A murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie

Chapter 4

When Rose woke up the next morning, she found the Doctor lying on his side, smiling at her. She had fastened her pyjama top and he had his t-shirt back on but his arm was underneath her.

“Hi sleepyhead, can I have my arm back please?”

Rose moved so he could free his dead arm, rubbing it to get some feeling back into it.

Rose shook her head, trying to clear it. Had she been dreaming last night? They had snogged for ages, he had kissed his way across her, so gently, sweet, feather light kisses as she had then turned him back over and done the same again to him. Then she had curled up on him and gone to sleep after adjusting her pyjama top and him putting his t-shirt on again.

She slowly got out of bed and scampered to the bathroom, calling out, “Don’t you get out of bed yet, I’ve not finished with you,” as she did.

He lay on his back, smiling. She seemed happy and if Rose was happy, so was he. It seemed they had progressed to stage two of their relationship. He knew it could never get past that stage, even if they both wanted it. Any precautions Rose took wouldn’t work against a Timelord and they were in 1930′s Egypt. Even if they were to wait until they got back to the Tardis, he didn’t exactly know what he could do about it. He would just have to tell her they could never be together in that way, not until they found a solution but it had taken all this time to get as far as they had so they should be safe for a while. Maybe she didn’t even want to go any further anyway.

After Rose came back and they fooled around again, thankful for not being disturbed by any more screams, they joined the others for breakfast then went ashore to take a tour of the great pyramids. Rose was still sure he was kidding about there being some on Mars, she was going to get him to prove it. They walked around, hand in hand, never letting each other out of sight and joined Agatha and Max for lunch back on board the boat.

“So, are you enjoying the pyramids Rose?” Agatha asked her as they ate.

“Yeah, they’re interesting. Can’t wait until this afternoon, when we go into those tombs. Doctor, do you think the killer has gone into hiding again? You may have frightened him or her off last night.”

“How do you know it was a she?” Agatha asked.

“Well whoever it was, they were very light footed, I mean, no offence but men aren’t as light on their feet, they make some noise.”

“Not if they were trained, like a dancer or an athlete,” Agatha remarked.

“Yes! Of course. Or, yes, oh, yes!” The Doctor ruffled his own hair, something Rose thought was now her job.

“What if this Roger had seen something he shouldn’t have done, before the crew came on deck?”

“Well obviously but what has Rose got to do with it?” Agatha asked.

“Whoever it is, they’re trying to get me to back down by going after her. A warning to leave it alone.”

Just after dinner, there was a loud noise from outside, shouting and people running around. Those remaining in the dining room went running outside, Rose and The Doctor amongst them, holding hands.

A woman with blonde hair, similar in build to Rose was laying face down on the deck, a man standing over her, calling her name. The purser burst out onto the deck, some men with him. Signalling to them, they moved the man out of the way and carried the woman away. The Doctor asked them to stop. He recognised the woman from their interviews, Sylvia Turner.

Rose saw her face too, remembering the woman from the previous morning and tightened her grip on The Doctor.

“Do you think the killer mistook the two of us from behind?” Rose put her hand over her mouth. “I got her killed.” She buried her face in his jacket.

“No, maybe you were mistaken for her last night but why pick people at random? Did she also see something she shouldn’t have done? We know it’s only just happened, everyone was in the dining room earlier, the killer must have waited outside here for her, or you. Rose, that could have been you, if you had gone out first.”

Agatha saw the two of them and walked up to them.

“Well, the police will be meeting us when we dock in the morning. Whoever is responsible won’t get away with it, they will find the person. We just have to make sure they don’t slip ashore before the police get on board. That means we all have to be on deck before the boat makes land. Agatha, are you in?” the Doctor asked.

“Of course. We rendezvous on deck at six thirty, all of us, together. Are you in or out Max?”

“I’m in, why don’t we all meet on the stairs and go up together?” Max asked.

“Yes, then with all of us there, we can watch the crew come on deck and see who looks out of place. I don’t see any point in questioning everyone again, I don’t think it’s one of the passengers. I reckon Roger Mycroft saw something, which got him killed but the woman who just died, she must have walked out and he or she thought it was you again or she was the intended target. This is what we have to find out but how?”

“Well you’re not using me to find out,” Rose commented, still holding tight onto the Doctor.

“I know that but what you said, about them being light on their feet, maybe they came on board at Luxor to hide, then when it was discovered they didn’t belong on board, they panicked. Maybe they were trying to make their escape yesterday morning and Roger Mycroft recognised them. Then I think Sylvia Turner did get mistaken for you and by now, the killer knows they got the wrong person. Rose, I’m not letting you out of my sight until tomorrow morning but I reckon you’ll be safe enough in our cabin, as long as the windows are locked.”

