My Best Friend

Chapter 4

A week after that, the two other houses arrived. One was named Durmstrang and the other was named Beauxbatons. Professor Dumbledore had as well opened up the Goblet of Fire admission. Cedric and myself were sitting on the same overstuffed couch, I was doing my Transfiguration homework while Cedric was doing his Charms homework. Then Harrold bursted out of the boys dormitories with a slip of paper. "I've already written your name on parchment and now I'm going to put it into the Goblet of Fire. You cannot stop me." Harold said to Cedric and then ran out of the common room. Cedric jumped up from his seat, with his Charms books falling off of his lap, and ran after Harold. I was hoping that Harold was just kidding around, but my mind though that he wasn't. I got worried after five minutes because by that point I knew something bad was going to happen. Half an hour after they left Cedric returned looking pale and sickly. I knew then that Harold had put Cedric's name into the Goblet of Fire. "Cedric? Come here." I said soothingly. He walked towards me and gave me a strong hug. I hugged him back tightly, rubbing my thumb into his back. "I told him I wasn't his friend anymore and that I had enough. I didn't yell it though because that would have made me look and feel like a fool. At least there is a chance of me not getting chosen." Cedric said. "Yeah, look on the bright side." I replied. "Well we will have to wait until Halloween to see if I do get picked. I just don't want to die." he said. "You won't. Okay?" I told him soothingly. "Okay." he replied. "But if you do, you know I'll help you no matter what." I stated. "I know." he said. "Good." I said. He let go first and went back to his Charms homework.

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