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Wings of Change YEAR 1

By Allison Close

Romance / Fantasy

Wing 1

It is a chilly summer night at Godrichallow with wind that seems to be crying for the lives taken just a few weeks earlier. Little Harry cries in Hagrid’s, a very tall man with a scruffy face and shabby clothes, arms wrapped in a little blanket as Hagrid stares at his parents graves standing next to Flora Beanne, a young woman with a thin frame. She wipes away her tears from her shimmering silver eyes as the wind blows through her cascading wavy brown hair. After she places two lilies on their graves she pats Hagrid on the shoulder, and then heads to the sky revealing her pitch black crow wings as she heads off into the night stopping to look down at the whining little Harry. After a few nights of flying she makes it to her home in California, where she flies into a nursery window and heads over to the crib. A few nannies see her come in and bow before they head out of the room. In the crib is a giggling little baby girl, Tilly, staring up at her starry mobile.

“How’s my pretty girl?” Flora smiles gently as she picks Tilly up in her arms. Tilly stares at her mom giggling. “Mommy had to say good-bye to some friends. You’ll stay safe won’t you? You’ll never be put in danger right?” she rocks her daughter as she gives a sad smile while fighting back her tears. Tilly falls asleep snuggling into her mom’s chest.

Eleven years later on a very warm and sunny late summer day, an owl is carrying a letter heading for the Beanne house hold. Tilly, an eleven year old girl with a slightly athletic frame wearing a sky-blue summer dress, appears in front of the owl flapping her black crow wings with her silver eyes beaming through her round, blue rimmed glasses as the wind blows through her long straight black hair tied into low pigtails with white ribbons. “I’ll take that.” She beams holding her hand excitedly. The owl drops the letter into her hand and then flies off again. Tilly sees the Hogwarts crest on the back and does a quick flip due to being overjoyed as she heads back home quickly.

As Tilly gets to the house she flies in almost knocking a few servants over. “Lady Tilly! What have we said about flying in the house?! Get back here young lady!” They holler as she flies off down the hall.

“Sorry about that! But I have to find mom!” Tilly shouts behind her as she flies down another hall.

“LADY TILLY!” They shout after her though the attempts were futile. They give a sigh of defeat as they clean up and help the others out. Tilly finally puts away her wings once her feet touch the ground, she runs quickly looking for her mother. Tilly finally finds her in the main dining room with her grandpa eating breakfast.

“It came! It came!” Tilly cheers as she ran into the room and glomp hugs her mom around the neck. “Mom look at this! My letter finally came!” she excitedly shows the letter.

“That’s great sweetie!” Flora looks over the letter and happily hugs her daughter. “We’ll have to leave today if we are going to make it in time.” She happily hands the letter back to her daughter.

“Congrats Tilly.” Mr. Beanne smiles warmly at her.

“Thanks grandpa. I’m going to go pack.” Tilly smiles as she lets go of her mom and starts running out with a skip to her step. “I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS!” she hollered while flying up to the celling and doing a flip as she heads to her room. The servants smile and give a little laugh at how happy their young mistress is.

“How many of those did you steal before she got to the owl first?” Flora turns to look at her father with a knowing look.

“What? I would never…” Mr. Beanne laughs nervously as he tries to trick her, but knows it wasn’t working. “Thirty-three. But can you blame me? I mean think about what happened during your years there.”

“Dad…” Flora sighs as she starts to head over to him. “Nothing is going to happen to her. Have a little faith in her, alright?” she hugs her dad and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Mr. Beanne sighs with a defeated nod.

A little while later everyone waves Tilly and Flora off as they head off for Diagon Ally in London. Tilly can’t help but do flips and other tricks as she and her mother head for London, while Flora can’t help but smile at her daughter’s excitement. A few days later on a clear sunny day right over Diagon Ally, Tilly is fooling around when a down draft begins to pull her to the ground, as she falls Tilly shuts her eyes tight knowing she’s getting close to the ground. Luckily Tilly lands with no scratches on her, but unluckily she lands on a thin framed girl right about her age with curly dusty brown hair and even dustier book wormy clothes.

“I… I’m so sorry!” Tilly quickly gets off the girl as she retracts her wings and helps the girl stand up. “Are you alright?” she looks over the girl a bit worried. The girl stares at Tilly with wide open deep brown eyes and her mouth open with shock. Her parents, standing a bit behind her, stare at Tilly with disbelief.

