My Best Friend

Chapter 2

Nine days later, at exactly eleven o'clock, we were on the train to school. We were in our own carriage as normal. Fifteen minutes after the train began its journey the usual trolley lady came down the aisle selling sweets. "Anything from the trolley dears?" she asked us once she got to our carriage. "No thanks. I don't have any money, sorry." I replied. "I can buy you something." Cedric said. "If you want to. I mean, I respect you too much that I don't want to seem like a parasite." I said. "I understand. Could we have to chocolate frogs please?" he asked her. She passed him too chocolate frogs and he gave her the amount of money needed. She left the carriage and Cedric handed me the sweet. "Thanks." I said. "No problem." he smirked. We finished eating our chocolate frogs five minutes later. "Which card did you get?" he asked me. "Albus Dumbledore again." I laughed. "What did you get?" I asked. "For the first time I got Merlin." he chuckled. A girl, who I knew was from Ravenclaw, walked up to our carriage. We both looked at her because she didn't do anything but stand there. She saw that she had our attention. When she noticed, she looked at Cedric and winked flirtatiously. Then she walked away like she was a goddess. "Well she's pretty. I guess." I said. "As well as a narcissist." he said. His comment made me burst out laughing and snorted. I didn't really care that I snorted because I was comfortable around him. "I was walking down the hallway and her and her friends were talking about our friendship. They thought we were dating and Cho was saying that she will 'break us up' and then own me." he said. "I would never let someone like her lay a finger on you." I stated. "I will not let any guy lay a finger on you either, unless I know he is right for you." he looked directly into my eyes. He was my big brother even though he was actually born on the same day as me. Only a few hours apart. Still a funny conversation to have when someone asks i we are brother and sister. We both had the same hair color but he had soft grey eyes, I had hazel eyes, he was tall, I was short. We both had short hair though. I have had my pixie cut since I couldn't remember. I didn't like girly stuff, I was a 'tomboy.' I also get along more with boys than girls. I was sort of hoping that Cedric wouldn't go mad and try and get a girlfriend. I'm thankful that he didn't. He said to me once that I was all he needed, he was all I needed too. It wasn't a romantic relationship that we had, but sure we hugged and were protective of each other. We did love each other, though in a different way that only some people could understand. At this point in our relationship we loved each other like brother and sister. Enough of explaining my life. "I know Cedric." I smiled. "Good." he chuckled.

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