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Rose Tyler and the twin detectives


Alec Hardy gets on a plane to Gracepoint, disagrees over everything with Emmett Carver and they fight over Rose Tyler. Alec Hardy wants to return to the Broadchurch Police but has already been replaced so he gets on a plane to a small town in the US called Gracepoint to work with Det. Emmett Carver unaware he is the man's double. The fun starts as they disagree over everything and fight over Rose Tyler, who is working in the town as a reporter, undercover for Torchwood. Crossover with Broadchurch/Gracepoint/Doctor Who. Rose Tyler plays a very complicated and dangerous game when she meets Alec Hardy and Emmett Carver in the small town of Gracepoint after both detectives find themselves working at the same precinct and staying at the same hotel and Hardy sets out to steal Rose away from Carver but will Rose give up Carver's secret when Hardy tries to lure her away? Set with Rose being in the middle of Hardy and Carver and having to choose only one unlike in 'Journey's End' when she was torn between two versions of The Doctor and had her choice made for her. From Rose's point of view - she never gets back after Bad Wolf Bay.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Rose Tyler had long wanted her stepfather to open a branch of Torchwood in the states but he has been reluctant so Pete Tyler had a contact at a local newspaper in the small town of Gracepoint, a northern Californian town and got Rose a job as a junior reporter/office girl and Rose had agreed to go. She missed the travelling she used to do with the Doctor so anywhere out of Britain was an adventure. So Pete had seen her off at the airport and waited with her until her departure. Now she had been in the town a week and was staying in the reasonably comfortable hotel a few blocks from the newspaper office.

Emmett Carver had a failed case and a failed marriage behind him when he was finally found another position as a senior detective but the only snag was, he had to move to northern California but it was better than staying where he was he supposed, with constant reminders of his past and a teenage daughter who wanted nothing to do with him. So the Gracepoint Police Department were putting him up in a local hotel until it was decided if he was going to remain there or not. He was hoping he wouldn’t have to stay there, that somehow he would be reprieved and the whole sorry mess be sorted out and he would be able to return.

Alec Hardy had somehow against all odds been and had an operation for a pacemaker and had survived, much to the relief of his friend and ex-colleague Ellie Miller who had encouraged him to have the life-saving surgery but upon re-applying for his old job back at the Broadchurch Police Station, was told someone else had been given the job. The only alternative they could offer was to send him over to the USA on an exchange programme. He would spend six months there and then the job back at Broadchurch would be his as his replacement was six months from retirement. He only agreed after it was arranged he would share responsibilities with the Gracepoint Police Dept. lead detective.


Rose noticed upon her arrival back from work one evening a man with a scruffy beard sat on his own at a table and Rose, always wanting to make new friends, decided to ask if she could join him. He somehow looked familiar but she had long since stopped seeing the Doctor in every man she looked at. She had figured that if he ever did find his way back, he would not disguise himself and hide from her.

“Hi, I’m Rose, may I join you?” she asked tentatively, thinking he would flatly refuse.

To her surprise, he invited her to join him and stood up. “Emmett Carver, nice to meet you Rose.” He had noticed the attractive blonde had an English accent, very rare in these parts but a coincidence that the hotel owner was also English.

It was his first day there, he was to start work the next day and not looking forward to meeting the detective he was being assigned to work with the day after, who was arriving from England and had been assigned to work with him while the detective he was supposed to be working with was taking extended leave. It had all been so last minute, he’d barely had time to pack and make the journey. Him, share responsibilities, he’d see about that.

“So Rose, you’re a long way from home. You’re not related to Gemma out there are you?” Emmett asked, looking at the menu.

Rose laughed. “Not that I know about. I’m working at the local newspaper office, my stepfather knows the owner. Just wanted a change of pace. What about you?”

“I’m a detective, just transferred here.”