“Is everyone alright?” Flora looks a bit worried as she lands; her wings vanishing as her feet touch the ground. “I’m sorry about that. My daughter is still learning how to deal with wind drafts.” She says to the parents apologetically.

“We’re okay. How about you Hermione, sweetie?” Mr. and Mrs. Granger break free of their haze and glance over at their daughter.

“I’m… okay.” Hermione stares at Tilly, still stunned. Hearing this Tilly smiles warmly at Hermione.

“Well that’s good.” Flora sighs with relief with a slight smile on her face. “Again sorry about that. Come on Tilly. We have a lot of shopping to do.” She walks off after giving them a quick nod.

Tilly waves happily to Hermione as she trails after her mom. Hermione waves still in shock about what she had just seen. Tilly and her mom quickly go from store to store getting everything she needs for the school year. Once they finished most of the shopping they split up to get the last two things on the list, a wand and a pet, Tilly goes to get the wand and Flora gets the pet. But before leaving Flora can’t help but stop to look at the shop and remember that that’s where she met Lily and Severus for the first time. After a quick blast from her past she heads off to get an owl for Tilly. As Tilly gets to the door of the shop she sees a dark-brown haired boy around her age in raggedy clothes that are clearly a bit too big for him and glasses with a poor patch job on them.

“Are you here to get your first wand too?” Tilly smiles at the boy as they stand in front of the shop. The boy turns with his deep green eyes widened a bit shocked to be noticed by someone. Tilly looks confused by his reaction as she stands in front of him waiting for an answer.

“Um… yes… yes I am.” He finally replies as he looks at Tilly and then the ground nervously. “H-here, you go first.” He opens the door for Tilly.

“Thanks.” Tilly smiles warmly at him as she heads into the shop with the boy right behind her.

“Hello?” they look around the shop a bit curios. As they look about Mr. Alivander comes into view on his latter startling them and causing both of them to jump.

“I was wondering when I would be seeing the two of you.” Mr. Alivander smiles down at them and then goes looking for their wands. “It seems like only yesterday your parents where in here getting their first wands.” He hands each of them a wand. The two of them look at the wands and then each other. “Well give them a wave.”

The two of them wave their wands. The boy blows up a vase with his. While Tilly’s seems to except her as the user with a ribbon of light coming from it swirling around her starting from her feet and vanishes as it gets to her forehead. Mr. Alivander tells Tilly she can go with hers while he looks for another one for the boy. Tilly waves good-bye to him and the boy waves back, a little sad she was going away.

‘I wonder what that boys name was.’ Tilly ponders as she looks up at the sky walking to meet her mother at the Leak Cauldron. As she gets there she saw her mom had already ordered them dinner and sitting next to her in a cage is a black owl with white spots and brown eyes. Tilly runs over to meet her mom happily. Later on during the night she names her new owl “Knight” and then heads to bed excited for what the new day will bring.

Tilly opens her eyes to see herself standing in a room that seems to have no light except the spot she is standing in. Confused she panics glancing about looking for some clue as to where she is. Just then someone runs past her with echoing footsteps, but before she can say anything they were gone. She tries to run after them but they seem to have vanished. As she listens she hears many people talking in the distance and tries to find them with no luck. Just as she thought she was getting closer to them she finds herself standing in front of a giant troll. As it growls and moves to attack her Tilly wakes up panicked in her room with her mom getting dressed for the morning.

‘Dream. Just a dream.’ Tilly huffed trying to calm herself down.

“Oh good your up. Come on, today you get on the train for Hogwarts.” Flora looks at her daughter with a warm smile.

“Right.” Tilly smiles at her mom having fully calmed down and jumps out of bed to get ready. They stop to get breakfast before heading to the train station. Flora can’t help but beam with pride as she thinks about her daughter going to the same school she went to and the possibility of her ending up in the same house she was in.

Tilly gets to the train platform and can’t stop herself from looking all around at everything going on around her. Tilly is more excited now than she had been yesterday as she looks at everyone heading on to the train. Tilly says bye to her mom and hops on the train looking for a place to sit as it starts moving. She finally finds a spot with no one in it and sits down next to the window watching as everything moves past her quickly outside.

“Mind if I sit here?” a voice calls from the doorway. Tilly turns to see it’s the boy she met at the wand shop.

“I don’t mind.” Tilly gives her head a little shake with a smile.

“Thanks.” The boy comes in with a little smile and sits in the seat a cross from her. The two just sit for a while watching everything zoom by them as neither one of them is use to talking with someone their own age, let alone someone they just met.

