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Sweetly Crazy💕


This is just my fan fiction of Miraculous ladybug.

Romance / Other
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Part 1

We’ll start with a tale one of love and heart. Our tale begins with a sweet, young lady. She’s running late to class since she had just overslept because of the night before.

“Tikki, I’m going to be late. Again!” Screamed the shy, dark blue hair and little blue eyed girl.

“Calm Down, Marinette. Freaking out isn’t going to help.” said a small creature whose name was Tikki.

“I know, Tikki. But if late anymore, My parents will kill me.” Yelled Marinette.

Finally getting to school, Marinette darted in to her seat. She looked in forward and pulled her assignment out. She smiled down at Tikki.

“Girl, Did you oversleep again? What do you do that makes you so tired that you oversleep everyday? You’re either oversleeping or just disappearing. I don’t get you, Girl.” Said Marinette’s best friend who sat beside her.

“I just get really busy, Alya.“, smiled Marinette.

After school, Alya and Marinette met up with their friends. Suddenly a akuma attacks. Alya ran and hid but Marinette got stuck. She looked down the Akumatized villain was making their way to her. She struggled very hard. Suddenly someone had saved her. She looks up and see Cat Noir.

Smirking Cat Noir says, ” Well Hello Purrincess. Nice to see you. I’m just going to set to here and take care of this guy. Just needed to make sure you were safe.”

She rolled her eyes with a smile, “Thank you, Cat Noir.”

After watching Cat Noir leave. Tikki flew out of Mari’s bag. “TIKKI, SPOTS ON!”

Ladybug ran off and join Cat Noir, “Need help, Kitty?”

“Hello M’lady. Nice of you to join me.” Smiled Cat Noir.

After the fight, Cat Noir remembered Marinette, “I have to go get Marinette. Ladybug, I’ll see you later.” With that he ran off to where he had put Mari. Lucky Ladybug beat him and she was able to de- transform back into Marinette. Marinette sat and waited for Cat Noir.

“You’re back.” she said with a smile.

“Well I had to check on the Purrincess. Didn’t I? Let’s get you back to your friend.”

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