They ate diner together then he asked if he could buy her a drink. Rose was telling him about London and everything that was going on and Gemma, the hotel owner was watching them, sitting closely together and laughing until after ten when they got up and went upstairs together. Rose stopped outside her room door.

“This is me, thanks for the drinks Emmett. I noticed you weren’t drinking much though, something wrong?”

Emmett didn’t want to explain. “I’m starting a new job tomorrow Rose, need to have a clear head. Goodnight, it was nice meeting you.” He took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“Goodnight Emmett,” Rose replied, reaching up and kissing his cheek.

She had decided suddenly she had a liking for men with a scruffy beard. He also had brown eyes, much like the Doctor. Emmett let go of her hand and Rose went into her room, thinking he was kind of nice. She had never taken up with anyone since being in this universe, she hadn’t found anyone she was interested in. That was up until now. Rose Tyler did not know just how complicated things were going to get as she got ready for bed.

The following morning, Rose joined Emmett for breakfast then wished him luck on his first day in a new job.

“Oh I expect to find it quiet and boring around here, just bide my time and get back to civilization, they can’t keep me here forever.”

Rose smiled. “I’m starting to like it here, being by the sea. I’m from London.”

“Yes, you told me last night remember? Thought you only had two drinks? Well I’m not really one for the sea, we don’t get along too well. That goes for any kind of water. I don’t know why I let them send me here.”

“Will you be working on your own Emmett?”

“I don’t really like that name, do you have to keep saying it all the time?”

“What am I suppose to call you then?” Rose could think of a few words to describe him but non were repeatable.

“Detective will do, if you have to. You don’t have to keep saying my name when you look at me, I know you’re talking to me.”

“Ok, have it your way, I won’t keep saying your name every time I talk to you, I’ll just say hey you,” Rose laughed.

She actually got a smile out of him as he got up and said, “See you later, at dinner perhaps? That’s if I don’t work late.”

“Don’t work too hard on your first day, you might impress your new boss.”

Emmett was smiling all the way down to the precinct, situated ironically by the edge of the water. Just his luck.


On a plane over the Atlantic ocean, now somewhat more fashionable than they used to be since they could fly faster than the average zeppelin, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy was staring out at the clouds below, discovering he hated flying as much as he hated being on the water for longer than was absolutely necessary. The in-flight meal had been served, not that it was very nice and he settled back trying to get some sleep before he arrived in California and was transferred to his destination – the small coastal town of Gracepoint which was, according to what he had read, very similar in it’s coastline to Broadchurch. How he’d been talked into going there for six months to get his old job back, he didn’t know but there had been few alternatives even though he had successfully solved the Danny Latimer case which was why he’d remained on half pay and his room kept at The Traders while he’d been in hospital. He guessed it was politics and good relations with neighbouring countries.

Alec finally arrived at his destination at 4pm local time, he’d lost track of what time it had been when he had left London after the 140 mile or so drive there but at least Ellie Miller had driven him to the airport, with her young son in the back making a noise all the way there and they had stayed until his flight was called. He had felt sorry for her being left with two boys to bring up on her own but there could never be anything between them, it was too awkward to start with but he just didn’t feel that way towards her, they would be forever fighting for dominance, neither of them would win.

As he entered the hotel he got an unexpected greeting as he approached the reception desk with his large case and his holdall.

“Detective, what are you doing back? Did you have some more luggage forwarded to the precinct? You could have had it sent here you know.”

Alec looked at the woman, English he noted and put her rather strange behaviour down to that fact.

“Excuse me?” he asked in a broad Scottish accent, putting his case handle down and the holdall on top of it. “I’m Alec Hardy, you have a reservation for me I believe?”

Gemma recovered and checked her bookings. “Yes, sorry Mr Hardy. You look just like one of our other guests, I thought you were him. He’s just arrived as well. You’re in room 107. Do you need a hand with your luggage?”

“No, I’ll manage. Can I get something to eat? The food on the plane was terrible.”

