By Starlight

Epilogue I – Eadgyth

Not long after the coronation of King Elessar Chris and Faramir were wed in Minas Tirith. It had been a larger ceremony than Chris had been expecting, as Faramir had been restored as Steward of Gondor as well as been given the title of Prince of Ithilien. Their betrothal had caused quite a stir amongst the nobility in Gondor, for the Steward to marry a commoner and a Rohirrim commoner at that. The weeks leading up to the wedding Elle had divided her time with Chris between teasing and encouraging that the nobles knew nothing of her, as well as other choice phrases that made her friend giggle and relax. During these times they spent together Elle asked Chris if she would ever tell Faramir the truth about their origins, as she had done with Legolas, but Chris was always vague in her answers, so eventually Elle dropped it and knew her friend would eventually find the courage to tell him the truth. Whether she ever did was often a topic the friend discussed in later years but Elle had never been given a straight answer.

Not long after their wedding Faramir, and his company of men, had ventured into the Morgul Vale and cleansed the last of the vile creatures that had sought to hide there. After this Faramir was made Lord of Emyn Arnen, and Chris its Lady, where they moved to more properly rule over Ithilien.

Much to her surprise, and Faramir’s delight, Chris found herself with child after only a few months of living in Emyn Arnen. Their son was born healthy and beautiful, they named him Boromir II after his much loved uncle, and as Chris looked down at the sleeping face of her son she knew that every doubt of leaving earth behind would forever be erased.

As Faramir spent his time assisting Aragorn and watching over Ithilien, Chris learned about what was expected of a lady of her stature and how to act in the company of other nobles. The need for her lessons had not caused much of a stir as many had considered her common and in need of these noble qualities. Though none had ever voiced these opinions to her or publicly in the court as she and her husband were both personal friend of their king.

After spending over two years apart Chris was thrilled to find that Elle and Legolas, as well as a group of wood elves, had decided to come to live in Ithilien. Officially the reason was to heal the damage living so close to Mordor had done to the trees but Chris had only really been interested in her reunion with her best friend.

Upon their first visit Chris introduced Boromir to Elle and Legolas, who had been traveling before the news of his conception could reach them and had been unable to return sooner. Immediately Elle picked up the two year old Boromir and spoke in soft lilting tones. It had been then that she realised her friend no longer wore the amulet gifted to her by Galadriel and instead wore a delicate silver and emerald necklace. Later that very evening, when they had gotten a chance to be alone, Chris had asked Elle about this and had been told that upon learning her past Legolas had decided to become her instructor in all things. It was also with a devious glint in her eye that Elle told her best friend that he had taught her many things since the ending of the war that would make the most experienced blush. Catching her meaning Chris began to laugh and the night had been filled with the swapping of stories and the giggles shared between those of absolute trust.

It was not for another three years before the elves had formally announced their engagement and had invited their friends to the celebration before their binding.

Three years further Chris gave birth to a second child, this time a girl Ornéliel, whose blonde curls rivalled her mothers and perfectly opposed the dark thatches of her father and now eight year old brother. As soon as she had been allowed Elle, or Ercassiel as she had learned to prefer, had visited, beaming down at her friend, and with every visit Chris noticed how much more elf like she became while still managing to cling on to certain aspects of her personality.

As life went on Chris decided to learn healing arts, some from their own healers and when he was able, which was not often, Aragorn would tell her of things he had learned as a ranger. During this time she began her own herb garden, similar to those she had seen in the healing houses so long ago, beneath the balcony of her and Faramir’s rooms so that the sweet scent of the flowers filled their, and their nearby children’s, rooms.

The passing of two more years brought them their third and final child; Cemenion. He was a strong but slightly small boy, which had worried his mother but was reassured with the knowledge if anything were to happen she knew the finest healers in Middle-Earth. By this not only did she mean Aragorn but also Elrond, who was not long from sailing West, and his twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir, whom she had met on a few occasions during Aragorn’s coronation, his and Arwen’s wedding and other celebrations she had been to.

These thoughts turned out to be unfounded as all of her children grew to be healthy and strong, if a little strange by Middle-Earth standards due to her influence. Chris had all of her children undergo the same education, not only the reading and writing but the weapons training and strategic training that a young lord should be taught. It had always amused her when Ornéliel defeated one of her brothers during sparring matches or friendly competitions between the siblings.

Time passed quickly as Chris watched her children grow, the lands of men flourish and before she had realised it eighty four years had passed. Though Faramir had told her his Dúnedain heritage would give him long life she had not realised what it would entail or how long it would last. Much to her grief her question was answered in Faramir’s one hundred and twentieth year when he had passed from their world.

Her own longevity had been something of a surprise even to herself. It seemed that Eadgyth, though mortal, would be a much more resilient and slower to age body because it had been fashioned by Varda. When she had been questioned about it she had merely said that it had surely been a gift so she could be with her husband and children long after she was meant to have passed.

When Boromir ascended to Faramir’s duties Chris had spent most of her time assisting him in his new roles. Thought after years without her husband she began to feel an emptiness inside her that, though she cherished them dearly, her children could not fill.

In her final years Chris had assisted Boromir’s decision to restore Osgiliath to its former glory. It was mainly during the planning stages that she assisted, drawing from her brief time in the ghostly echo of the city, and found that the task kept her busy and soothed her thoughts.

The final time Ercassiel came to visit Chis really understood what it meant for her friend to be immortal. It had been years since they had last seen the other, responsibilities always getting in their way, but even after all that time Ercassiel looked the same as the first time they had seen each other in the counsel of Elrond.

A lifetime ago.

The two had compared what it was like to be old/immortal and both seemed to have pros and cons. During the visit Chris groused about being an old lady and Ercassiel had teased her, as she always did, but ever changed the way she had treated her best friend. After giggling like a teenager, for the first time since she had last seen Ercassiel, they said their farewells and departed each other’s company.

That very night, in the warmth of her bed, and in the comfort of knowing that no matter what Ercassiel would always watch over her family, Chris fell asleep and for the first time in too many years she felt the comforting embrace of Faramir.

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