My Best Friend

Chapter 9

It was the morning of the final task. I was scared for him, but on the polar opposite of my mind I felt his confidence. Cedric's parents arrived the night before, and we were to have breakfast in the same room that the champions were first united in. I was walking into the room when I heard the conversation between Cedric and his father. "Is she treating you alright?" his father asked. "More than alright." Cedric replied. I arrived at the table just ten seconds after Cedric finished his sentence. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I asked Cedric. "Good morning. Yeah I slept well. How about you?" he answered. "I slept alright." I said. He kissed me on the temple before he reached for his toast, eggs, and bacon. "Make sure you have enough energy, okay?" I told him. "Yes, love." he smirked. Harry walked into the room and sat with the Weasleys and Hermione. "I bet you're not so full of yourself since Cedric has caught up to you, eh?" Amos yelled at Harry. "Sorry?" said Harry. "Harry, please just ignore my father." Cedric said. He frowned at what his father said. "I'm sorry Harry, my father has been upset ever since that cow of a woman, Rita Skeeter, wrote the article about the Triwizard champions. You know, she had the spotlight on you. No offence." Cedric told Harry. "Well he didn't do anything to correct it." Amos said. "Oh you'll show him. You've beaten him before haven't you?" Amos stated. "Father, it wasn't a fair match. Harry was attacked by dementors and his broom got destroyed. I asked for a rematch." said Cedric. "But the captain of their team said it was fair and didn't accept it." said Amos. "That doesn't matter. It still was unfair." Cedric argued. "Rita Skeeter always causes trouble! I thought you would know that by working at the ministry Amos!" yelled Mrs. Weasley. "Father, you're being immature." Cedric said. "Harry, I'm really sorry." he told Harry. Cedric stormed off after finishing his breakfast. "Could you tell Cedric that I'm really sorry about what I said and Rita Skeeter publishing it. I was jealous." Harry asked me. "Yeah, I think that will brighten his day." I said. "Thanks." he replied. I walked out of the Great Hall after two slices of toast, so that I could give him some space. I found him sitting against a wall with his face in his hands. "Cedric?" I mumbled. He dropped his hands and then looked up. "Sorry, I just hate it when my father does that. He doesn't bring my self esteem up by bringing someone else's self esteem down." he stated. "Well Harry told me, to tell you, that he is sorry for what he said and he was just jealous that you have the brains and the looks." I said. "Alright." he said. I grabbed his hand, lifted it up to my lips, and kissed the back of it. He lightened up and smiled. "Want to go hang in the common room for a bit?" I suggested to him. "That sounds lovely." he said. I intertwined my fingers with his and we walked to the common room, and sat on 'our' couch. "Do you want to sit on my lap? Sorry I just want to have as much cuddling time with you before the task." he asked. "Yeah, sure." I replied. I sat on his lap, put one arm around him, and my other hand on his chest. He had an arm around my waist and his hand cupped my cheek. He smelt my hair and kissed my forehead. "Hey up there. What does my hair smell like?" I joked. "It smells like you. I can't describe the smell of you. I love it though." he said. It made me blush. I started playing with his hair and started smelling it. "What does mine smell like?" he smirked. "It smells like you and I love it too." I said seriously. He pulled me into his chest and held me. "It's going to be alright, trust me." I tried to soothe him. We were in the center of the stadium, he held me until his father wanted to hug him good luck. Harry and Cedric went into the maze first, then, Victor, then Fleur. Three hours into the third task, I heard screaming, and I knew it was his. My heart shattered, but then the screaming stopped. Two hours later Harry returned with Cedric. Harry was crying. "He's dead! Voldemort's back!" he screamed. I ran down the stairs, but I was on the top seats. I was pushed back by ministry people. "LET ME SEE HIM!" I screamed. Professor Dumbledore let me through. His eyes were not open and lifeless. "Harry, was his eyes ever open and lifeless?" I asked. "No, just closed." Harry cried. I checked his pulse, and there was one. "HE IS ALIVE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I ran my fingers through his hair and then let Madam Pomfrey take him to the Hospital Wing. He was put into his pajamas, and laid on a hospital bed. I played with his hair and cried happily. "I don't understand. He was hit by the killing curse." Harry said to me. "Let's just be thankful that he's alive, alright?" I said through my tears. "Okay." Harry replied. It was midnight, I was overly tired, but I didn't want to sleep until he woke up. "Do you want a bed dear?" Madam Pomfrey asked. "I want to see him wake up first. Thanks." I said. "Don't you want to be awake enough for him when he wakes up?" she said. "Alright. Yes please." I responded. I went and changed into my own pajamas and crawled into the cot. I fell asleep for four hours before I heard some movement. I opened my eyes to see him looking stressed and bewildered, looking up at the ceiling. I slowly walked over to his cot and played with his hair again. "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes." I told him, trying to be loving. "Shhhhhhhhhhh." I said soothingly. He seemed to be more calm. "Do you want me to grab Madam Pomfrey to make sure everything is alright?" I asked him. "That would be smart." he replied. "Okay, I'll be right back. Alright?" I said. "Alright." he replied. I walked to Madam Pomfrey's office and knocked on the door. She answered right away. "He's awake." I told her. "Thank you dear." she said. He had broken ribs, broken arms, and broken legs. Good thing you can heal bones with magic easily. I played with his hair again, as I didn't want to hurt him more. "You can cuddle with him if you want. He has good bones. They healed quite well." she told to me. I snuggled into his side and gently rested my hand on his chest. He put one arm around me, that's all he needed to do. "So what exactly happened? Or do you want to talk about it?" I asked him. "Well the cup was a portkey. It transferred us to a graveyard. There was a man who seemed to be carrying a baby, but it was He Who Shall Not Be Named. He ordered this mad to kill me." he started tearing up. "And he tried to but there was some invisible shield. I guess I got the full force of the curse, but it didn't kill me." he finished, bursting into tears. I reached up and wiped his tears away with my thumb. I kissed him on the forehead and then on his top lip. I couldn't kiss him enough to save my life. "Before that Victor used the cruciartus curse on me." he pointed out. I buried my face in his shirt to trying not to start sobbing. I knew it was his screaming. His smell and touch was calming considering the situation. He fell asleep, and I tucked us in. The next morning we woke up at noon. Cedric's mother had brought us both fish and chips. I fixed Cedric's pillow and helped him sit up. I kissed his temple before I sat back down next to him. While we were eating Cho walked in with a stuck up face. We ignored her as she stood there. "You know you will never please him the way I can." she said. "Just bugger off for Merlin's sake." Cedric was quite pissed off. She was shocked and ran out of the Hospital Wing. "Cedric." I bursted out laughing. "She should." he smiled, finishing his fish and chips. "Well I'm glad you feel a bit better." I finished my fish and chips, cleaned up, then played with his hair again.

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