My Best Friend

Chapter 6

It was the day of the first task, thank Merlin that Harry had told Cedric what the task was going to be. He was sitting on the couch when I woke up. "Good morning." I said. He looked up. "Morning." he replied. He did look down in the dumps. I sat next to him and rubbed his back, which he lit up after. "We better get some breakfast. You'll need all of the energy you have." I said. We headed down to the Great Hall only to be bombarded with a bunch of his supporters. "I don't like the buttons that they made. Harry did nothing wrong." Cedric whispered in my ear. "I know." I whispered back. Instead we grabbed some toast and headed down to the lake. It was quiet and peaceful, so Cedric had time to clear his mind and think. His plan was to transfigure anything into a Labrador to distract the dragon. I thought it was a good idea but it did have it's risks. I didn't distract him from his thinking process. After breakfast I walked with him down to the tent. "Good luck." I said. He kissed me on the forehead and held me for half a minute before letting go. I then walked to the stands, and found a good spot to watch. He was first to get his egg, which was a hint to the second task. He was to fight a Swedish Short Snout, which it's fire could melt skin and bone. That fact worried me a lot. He was announced to be entering the arena. He entered the arena and immediately transfigured a rock into a Labrador. The dragon chased after it, and Cedric grabbed the egg and began running for the cave entrance or exit. The dragon got tired of chasing the Labrador, and went for him. It breathed fire close to his face, but thank Merlin only burnt half of it a little. He ran right for the cave, and I could see the pain in his face. I then ran for the hospital tent. By the time I got there he had a bed and half of his face was covered in orange goop. "Hey." I said calmly, grabbing his hand gently. "Hey." he said tiredly. I lifted his hand to my lips and kissed the back. He gripped my hand softly. "How are you other than half of your face?" I asked. "Just tired. I can't believe I even got passed the first task." he answered. "Two more tasks to go Cedric." I stated. "Yeah." he said optimistically. "It's time to take the paste off of your face Mr. Diggory." said Madam Pomfrey. She grabbed a cloth and whipped away orange to show pink. "You're free to go." she said. He got up from his bed and grabbed my hand and we walked to the common room. "I'm going to change into some muggle clothes if you don't mind." he said. "No I don't mind." I told him. I was already in my muggle clothes. "See you soon." he said and then walked to the boys dormitories. I read my book while he changed. He walked out wearing a cotton, white shirt, jeans, and a buttoned up plaid t-shirt. He walked over and sat next to me. "Are you still okay?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm still fine." he said kissing me on the cheek. His face was still pink, but it was dying down. "How about we grab some lunch and have a picnic on the grounds?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm starving." I answered. "Alright. A date it is." he chuckled. He made me giggle "Alright." "I'll grab a platter of sandwiches and some pumpkin juice. Wait for me by the lake." he said. "I can help you carry something." I told him. "You have been my number one mental health supporter while going through this. I'll get the food." he said lovingly. "Alright." I smiled. He kissed me on the temple and headed to the kitchens. I walked out of the common room and down a corridor. When I reached the grounds there was already a picnic blanket laid out. Cedric was walking behind me with a platter of sandwiches and pumpkin juice. "Where did you get this?" I asked. "I may have bumped into Professor McGonagall." he answered smirking. "She lent you this?" I smiled. "Yeah, she asked me what I was up to and she was generous and gave us a picnic blanket." he said. "Awesome!" I said. He placed the platter and the bottles of pumpkin juice down on the picnic blanket. He held my hand and lead me to our picnic. We sat down and he kissed my hand. I grabbed a sandwich off of the platter while Cedric opened my pumpkin juice for me "Thanks." I said, as he handed me the bottle. "You're welcome." he said. He grabbed a sandwich and started eating, taking a sip of pumpkin juice. After eating we both laid on the blanket and looked at the clouds. "That one looks like elephant." he said pointing to a cloud. "No, it looks more like a dog." I joked. "No, it's obviously an elephant." he kidded. "Wasn't the last time we did this ten years ago?" I asked. "Yeah, that sounds like a good estimate." he agreed. "That one looks like owl." I said pointing to another. "Yeah, it does look like an owl." he smirked, then fixed the parting of my hair. It started to get stormy an hour afterwards. Cedric, being stubborn with me, didn't allow me to take anything back to the castle. His excuse was he was being gentleman and the picnic was on him. I didn't argue with him about it because he was in a happy mood and that was all I wanted. He was upset about being shoved into the Triwizard Tournament, and he was having a happy moment. While I was thinking I turned a corner and one of Cho's friends stuck their foot out, yes I did trip like an idiot. Can't they see that the ground is hard? I got up and had a bleeding nose. They all laughed and giggled at my pain. Normal human adolescents. "You're such a freak! why would Cedric ever want to date you?" Cho said. I wasn't hurt by it, I went through this before in muggle school. I kept a poker face and walked away to the hospital wing. When I got there, it was broken. I'm just glad that with magic you can heal anything in a blink of an eye. I walked back to the common room, I guess I still had a little blood around my nose because Cedric noticed. "Um, Cho's friends tripped me and she called me a freak…? It didn't hurt mentally, they are immature unfortunately. It of course hurt physically though, not much, don't worry. I did report it too." I said. I went to the girls washroom and cleaned off the rest of the blood, as I now had a mirror. I came back and Cedric was on the couch waiting for me to come back. I sat next to him and put my head on his shoulder. He placed his head on top of mine, and grabbed my hand. "Hey, you sure you're alright?" he asked. "I don't know. Just thinking that she wants to be with you and she treats people like that." I replied. "I'd never leave you for her." he said seriously. He rubbed his thumb across the back of my hand and kissed it.

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