“Are you planning on doing another search of the boat?”

“Maybe, if I don’t announce it, how about you Agatha, want to go with me?”

“Yes, by all means but maybe we should get a list of all the crew and see who’s supposed to be on board and who isn’t. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

“Because we didn’t know what we were looking for then and now we do. Plus, the police will want a list tomorrow anyway so we may as well make a start. Do you want to stay here Rose or go to our cabin?”

It was only just after eight, she really wanted to spend some time dancing again but as usual, he was being all work and no play.

“I suppose I’ll go back to our cabin. How long are you going to be?”

“No idea, we’re just going to eliminate names against the list, shouldn’t take long.”

“Might as well wait here then but I’m not going back outside again.” It was better than being on her own, especially since she had to keep the windows locked.

The Doctor kissed her cheek. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Why don’t you dance with Max?”

Rose thought he was kidding. “No, I don’t feel much like dancing.” She didn’t want to offend Agatha’s husband.

Two hours later, they still weren’t back. Rose wondered what was taking them so long but they were watching out for each other. Max could see Rose was getting irritated.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be back soon. I could escort you to your cabin if you want but they’ll probably come straight back here first.”

“Yeah, I’d better wait. I thought they weren’t going to interview anyone, unless they found something.”

“Maybe we should go below and find them, tell them we’re going back to our cabins?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, they can’t have got far, we’ll just go down a few decks, we should be able to see them.”

So Rose and Max left the passenger cabin and went below, past the guest cabins and onto the deck below. There was no sign of either Agatha or The Doctor and no-one around so they went down another deck and Rose heard voices.

“I asked you who you were, you’re not down on the crew list,” the Doctor was saying. “Look, I’ve checked everyone on this list, you’re the only one not on here. Why did you kill Roger Mycroft and Sylvia Turner?”

A gruff male voice, Rose thought had an accent though she couldn’t place it. “I’m not answering you, you are not the police.”

“Yes I Am, did you not see my ID? You’ll have to tell the police tomorrow so you may as well tell us.”

Rose and Max stepped up to the door to see a large man sat on a chair, Agatha leaning against the door and the Doctor pacing up and down. As Rose put her head around the door, the man suddenly got up and pushed past him, pushed Rose to one side and bolted down the passageway.

“Well he’s in a hurry!” the Doctor exclaimed, running down the passageway after him. Rose ran after him, followed more slowly by Agatha and Max. Up on the next deck, The Doctor was searching every cabin, including the galley but there was no sign of the man. They went up to the next deck but there were only passenger cabins and he stopped on the stairs.

“Where did he go? If he went on deck, there’s nowhere to hide up there,” the Doctor said.

“Well, he’s not going anywhere, we know what he looks like but why did he run when I showed up?” Rose asked.

“Good question. Ah, Agatha, there you are. He got away, he must have a secret hiding place. We could go and knock on every door in the crew quarters but it’s late, he’s going to hole up until morning and we all have to be on deck early. Let’s go get some sleep.”

He led Rose back to their cabin and she wanted to know what the man had said.

“Not much, we still don’t know why he stabbed Roger Mycroft but we think now he was after you, that the other woman died instead, since he went after you the night before. Let’s get to bed, we have to be on deck early even more so now, he’ll try and escape in the morning.”

“But why go after me and not Agatha? She’s the one investigating with you, not me.”

“Yes but he thinks taking away someone that matters to me will put me out of the game, then he probably was going to slip ashore in the morning.”

“Did you find out anything else? Like what he was doing in the first place?”

“No, he wouldn’t talk. We tried. We caught him in the engine room, we’d matched everyone’s names against the list, he was the only one left, we caught him by surprise. Why don’t you get ready for bed, I’ll wake you at six, I won’t let you sleep in.”

Rose put her arms around him. “I’m not wearing those pyjamas tonight. Can you unzip my dress please?”

She turned around and the Doctor obliged, helping himself to a few kisses along her shoulders and down her back, sending shivers down her.

Just as her dressed dropped to the floor, the Doctor stopped as he was taking in the sight of her.

“You are beautiful Rose but we can’t be together, not yet.”

“What do you mean? You mean we’re not compatible?”

“Well humans and Timelords did get together but only for procreation purposes and it was frowned upon by the majority but it did happen. It’s just that human methods of taking precautions don’t work against Timelord biology. We’ll have to wait until I can find something that works and we’re in the 30′s. Until we get back to the Tardis library and see if they came up with anything, we can’t take our relationship any further, that’s if you even want to.”

