bear, but when she found Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear was bigger than herself. What made you look bigger than me? Cried, Annabelle.

They walked a little further. Annabelle suddenly saw three tunnels, “let’s go in the first tunnel,” Said Annabelle. But they just came through the same hole again. “Okay let us go through the middle tunnel. In the middle of the tunnel, it was dark. Annabelle lost her way back. Suddenly she saw three fireflies, Annabelle decided to follow the firefly.

In a few moments, she ended up in a whimsical fairyland. Annabelle froze in surprise, it just a mini world under here she muttered. “Who are you,” asked the fairy.

I am Annabelle. “What is your name,” Annabelle asked. I am Fairy Berry. “Where are we now,” asked Annabelle. “We are in a fairyland, we live here,” said Ferry Berry.

All a sudden we hear the trumpeting sound. “It’s the Queen,” Said Fairy Berry. Everyone is quiet. “Your Majesty,” all fairies greeted. “I’m here to let everyone know that we need more pixie dust. The spring is here it is time for us to work. We need two gallons of pixie dust. And we also need more food for our pets and us. This is our assignment for this spring. “We must get ready for summer,” Said Queen.

“Do we have a guest in here?” Asked Queen. Everyone pointed at Annabelle’s face. “Oh, who are you,” Asked Queen. “I’m hmmm my name is an.. ann… Annabelle,” Said Annabelle. “Where you came from?” asked the queen. I was playing with my Teddy bear in our backyard, accidentally fell into a hole. I do not remember what happened to me. Annabelle covered in sweat and scared.

“I dismiss all of you now, And get to work,” Said the Queen. Just before Fairy Berry, Rose, and Clara left to work, the queen called them. “Today you don’t have to do your work, “Said the Queen. Take this wonderful young girl on a tour around fairyland. The queen left without a word to Annabelle.

“Where you would like to go first,” asked Fairy Berry. Leprechaun Forest, Mermaid Lake, Pixie Hollow, Giants Woods, and Candy Land. “Let’s go to the Pixie Hollow,” Said Annabelle. They start off to the Pixie Hollow tree. Once they reached, Fairy Berry said Let us go to the combining station. I will show the Pixie dust factory.

Fairy Berry zoomed pass them to lead the way to the Pixie dust factory. “Do you know something, Fairy Berry is good at Math, and so she always is the one makes the recipe for Pixie dust and anything you could think of,” Said Clara. She was born ready to solve any math equation.

The next we saw Fairy Berry in her favorite lap coat and goggles. Annabelle was completely in shock to see everything. “This is a big factor, I didn’t expect it to be this big,” said Annabelle. She handed all three of us, the recipe of Pixie Dust. “She has created so many recipes like this,” Said Clara.

Pixie Dust Secret Recipe

2 quarts of grounded flower petals (any kind of flower)

2 pints of pollen

4 cups of leaves (any kind of leaves)

“And now I am going to show you how to make pixie dust,” said Fairy Berry.

Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. Suddenly Annabelle wakes up. “Was this all a dream,” Cried Annabelle. I felt like a dream came true in my dream. I wish is not a dream. I already feel like miss Fairy Berry, Rose, and Clara. I wish to get to have the same dream every single day. “Honey, you’re late for school,” said mom.

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