Forbidden lovers [COMPLETE] √


They are nemesis. Sworn enemies. Have never set eyes on each other but yet at the mention of either one of their names in the presence of the other was sure to break hell loose. What will happen when they are brought together by the twisted hand of fate or possibly death?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1


It’s no news that the two most powerful families in the country ruled it. The Rivera and the Hernández. The Rivera’s were first to start the business of marijuana in their poor little town as a way to make quick money and soon it expanded into something way much bigger than what they bargained for. The late Don Rivera and Don Hernández were childhood friends. Don Rivera’s family wasn’t rich nor poor but they could afford a meal twice a day.

Not the same could be said about Hernández and his family . His mother had to clean houses and babysit just to keep her family’s head above waters. Her husband died while working in a mine, leaving her with three mouths to feed. Two boys and a little girl.

The Rivera’s brothers were hustlers. Any kind of job no matter the nature, as long as it paid the bills was enough to not ask any questions. They were three brothers and even as kids, you didn’t want to mess with them. One thing was also very known in their little town, Don Rivera’s friendship with one of the Hernández brothers.

As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil, while they struggle to make a name for themselves and held up their family names with pride, they lost their way somewhere in between and there was no turning back.

Who betrayed who? How did they get from blood brothers to enemies and dividing the country in the process?

One thing is certain, this grudge will be the legacies they will leave to their next generation.

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