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𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘿𝙧𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙠 {Kai Chisaki}


You had always thought you led an ordinary, dateless life until one rainy night you caught a cab from the most sexiest cab driver in the world. Whilst meeting coincidentally on numerous occasions a first name bases turns into a one night stand. Will your heat continue to beat rapidly for this brooding bad boy or secrets get in the way of feelings?

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𝕻𝖔𝖔𝖗 𝖒𝖆𝖓'𝖘 𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑

Welp there goes another one. Another possible way for eternal happiness. Another blind date gone wrong. Walking out of the restaurant you just lost your dignity in, you texted Melissa.

You: It was a fail. Go ahead and send this message down the grapevine to Uraraka.

With that you pocketed your phone and headed around the block to Daydreams your favorite coffee shop. This was the first time in the 27 years of your life that you considered giving up. You had tried everything. Tinder, eHarmony hell even Match. The last straw was having Uraraka set you up with this guy. Ethan was....an interesting guy. Not interesting enough to want a second date though. Not to mention the fact that he was from the Americas and there was a language barrier. But none of that mattered. What mattered was that he wasn’t entrancing in the least.

Sure, he was good looking and CEO of the biggest marketing company in japan. Normally most girls would swoon but no, not you. Fuck the guy had already texted you 5 times since you had left the restaurant asking for a second date. You left him on read of course, Melissa needed to be consulted. Pushing your way through the glass doors of daydreams you walked over to the front counter where a strawberry blond girl with glasses was sitting.

“Remind me never to remind Uraraka that I’m single.”

Melissa turned to me with a puzzled look on her face. ” You can’t not admit he’s cute though right?”

Sitting on a stool you slammed your purse down on the counter. “How do you know what he looks like?”

She swirled around her tea and looked everywhere but me. ” The group chat.”

Jesus fucking Christ.

“So I suspect there’s going to be no second date?”

“HELL NO!” I shouted a little to loudly. People in the corners looked up from their laptops and books and glared at me.

“Hey Y/n everything ok?”

You turned back around to face Izuku midoryia on the other side of the counter with that adorable smirk on his face. Your friendship with Izuku dated back to last year when Melissa introduced him as her boyfriend. You couldn’t in the life of you tell what had brought these two together. While Melissa was quiet and reserved but still tended to say whatever was on her mind. Izuku worked here as a part-time job when he wasn’t taking classes. He was outgoing and nerdy and gave good advice. Plus he made the best Carmel macchiato in the world.

“Oh nothing just your girlfriend fraternizing with Uraraka and playing matchmaker.”

He smiles and ran a hand through his thick green hair. “So the blind date didn’t go as planned huh?.” He said setting my usual on the counter.

What the-How many people knew! Before I could retort Melissa cut me off.

" Your telling me you didn’t find one worthwhile thing about this guy beside him being good looking. What’s his profession?”

“His job is marketing. And no. His job is Mundane nevertheless evil, all he does is steal money from people who are trying to make a living.”

You held up your hand while you sipped your coffee and nodded for Melissa to continue her interrogation.

“How did he feel about your job? Setting behind a computer the whole day trying to get dusty old books sold and published. Isn’t that Mundane.”

You gaped at her. “say’s the fucking economist, forever counting numbers.”

Melissa grin’s and sip’s her tea. “Just you wait. When I get my master’s in engineering and Izuku gets licensed as a veterinarian were out of here.” Taking off her black thick rimmed glasses and wiping them of the hem of her shirt. “And speaking of that I need to tell you something.”

“Hm?” You said bringing coffee to your lips.

Melissa waited until Izuku went through the door behind the counter and scooted her stool a little closer to you. “Last night Izuku proposed.”

You Choked on your coffee. ” What!? Oh my god what did you say?”

“Of course, I said yes!” She laughed.

“Well what happened after?” You whispered, eyeing the back door.

She looked at me skeptically. “What do you think happened? We had sex.”

