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"How much trouble can two vampires be anyway?" she nervously mutters to herself. "Oh, no. You're responsible for all of us," Jin states definitely, a mischievous smile growing on his lips. "All of us...?" "That's right, Darling," he slowly closes in until her back bumps the wall, and she's beginning to cower again, this time from the excited shine in his eyes. "Welcome to the Safe House, Leila." // He didn't ask for this existence. But it's his, and he's slowly but surely learning how to live this new life in an old, hateful world. He knows he's seen as a monster. He knows his kind is despised. But what can he do? He's a vampire. He's a Supernatural. He's hunted. // Ot7 bangtan x original characters supernatural/angst/drama/trauma/fluff/suspense/mystery maybe sorta/stress

Mystery / Romance
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January 12th, 2012

"Attention. This program is not for entertainment purposes. This broadcast is provided for you by the FBI, United States Secret Service, the Central Intelligence Agency, along with governmental partners including China, Japan, The Republic of South Korea, The United Kingdom, Russia, The Middle East, and Europe.

"In accordance with these societies and the United States Department of Homeland Security, all supernatural creatures, living and un-dead, are hereby illegal and will be taken on sight. Any and all Supernaturals have no right to any court case. Humans have the right to kill any and all supernatural creatures on sight. Hiding or aiding dangerous Supernaturals will hereby be seen as treason and is punishable by a sentence of ninety years or more in prison. I repeat. All supernatural creatures are hereby considered illegal and will be killed on sight. Thank you for your attention."

He was human, barely in middle school at the time. His parents didn't make a huge fuss about it. Supernatural sightings only happened in the big cities, and they were rare as it was. Protected by their mansion walls and social masks, nothing could get to their family.

They watched the TV as the broadcast reached the farthest corners of the planet, never once considering themselves to be part of what the world labeled "The Supernatural Generation".

(7 years later)

Her body falls to the ground with a low thud while Jimin wipes the remains of his meal from his lips. He can still feel the way her small body was pulsing in his arms before it went limp, the way his mouth molded to her neck before he allowed her to slip between his fingers. He'll never get used to this feeling. This complete euphoric high. He honestly can't explain it. It's almost like, a piece of life left behind in his veins. Something he can only describe as addicting beyond belief.

He hates it.

For some reason, this girl's blood is sweet. Like, really sweet. You know that feeling you get when you finally get to eat after starving for days? Literally anything you eat tastes gourmet. Well, this girl's blood is like that. Sweet, thick, smooth like golden honey. The kind of drink you just keep pouring again and again, and when you run out, you sprint to get another bottle.

It's disgusting.

"Oh crap----" his watch says it's 7:21am already?

He carefully scoops the unconscious girl into his arms----yes, she is still alive. Jimin is not one of those monsters who feed and kill, no matter how sweet the blood. Sure, he knows a few who are like that, but he didn't want to be like them even from the beginning.

Granted...he didn't want a lot of things. But apparently the universe doesn't care as much as we like to think it does.

School starts in less than ten minutes, and if he shows up late on the first day of senior year, Mr. Yang will see the end of him.

But to be honest, what would have happened if he showed up in the condition he was? Pretty sure, no one would have been safe. That school is like a buffet, and the temptations are far too great for a beginner like him, no matter how much he struggles to keep composure (not that he would ever admit that). Jimin hasn't been doing this whole Supernatural thing for long, but at least he knows that much.

Jin said the best thing to do in a situation like this is to use a blood bag, but those things are gross, at least to him. He's only had like two, and it was during his transition so maybe his taste buds were a bit off, but he remembers gagging more than he actually swallowed. Maybe it's because he's still inexperienced at the lifestyle he's supposed to be living now, but he just doesn't see what's so appetizing about chilled, week old blood bags.

Don't misunderstand. Feeding on live humans is not a better alternative. On the contrary, Jin has told him countless stories about how devastating it can be for the human. Having your veins sucked dry, apparently, isn't the most enchanting of experiences.

He tries to control himself for as long as he can. His record is almost two weeks without a single drop. Impressive, right? Jimin really wishes he didn't have to drink blood at all. Just the thought makes some people faint, and it's not all cupcakes and tea parties for him either. But unfortunately, he doesn't have a say here. At least, that's what Jin says. But Jimin still tries his hardest to not need it, despite the fact that his supernatural survival instinct says he does.

The girl in his arms is starting to shift. He needs to drop her off somewhere. Luckily, her memories probably won't be intact. There's always that risk someone will remember, although it's a very small possibility to begin with. Many humans go into shock or choose to disassociate the event with reality in hopes of remembering it as a dream. There is a way Jimin can make absolute sure she doesn't remember him, but he don't have time to wait until she wakes up and compel her to forget (not that his powers of compulsion are nearly as strong as Jin's anyway). He supposes he'll just have to take the chance. The last few times, he's been hella lucky. Here's hoping his luck hasn't run out just yet.

Running mile after mile, Jimin swiftly makes his way towards the nearest street. It's times like these that he thinks being dead might be a little better than being least, being able to run an average of 135mph (217km/h) is somewhat convenient. He will admit, dropping this poor girl off on the side of the road and hoping a nice truck driver or maybe a grandma will notice the blood drained female laying helpless in the grass is not the most chivalrous thing to do. He just doesn't have time to find anything else right now.

She'll be fine. Probably? Anyway, what business does a girl like her have in the middle of the woods? There's been an alarmingly high rate of supernatural attacks this year, and that number is only getting higher each month. She's just an idiot if you ask him.

Then again, what are the chances he would be in the middle of nowhere too?

Carefully, Jimin places her cold body on its side, adjusting her beanie and meticulously placing her long, brown hair over her neck to hide his bite marks. Tiny trickles of blood are now starting to harden on her skin, leaving rivers of red from her neck to her chest. He tries to wipe off as much blood as he can, but it doesn't help much. Rivers of red remain stained on her skin like evidence of a bloodbath.

Jimin looks up when the honk of a horn alerts him to a car pulling to the side of the road. The man in the driver's seat is unbuckling to come see what's happened. Jimin jerks back, not expecting someone to come along before he even has a chance to leave the scene of the crime.

"Hey!" the man yells and points as he storms closer, arms bulging and expression fierce. "What did you do to that girl?"


"Get away from her, creep!" The man gets closer with every quickened step until he's running towards them. His eyes widen when he gets a clearer picture of the situation, when he sees blood dripping from the girl's neck, and red shimmering around his lips.

The man gasps with the realization, "Y-You're a superna--" he starts to accuse, but his words catch in his throat. Shocked and frightened, the man freezes where he stands.

Jimin quickly dives back into the covering of the woods. Soon enough he's yards away from the girl, his head already spinning with all the possible headlines that will grace the news next week.


Or maybe...


Or even...


Jin is gonna kill him.

Jimin didn't ask for this existence. But it's his, and he's slowly but surely learning how to live this new life in an old, hateful world. He knows he's seen as a monster. He knows his kind is despised. But what can he do?

He's a vampire. He's a Supernatural.

He's hunted.

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