She walked up to him and began unbuttoning his dress shirt. “I want to and I suppose I can wait a bit longer but what about you, can’t you be the one to take the precautions?”

The Doctor smiled. He wished it was that simple. “I’m sorry Rose, even that won’t work and even if it did, like I say, we’re in the 1930′s.”

“I won’t asked why it won’t work. Still, human males don’t always have success on that score.”

Putting her nightgown on and getting into bed, the Doctor was about to join her when he had an idea.

“Rose, wait here, I think I know where he’s hiding. I’m off to find the ship’s purser to see if I’m right.”

“But won’t he be off duty now? It’s after ten.”

“He’ll still be around. I’ll take the key, wait up for me and we’ll talk about this when I get back.”

“I hope we’re going to do more than talk.” She put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Oh believe me Rose, there won’t be much talking but I’d best be off now.” He kissed her again, fastened his shirt and unlocked the door.

He had been gone about twenty minutes, Rose had got into bed, fantasizing about spending more time together, what she wanted him to do to her. She had left the lamp on and the bedroom door open and suddenly, the door handle to the cabin door began to twist. Thinking her lover was returning, Rose hid under the bed clothes, ready for some fun with him. She heard movement, thinking she might peek and watch him getting undressed down to his shorts and hoping he wouldn’t put those jogging trousers on again or he’d lose them or not get into bed until he did. Rose could just make out a figure coming toward her from the dim living area and realised it was not him.

The figure knew she had seen him and Rose dived out of bed the other side. “What do you want? My husband will be back any second now.”

“You, you are interfering with my plans to make my escape tomorrow morning, before the police arrive. You will not interfere any more.”

He scrambled over the bed towards her as she collided with the bedside table and the lamp fell onto the floor and went out. It was now dark in the bedroom as she tried to reach the still open doorway into the living area, hoping the main cabin door was still open but the man got off the bed and lunged towards her, her back still to him as she reached for the cabin door handle.

Just as she reached it, she could feel the man behind her. She turned around to face him, managing to open the door slightly and hoping to slip out while he raised his arm to bring the knife down on her and hopefully making it outside. She would stand more chance out in the passageway and could shout for help.

“You stabbed the other two in their backs, let’s see if you can actually do it facing someone?” She was determined she was not going to plead with him to leave her alone. She thought about calling for help but no-one would reach her in time.

He seemed just as determined to follow through with his actions as he brought up his arm, his hand now clutching a knife he must have produced from his pocket.

“You think I would not do it? How wrong you are. I should have got you the first time but that other woman came out onto the deck, she looked just like you from the back.”

“Just tell me one thing,” Rose asked, she would not give in without at least knowing the truth. “Why did you kill Roger Mycroft?” She just hoped the Doctor would come and rescue her just like he always did. Surely he had realised the man wasn’t where he thought he would be and return to their cabin?

“Because he saw me trying to smuggle some diamonds off the boat when we were about to dock. I was holding them in a black velvet bag and was looking at them. I stole them in Luxor and came aboard the boat to get to Aswan, posing as an engineer so that I would not look out of place. He approached me and guessed I should not be in possession of them, he had heard they had gone missing from a dealer two days before the boat set sail. I was going to sell them in Aswan but he was going to tell the captain to radio ahead and the police would be waiting for me. So he turned back to the passenger cabin and I saw my opportunity. I plunged the knife into his back and escaped around the other side of the passenger cabin when everyone started coming on deck to dock but there were too many people around and the port would not provide me an escape. Then you and your husband had to interfere, I was sending him a warning to back down. Now with you out of the way, no-one will ever know and I will be gone over the side of the boat while the police are waiting to board. There are plenty of places on the dock where I can hide until I can make my escape.”

Rose could see he had all this planned but she was certain he wasn’t going to get away with it. Even if he killed her, the Doctor would be even more determined to catch him and would be waiting on the deck in the morning.

“You won’t get away with it, they will be waiting on deck for you so you can’t escape.”

“Maybe but they will have no proof, the diamonds are hidden, in a life raft.”

Rose felt like smiling. She could feel a slight movement of the door handle behind her and it wasn’t her that was touching it. Trust the Doctor to wait until the last minute – again.

The man closed the gap, his arm still raised. “A pity you won’t live to tell the tale Mrs Smith.”

Rose wasn’t going to stand there, Doctor or no Doctor behind the door so she stepped to one side as the man lowered the knife towards her chest just as the door burst open, knocking the knife out of his hand and dropping it on the floor. The Doctor stood there grinning.