“Christ Melissa.”

For the next two hours you, Melissa and Izuku talked about everything and nothing. You congratulated them on their engagement and hoped foe the best. You didn’t even have to question the look in Izukus eyes every time he looked at Melissa. You knew it was Love. At about 10:30 the café closed and Melissa suggested they drive you home when there done closing up but you refused not wanting to ruin the couples night and be a third wheel. You said your goodbyes and headed home.

Your apartment complex was only a few blocks away. You would make it considering your stomach would. Wine and coffee did not mix well together. What made it even worse was that you had work tomorrow so there would be no time to wallow in a failed attempt at love. Walking down the dimly lit streets you felt something fall on your cheek.

You wiped it of your face and scowled. Rain, it was raining and then 5 seconds later it was pouring. Running over to a bus stop you took out your phone and went to the cab app. Not having a car had its... disadvantages but everything you needed was in walking distance from your apartment so why waste the money and resources. 10 minutes had passed since you hit send on the app. 15, 20 minutes went by and rain was still pouring with no cab in sight.

Just as you were about to shut up and endure it a light shone in the distance. Headlights. Sighing with relief you waved the cab over to you.

The black car slowly pulled over to the curve, its windows tinted and rim’s shining in in the light. Without a second thought you opened the car door and got in.

“I’m sorry to disturb you so late. I was going to walk home but the rain surprised me.”

“No, your perfectly fine.” A deep voice say’s.

Whatever you were about to stay was cut short as you looked over at the driver. Melissa wouldn’t believe you if she told you the most sexiest man in the world was sitting next to you. With Mahogany hair and a jawline that could kill. You could see the lining of his chiseled muscles of his forearms as he gripped the steering wheel. Your eyes ran up his body and saw two yellow eyes staring back at you.

The driver cleared his throat. “Would you mine telling me your address miss?”

“Wha-oh yes of course.” You said tearing your eyes away from his and sitting upright in your seat. ” Takahasi temples 17th street.”

As he drive you looked in the review mirror and saw there was no divider for the backseat and that you had accidently sat in the front.

“I’m sorry but should I move to the back? I wasn’t thinking when I got in. It’s only been a few times since I’ve actually-,”

“It’s fine.”

And that it was. Looking at your hands in your lap you thought about the very situation you were in right now. How could a he be a cab driver? He had the face fucking model.

“If you don’t mind me asking are you ok? You look like you have something on your mind.”

Yeah you.

“I always have something on my mind. Id rather not bore you with the details, you probably hear a lot about blind dates gone wrong.”

He laughs making your breathe hitch. “Actually I don’t. So this is a first.”

This was also the first time you told a stranger about your intimate gatherings. Oh how this night had turned around.

“Well I can tell you it wasn’t much. I mean don’t get me wrong he was a nice guy he was just so.... boring.”

“Was that your first time on a blind date?”

“I’d rather not say.”

You could see the tip of his mouth move up from the corner of your eye.

“Well if you learned anything it from your ‘past experiences’ it’s to give these things time.”

You sigh and lean back. “I’ve wasted enough of my time.”

He held something up for you, an umbrella.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly-”

“Take it. I hear it’s going to rain tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

He pulled up to the curb of your apartment building. Before getting out you turned to him. “Thanks anyway for picking me up so late.” Slinging your purse over your shoulder and unlatching the umbrella you got out the car and slammed the door behind you.

“Y/n wait.”

Turning around you bent down to see his yellow eyes gazing at you from the rolled down window space. The drivers face had no hint of humor instead he had his flawless face held something else, an emotion that you hadn’t recognized. You could see his knuckles turn white as he gripped the steering wheel.

“Don’t ever think for a second that you’re not enough. Your too beautiful for that, too strong and f anyone thinks any different. Then they don’t deserve you y/n.”

Before you could retaliate he stomped on the gas pedal and drove off in the night leaving you with your mouth agape and wondering how in the hell he knew your name.

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