“Sure but you’ll have to pay for it, dinner for guests is from 6pm to 7.30pm, breakfast is 8 until 9 in the morning.”

“Fine, I’ll take my case up first but I’ll order now.” He stepped over and picked up a menu and placed his order, thankful he could more or less eat anything now, within reason. All except food on planes, apparently.

He had just sat down at 4.30 when Rose Tyler walked in. She had escaped early, saying she had somewhere to go but she wanted to call her stepfather and since she could more or less work her own hours, had got away and was about to go upstairs when she saw Emmett sat at a table eating what looked like a steak. Rose knew that wasn’t on the menu for guests that night plus it was early. She walked across into the restaurant and sat down opposite who she thought was Emmett and was about to take a French-fry from his plate but saw the look on his face.

“Watcha Emmett, those look good. Why are you eating early tonight? No lunch huh?” She held out her hand again but got the feeling he didn’t want to share.

They had got on well last night, he’d bought her two drinks and they had walked upstairs together and had breakfast. What was wrong with him? Had he changed his mind or did he really not want to share? She was going to try to snog him later when he’d bought her another drink, he looked snogable.

“I’m sorry Miss, you must be mistaken, I’m not this ‘Emmett’ you mention. I’m trying to eat in case you hadn’t noticed.” Alec was annoyed his meal had been interrupted.

Rose got up. If that was how he wanted to play it fine, she wouldn’t bother with the snogging now, his loss.

“Fine, be like that Emmett, don’t expect me to sit with you at breakfast again.” Rose walked off to sulk in her room. “Men.”

Alec was at somewhat of a loss as to why a young attractive blonde would come up to his table and try to steal his French-fries and call him Emmett. Then it dawned on him – the detective he was to meet tomorrow and work with was called Emmett Carver and Alec knew he was in trouble. The hotel owner had called him detective, the young woman had called him Emmett – they must look like each other. Alec thought he was imagining things – this was not happening, how could they do this to him? How could his superiors send him here when the authorities here had Carver’s record with his photo and they had been sent his dossier, were they playing some kind of cruel trick on the pair of them? If so, he wasn’t amused in the slightest.

He went back to eating his meal and wondered who the blonde woman was. Was she this Carver’s girlfriend? She had said she wouldn’t be sitting with Carver at breakfast, maybe she was with him or had just met him. Either way, she was quite attractive and she sounded English, if she wasn’t going to talk to Carver, she might talk to him but he was tired and needed an early night after his unpacking was done, he’d take a nice long hot shower and get some sleep and catch up on the time difference. He might see this woman at breakfast the next morning.

Rose went up to her room sulking. Who did he think he was? He buys her drinks, sits with her at dinner last night then again at breakfast and had let her kiss his cheek and now he was denying he was even Emmett? Maybe he was just annoyed she had called him by his name, she was going to tease him by using it all the time to get him going. Still, like she said, it was his loss.

She dialled her stepfather’s number and got through to him. She normally emailed him if there was anything interesting or just to say hello if there wasn’t but she called him once a week and caught up then called her mother. She had been hoping to tell her she’d met someone but that was on hold now. Maybe if he bought her some more drinks she might forgive him if he came to apologise but not tonight – tonight she would let him stew. There weren’t that many female guests staying there.

Emmett Carver finished what he was doing, turned off his computer monitor and put on his coat. He walked the few blocks to the hotel and got a strange look from the hotel owner who just handed him his key. He walked upstairs and wondered if Rose was in her room. He was going to ask if she would go down to dinner with him. He was tired of being on his own and he could use a friend in this town, she would lighten up his mood after ploughing through paperwork all day and one false call-out. He stopped outside her room, he’d taken a note of it the night before when he’d kissed her hand and she had kissed his cheek and he hoped she would agree to just be his friend, lord knows anything other could possibly kill him.

He knocked on the door and Rose answered, a not so good look on her face.

“Hi Rose, will you have dinner with me again tonight?”

The door slammed in his face.

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