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No smut Fluff and Angst Reader x Member Y/N information: Y/N is a GIRL MAY INCLUDE SOME TRIGGERING CONTENT - RATED MATURE (Warnings at the start of stories with mature content) All stories are in 3rd Person Requests CLOSED (Unless I state otherwise) I don't own any of the BTS members or any of the images/gifs/pictures that are used in this book at any point. All credit goes to the rightful owners

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Carousel - Namjoon



It was a Saturday afternoon when Y/N’s boyfriend came around. Y/N was in her pyjamas when she opened the door and greeted the boy behind it.

“Joonie!” Y/N shouted and swung herself onto the boy who simply smiled and enveloped the girl in a tight hug.

The boy’s name was Namjoon. He was tall, something Y/N loved about him, and was three years older than Y/N. They have been dating for a year and went on a few dates that they had managed to slip in, due to Namjoon’s rather busy schedule with the band.

“Hey, babe.” Namjoon walked in with Y/N still latched on him. He closed the door behind him and walked over to the couch setting the girl down on the couch as she cuddled into the Namjoon’s side.

“I missed you.” Y/N smiled as she whispered. Namjoon chuckled and nodded with a low hum.

“I came here because I’m going to the amusement park tonight with the others and I was wondering if you wanted to join.” Namjoon smiled at Y/N who was now looking up at him with sparkles in her eyes.

“I would love to!” Y/N said happily. Y/N has wanted to meet the other band members for a long time now. Namjoon nodded at the answer and looked at his watch.

“You should get dressed then, baby. We’re leaving in a few.” Y/N smiled and rushed into the bathroom, getting dressed in some comfortable clothes, which consisted of one of Namjoon’s baggy jumpers and a pair of jeans.

Y/N walked downstairs about five minutes later and smiled at the boy who was already waiting by the door.

“I’m ready!” Y/N smiled and took the boy’s hand as he covered his mouth with his black surgical mask, pulling a hood on his head.

The pair walked down the street until they met the other six.

After many introductions, the group of eight split up and ran in different directions, most of them in pairs or small groups.

Y/N and Namjoon went together, walking around the amusement park hand in hand, looking at all the available rides.

Namjoon wanted to go on all of them, but Y/N refused, none of the rides striking her fancy.

Once the pair made it to the far end of the park, Y/N started to drag the boy over to the merry-go-round. She halted in front of the small line and smiled at the boy who was wearing a love-filled look.

“You’re so cute, Y/N.” Namjoon smiled and Y/N blushed. She got many compliments from Namjoon when they met up but she still wasn’t able to get used to it.

“And you’re handsome.” Y/N giggled as the line pushed forward, making Y/N and Namjoon shift onto a small seat that was perfect for two people.

They strapped themselves in and chatted lowly as the ride started to spin. Y/N looked over at Namjoon. His eyes were closed and he had a smile plastered on his face.

She poked the boy on the cheek and giggled as Namjoon creaked an eye open, glancing at the girl.

“I love you so much,” Namjoon whispered, pulling the girl into a soft kiss as Y/N giggled. “I love you too much.” He sighed into the kiss making Y/N smile brighter.

“I love you more, Joonie.”


Hope you liked it!!

It’s my first One-shots book so don’t mind the crappiness of it...

Anyway, vote, comment and request any scenarios/AUs/ships you want me to include in this book!!!


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