“Mind if I join you? Everywhere else is full.” A red haired boy stands in the doorway.

“Go ahead.” They both say. The two turn to each other with a bit of a laugh as the red haired boy sits down next to Tilly.

“I’m Ron by the way. Ron Weasley.” Ron glances at both of them.

“My names Tilly. Tilly Beanne.” Tilly smiles at the two boys.

“I’m Harry. Harry Potter.” Harry smiles at them only to see both of them look at him in shock.

“So… so it’s true.” Ron stammers as his blue eyes widen with surprises. “Do you really have the… the scar?” he points to his own forehead. Harry gives a little laugh as he lifts his hair to show the lightning bolt in the middle of his forehead. “Wicked.”

“Wow.” Tilly stares wide eyed.

The three of them continue to laugh and chat for a while. As they are talking the snack cart comes around and Harry pretty much buys the whole thing giving them enough snacks for the whole train ride. They start eating them happily with Ron and Tilly explaining what some of them are to Harry. As this continues Tilly begins to think that her first year at Hogwarts is going to be great.

“Every flavor beans?” Harry looks at the box of jelly beans and takes one.

“They mean every flavor. There’s chocolate, peppermint along with liver and tripe.” Ron takes a big bite out of a gummy worm. “George swears he got a booger one once.”

With that last one Harry takes the bean out of his mouth putting it back in the box and set the box off to the side. Tilly looks grossed out as well as she ate her own snack of snowflakes, a type of sugar candy shaped like snowflakes, as Harry picks up a different type of box.

“These aren’t real frogs, are they?” Harry stares at the box curiously.

“It’s just a spell. Besides it’s the card you want. Each one has a famous witch or wizard on it.” Ron explains as Harry opens the box. As he does the chocolate frog escapes the box and climbs up the window and ends up falling out of it. The three of them look a bit disappointed at this.

“Hey I got Dumbledore.” Harry stares at the card happily and then at Ron.

“I’ve got about five hundred of him.” Ron gives a little laugh.

“He’s gone.” Harry looks back at the card to see the man is missing.

“Well you can’t expect him to hang around all day now can you?” Ron looks at Harry like this should be known already. As he looks down at his rat that is pigging out on the every flavor beans. “This is Scabrous by the way. Pretty pathetic isn’t he?” he glances down at the fat rat.

“Just a little.” Harry and Tilly both say looking at the little fat rat with his head buried in the box.

“Fred and George gave me a spell to turn him yellow. Want to see?” Ron pulls out his wand with a smile.

“Yeah.” Tilly and Harry move to see this better while grinning.

Before Ron could say the spell a girl dressed in the Hogwarts uniform comes to their car’s doorway. Tilly realizes that it’s the same girl she fell on that morning. “Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville lost one.” She looks around the car with a sigh.

“No.” Ron gives a sarcastic laugh as he gives his head a little shake.

“Oh are you doing magic? Let’s see it then.” She watches with a curious expression.

“Sun shine daisies… butter mellows… turn this stupid fat rat yellow!” Ron waves his wand over the rat but nothing happens. Ron shrugs his shoulders as the others give a bit of a disappointed sigh.

“Are you sure that’s a REAL spell? Well it’s not very good is it?” the girl gives a little huff not impressed. “Of course I’ve only tried a few simple ones myself, but they’ve all worked for me.” She walks into their car and sits next to Tilly and in front of Harry. “For example Oculus Reparo.” She pulls out her wand and points to Harry’s glasses. Seconds later Harry’s glasses look as if they are brand new, Harry looks surprised as he takes off his glasses to see if this is real. Ron and Tilly are surprised as well. “Holy cricket! You’re Harry Potter!” the girl is surprised and a bit in awe. “I’m Hermione Granger and you two are?” Hermione looks at Ron and Tilly.

“I’m Tilly Beanne, nice to meet you.” Tilly gives a smile and a little head bow to her. Hermione does the same to show respect.

“I’m Ron Weasley.” Ron mumbles with a mouth full of candy.

“Pleasure.” Hermione said sarcastically as she looks obviously disgusted with Ron. “You three better change into your robes, I expect we’ll be arriving soon.” She starts to leave but stops for a second to look back at them. “You have dirt under your nose by the way. Did you know? Just there.” She looks at Ron pointing to the spot and then heads off. Ron rubs under his nose trying to get rid of the dirt and Tilly can’t help but laugh at this.

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