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Chapter 1

An Empress w e e e fanfic

(Yourmum is female in this version)

It was a normal day for Yourmum, Logged into discord to see a strange message sent by Deck a close friend. Yourmum was shocked at what the message said: “I wanted to tell you I love you..” Yourmum would rush to a staff call with Deck

Deck: Yourmum, what did you need to talk about?


Deck: What message?


Deck Panicked as he realized what had happened. “SHIT, I DIDN’T MEAN TO SEND IT!!“. He would yell in his head

Yourmum would type slaps in staff chat (Lol)

Yourmum: That was a horrible joke, wasn’t even funny Smh

Deck would chuckle a little


Deck: What if it wasn’t a joke?

Yourmum: Ughhh WTF

Yourmum would leave the Voice call

Deck would switch over to a Voice call with Fil

Deck would explain what happened with Yourmum

Fil: Yo are you gay?

Deck: WHAT NO! (YeS- Not really-shit idk)

Fil:Well whatever idc anyway, just tell THEM how you feel anyway it’s ez

Deck: I don’t like them!

Fil: Well if your gonna say Oh “What if it wasn’t a joke” To yourmum....it sounds like it

Deck: I mean I guess it does sound like it..

Fil: Why the hell would you send a message saying you like them anyway?!

Deck: I’m really not sure...

Fil: Ughh you’re an idiot

Deck: shut the (Insert F word here) Up

Fil: if you’re not going to tell her I am-

Deck: Tell her what?!

Fil: That I like her-

Fil cursed a little after that comment

Deck: Wait what?!

Fil: Let’s have a bet..winner confesses to Yourmum first, Lookup that coin flip site. Your be heads and I’ll be tails

Deck: Uhhh ok-

Deck would click the coin

Fil Pov: Heh some of Empress W e e e ’s luck should be on me still

The coin would land on Heads (Deck is streaming so Fil can see his screen)

Fil: (Insert Unholy words here)

Deck: Uhhh I wasn’t expecting that.

Fil: Well homie, you gotta tell her.

Deck: Bro, what if she laughs at me, or slaps me in staff chat again

Fil: Again?

Deck: Long story-

Deck: anyway what do I even say. “ yo I like you” that just sounds stupid

Fil: no you Baka, she’s a girl you have to make it romantic, Like "Yo baby girl I wanna Cuddle with You and,-

Deck: OK STOP! This isn't gonna work...I should just give up..

Fil: Atleast Give it a chance, start off small

Deck: she's probably shocked about what i sent her..I'll give it a week


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