“Thanks for the confession big fella,” grabbing the man by his collar and pushing him into the waiting arms of the purser and two crewmen. “I’ll leave it to you to lock him up until the police arrive. You heard where he had stashed the diamonds.”

He moved over to Rose. “Are you ok?” he asked, putting his arms around her.

Rose nodded and pressed up to him as closely as she could. Looking up at him she asked, “What took you so long?”

He smiled down at her and kissed her. “Oh you know me.” he replied. “No need to get up early now, we can have a lie in. Now, what were we talking about before I went out?”

Rose just took his hand and led him back into the bedroom. “I’m afraid the lamp broke so you’ll have to get undressed in the dark.”

She helped him off with his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. Then she got into bed while he took his trousers off, being careful to avoid the broken lamp.

Rose smiled. “Shame we couldn’t have left the lamp on, I was going to enjoy watching you get undressed.”

He smiled at her. “Oh, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to watch me getting undressed.”

Rose moved over until she was on top of him and giggled. She was going to make sure of that as she sat up on him and he ran his fingers down her sides and over her hips, then without warning, he gathered the material of the nightdress and pulled it over her head, staring at her figure in the moonlight. Pulling her down on him, Rose fumbled for the waistband of his boxer shorts.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing these Doctor. I know what you said and I can wait but you’d better find a solution and fast.”

They kissed and he flipped her over until she was on her back. He just grinned at her as he hovered above her. “Oh Rose, don’t worry about that, I’m all over it.”


The next morning, Rose had never felt better in her entire life. She was lying on top of him and he was awake, not that he’d slept much. He had just laid with his eyes closed, feeling her closeness and smelling her shampoo and thought it was the best time he’d allowed himself to have as long as he could remember. Being a Timelord, he had been able to stop himself before going the whole distance, something he was surprised at but he was fairly certain he’d not done anything he shouldn’t have done. Well Rose hadn’t stopped him anyway. If he had, he would have to accept the responsibility. As soon as they got back to the Tardis, he would look up the medical database of human and Timelord relationships and come up with an answer because he definitely wanted more of Rose Tyler.

After breakfast, they went to face the police, them questioning Rose and taking the man away, with the diamonds. They spent the day looking around the markets, Rose buying a gold pyramid for her mother that had a clock face on it and the Doctor buying Rose a pink necklace. That night at dinner, they were talking with Agatha and Max about the events.

The next day consisted of a leisurely cruise back down the river to Luxor, with a few hours stop at a tourist spot on the other side of the river and Rose was disappointed to find out they didn’t actually dress up in local costumes on the last night.

“I was looking forward to seeing you dressed as an Egyptian princess Rose,” the Doctor teased her as they got ready for dinner.

“Not as much as I was seeing you dressed as a pharaoh,” she laughed back as they kissed.

Over dinner, Rose asked Agatha if she was going to write a novel about the events, having heard of one in particular which she was now fairly certain was based on the events of the last few days.

“Oh, I think I’ve found some inspiration from all this. Rose, I think if I do write, I should like to dedicate it to you and the Doctor.”

The Doctor was anything but modest. “Agatha, I think we should like that but can you put The Doctor and Rose Tyler? Rose goes by her maiden name for professional reasons.”

“Agreed. What are you two going to do when we get back?”

“Oh, it’s the open road for us, making our way eventually back to London. I’m not just a boring old policeman you know. We like to travel, don’t we Rose?”

Rose couldn’t agree more.

Once they docked the next morning, they said goodbye to Agatha and Max and thanked the purser for all his help. Rose wanted to speak to Sylvia Turner’s husband, who like Lady Mycroft, had remained in his cabin.

“I’m so sorry your wife got mistaken for me but he’ll get what he deserves for it.”

Rose made her way back to join the Doctor and they arrived back where they had left the Tardis. Rose went to the library to look for Agatha Christie books and found ’Death on the Nile and turned to the first page. There in bold print was the dedication:

This book is dedicated to The Doctor and Rose Tyler.

Thank you for a memorable journey.

On the cover, instead of what Rose remembered it to be, was a likeness of herself. the Doctor joined her in the library and she showed it to him.

“I’ve been looking something else up. Come with me.”

He led her to the medical bay and held up a bottle and a needle. Rose just wished he had something a bit more space-age like a hypospray.

“One dose of this covers you for three months. It’s up to you. I know we got a bit carried away on the voyage and I understand if you want to back out of this, go back to just being friends.”

“No way Doctor. You’re not getting out of this so easily.”

She held out her arm and closed her eyes. Now they were going to start a whole new adventure, for however long it lasted.

The End!

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