By Starlight


The blinding light started to fade slowly as the girls sat up and took in their surroundings. Strangely enough it seemed like they were in the night sky, there appeared to be no floor just a long drop to a hard looking ground. Thinking back to what seemed like only a moment, they remembered the light and possibly a crash. Instead of aches and pains they felt light and warm. Had they died? Was this purgatory? Shaking herself out of the foolish notion Chris attempted to stand but realised with a start that she could not see or feel neither her arms nor legs. Looking around wildly for Elle she found nothing but a glowing orb moving around erratically.

“Elle?” She called but her voice did not sound like her own, it was echoed and softer than hers. The orb raced over to her still moving in a manner similar to panic.

“Chris? I have no legs!” A voice whined with a strange likeness to Elle’s but it sounded like she was speaking through water. “What’s going on?!”

“How should I know? Idiot.” She mumbled in her eerie voice before she heard soft footfalls approach. The lights turned to see the form of a tall and unimaginably beautiful ethereal woman. Her smile shone brightly as she motioned for them to come closer.

“Welcome, Chris and Elle of the realm; Earth. I have many names but you may call me Varda, in your world I would be considered an archangel or a goddess but here I am Valar. I am afraid that in my search, my stars caused an accident and your earthy bodies have perished.” She paused, allowing the girls time to digest what had been said.

“Whoa whoa, does that mean we’re dead?” Elle questioned in her foreign voice.

“In your realm I am afraid so, but here I have forged you bodies that would be far more appropriate for this world.” With a wave of her hand two figures appeared, rigid and still they looked like statues. One was tall and elven with flaming locks and alabaster skin. The other was human with wavy golden hair and fair tanned skin. Both faces were fair but looked strangely void of emotion and both had matching pale lavender-blue eyes that seemed dull.

“Shotgun elf!” Elle sung and Varda chuckled musically.

“She is called Ercassiel and she was made for you.”

“Told ya I would be an elf.” She claimed happily.

“Shh Elle, Varda you said the stars caused an accident because you were searching. What were you searching for and why?” Chris asked as calmly she could even though she was secretly pleased with the figure she could embody.

“Indeed, it was you two that I was searching for and the reason is simple yet at the same time extremely complicated.” She answered with an exasperated sigh. Varda then proceeded to explain that Morgoth was once like her, a Valar, but became consumed with gaining power and the status of their creator, Ea. This soon led to war, his eventual defeat and imprisonment in the deep void. Finally after millennia of waiting he was slowly freeing himself. Varda explained that she was intending to rally the Valar and rebind him but it would take time. His intent was to alter the past to hasten his freedom and this is where they came in.

“So what exactly do you want us to do?” Elle queried as her voice continued to echo.

“I require the two of you to inhabit those forms,” She gestured to the static figures. “With your knowledge of events you should be able to keep things the way they should be. Your presence should not be too much of a disturbance but you must be sure key events take place. When the Fellowship separates one of you must be with Frodo and one must remain with Aragorn. These two will be Morgoth’s greatest targets. I am also aware that talking of your mission to the fellowship would be most unwise, so your bodies are able to mentally communicate with one another, but no one else and you must also be relatively close to each other; within visual range. Since I do not wish for you to be helpless your bodies will instinctively be able to defend themselves. I cannot give you any greater abilities without drawing unnecessary attention to you and the quest. Do you accept?” Varda finally finished and looked at the lights expectantly.

“And if we say no?” Elle asked cautiously.

“I am afraid your earthly bodies perished in the incident, your spirits would return to your world and go to what ever afterlife you world has.” Varda responded gravely though her voice retained its melodic beauty.

“I’m just kidding ya!” Elle announced joyfully. “You want me to be an elf AND go on an epic adventure! Who could say no to that… unless they were boring …or old.” If Chris had hands she would have face palmed.

“Well I guess that’s your answer then. Sign us up.” Chris added as calmly as she could. This is what they had always wanted, always talked about, always fantasised and now they could actually do it!

Varda nodded approvingly and motioned them towards the figures. The glowing orbs obliged, moving in front of their new bodies. Her hand elegantly flourished and in the blink of an eye the girls felt solid again. It was strange the difference they felt. Not only was the physical different but the feeling of being in a body that wasn’t their own.

Eadgyth, it was the name of the Rohirrim shield maiden Chris now was.

Ercassiel was the name of the Rivendell elf Elle had possessed.

Varda cleared her throat in a strangely musical way to catch their attentions. They looked up at her with their new eyes and she smiled.

“You shall arrive in Middle-Earth two days before the secret council, Ercassiel you will already be in Rivendell but you Eadgyth will be placed just out side and ride the rest of the way.”

“Excuse me, but how will we get in? It is a secret council and I doubt two women would be invited.” Chris inquired with concern.

“Have no worries when you enter the council no one will say a word, I have made sure of this.”

“Doesn’t that mean you are changing things like Morgoth?” Elle interjected.

“Yes, but the difference is that this change will not hinder the course of history but help it.” Varda explained softly as a mother would to their child. “I have one last gift before I send you to Rivendell.” She stated whilst waving her hands. A strange soft mist formed in her hands and then dissipated leaving in her hands three swords and a shield. “These duel blades are of simple elven make but are light and sharp.” Varda said as she gently placed them in Elle’s hands.

“Cheers.” Elle smiled happily.

“And this sword and shield were made in the forges of Rohan; they will protect you well enough.” She continued as she handed them to Chris.

“Thank you.” Chris said gratefully.

“Finally, Elle please attempt to speak like an elf, at least while in Rivendell and Lothlórien.” Varda chided as Elle smiled sheepishly as she nodded. “Good. With that I bid you good luck and farewell.” With that they were once again overcome by a warm but blinding light that consumed everything.

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