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Is it love?


India-bad ass, bad mouth,stubborn, and has a huge attitude Chris- cold heart, emotionless, could careless and stubborn What happens when when they cross paths there both stubborn and that will cause problems. Join them on an adventure of Love,lust, and trust. Will they make it or will it crash and burn?

Drama / Romance
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Finding out pt.1

*beep beep beep* "Ugh is it time for school already." I thought. Then I got up hmm what to wear what to wear aha I got it. I put on my blue blouse with my skinny jeans. And brushed my hair to a high ponytail and then did my makeup. Once that was done I scrolled though instagram for a little bit and started taking pictures and posting them. I instantly got likes,comments and follows. Oh I forgot to tell you I am an instagram star so I am pretty popular at school but I only have one true friend/bestie and that is cardi she has been here for me though everything so I trust her with everything. Well once that was done I went down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast." Mmm smells good mom." I said "well thank you sweetie but u go I have finished your food for you it is on the table." She replied "okay thank you so much." I went to the dinning room and found my breakfast I quickly ate it. I grabbed my car keys and phone and school bag and headed to school or college. I walked into the building and walked towards my locker. There I saw my bestie cardi. "AHHH CARDI I MISSED YOU SO MUCH IT WAS THE LONGEST SPRING BREAK OF MY LIFEEEEE!!!!!!" I yelled as I jumped on cardi. She was startled at first but then she realized it was just me. "OH MY GODDDD INDIA I MISSED YOU TOO YEA I KNOW IT HAS BEEN LIKE YEARS!!!!!" She said. I laughed "it hasn't been years it was like 2 weeks." I said while shaking my head and grabbing what I needed for the day. She laughed too yea your right and we was with each other for 1 whole week your birthday week." She said smiling. "Lol yea that was so fun." I said smiling " yea." She laughed and I joined in too. That is when the bell ranged. "Okay let's go to class." I said. We laughed and went to our class together. The rest of day went smoothly. When I got home my mom and dad were home that is unusual. I thought I walked into the house and the vibe was weird very weird but it is whatever.

"MOM,DAD I AM HOME." I yell. "OKAY COME IN THE LIVING ROOM REAL QUICK." My dad yells. I walked into the living room and hugged my mom and dad. "Hey guys how was you guys day?" I simply ask. " it was fine how about yours." My mom replied. "IT WAS AMAZING!" I squealed. My mom and dad then looked at each other and whispered something in each other's ear. And looked at me my dad spoke first.

"India babygirl I love you but we have something to tell you and you have to listen to us all the way out and please don't over react." He said "okay." I shrugged. " Well you know the Brown family." He said "yea of course." I answered " Well you have to get married to the eldest son. Because of the agreement we made before you was born that when you turned 18 you guys would get married and you turned 18 last week so it is time for you guys to get married and this has to happen for you take over the business ." He said I was fuming with anger. " WHAT WHY NO NO NO!!!!" I yelled. "I am sorry honey but we agreed so it is going to happen whether you like it or not." My mom said quietly. With that I walked upstairs and packed clothes and walked out the house angry and drove to cardi's.

Wspppp y'all so how you guys feel about the first chapter do I guys want me to like have fun with the Author notes or what tell me also except a drama filled book xoxo-Jada

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