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Manik and Nandini are finally married but for reasons apart from love. Ready to play each other in this relationship to win. Who will win? Or will love end up playing itself again?

Romance / Drama
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Why do you sound so dull over this topic?” Nandini asked over the phone call.

“I just don’t want you to get your feelings hurt, you could get played by him.” came an anxious reply.

“You scared about me, boy the controller never gets played, he started this game and very well i am gonna end it. He’ll never know when he’ll get stuck in his own trap.” Nandini smiled a half sad and a half mischiveous smile.

“I hope what you say is true by the way i can’t wait to meet you soon, only if i wasn’t stuck here.”

“You will i promise.”


“You sure you’ll not end up catching feelings for her, because if you will-” Alya said pointing her finger at him.

“You think i can ever love someone apart from you.” Manik reasoned like he always does.

“It never appeared to me like that whenever she is around you, looks like you can’t keep your eyes of her.“Alya replied with pure sarcasm.

“Do we really need to talk about this, this ain’t even important. Stick to the plan.” Manik replied unsure of his own words.

“I will for sure. I don’t say the same about you.” Alya left the area with a taunt.


“So we are finally married now!” Manik says releasing a long breathe.

“Looks like we are.” Nandini replied with a smile

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