Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks



Summer! The day of freedom for students and teachers alike! Except this summer Harry was taking his students with him on his vacation, so all the other teachers agreed that he really is crazy.

"Oh the peace, the quite, the boringness…" Harry said to himself in his peaceful, quite, and boring classroom, but never fear, for Harry had things to do, places to be, and parents to coddle/beg/scold/threaten, whatever needed to be done so his chosen favorites could come on the greatest trip in the world!

Before Harry left for his first stop, he decided to think of yesterday or rather last night when he boldly *cough* rudely *cough* interrupt the Headmaster at the feast and made a few epic statements.


"And so without further ado I believe that's-"

"Not at all Headmaster! That's not everything. I have something to say if you wouldn't mind?"

Dippet had been droning on and on about nothing at all, but now that the seer was speaking the students would listen out of curiosity, or at least to check out how red the Headmaster's face was turning. Potter stood up and grinned at the sea of children.

"You don't mind then, excellent!"


Harry clapped his hands grandly together in excitement.

"Everyone knows about the Field Trip coming up don't you? I've only been shouting about it from the top of the astronomy tower for weeks! Some of you have already turned in your permission forms I will be sending you my Floo address sometime tomorrow, if you can't use a the floo please send me a letter and I shall come pick you up. If you do-"

"Professor Potter I don't believe this is really the time-" Dippet wasn't too happy about this, but he shouldn't have pissed Harry off the other day.

"I am speaking!"

"Thank you, now if you do not have your forms signed yet then you may mail them to me along with either giving me your address or asking for my Floo address. If you're really, really want to go and your whoever you live with says no then drop me an owl and I'll try and drop by to convince them I've seen something awesome happening if you go and something dreadful happening if you don't."

"Professor Potter!"

"Headmaster! How can I finish my speech if you're going to interrupt me?"

"Now, I make no promises I can convince your parents, but I shall try. If you aren't in my Divination's class, but you think my trip which you're never heard of before sounds a lot more awesome than whatever you were going to do this summer then come by my office before curfew tonight or tomorrow before the train leaves and I'll be happy to talk to you about it."

"Now I believe that is that all. Please turn your attention to the wonderful foods the house elves have cooked and have a great summer!"

Ending Flashback

Oh that had been fun. The itching powder in Dumbledore's ropes would be funnier when he got around to implanting that bit of revenge. Turning his direction of thought to other things, he took out his list.

What list you ask? The List of course. The list of all the children that would be coming with him…er…except for the ones he would forget to pick up because he didn't like them.

No way in hell was Lestrange coming on his trip after what he had said. Harry vaguely thought about sending him a letter informing him he was not awesome enough or that Harry had foreseen his death from flying boogies if he joined them, but that wouldn't be appropriate.

There was Tom of course on the list. No matter he hadn't been able to send in a permission form as Tom needed to be there in person to force whoever it was to sign his copy, or at least he hasn't have been able to do so yet, but that really didn't matter because Harry would just have to kidnap Tom if he wasn't allowed to go. Harry smiled thinking back to when he had been kidnapped from his relatives by his best friend and his brothers in a flying car. Harry wished he knew where to get a flying car.

Harry would have to give Tom some minions, so perhaps Alphard because Sirius had liked Alphard, and Alphard wouldn't always be a minion. Or at least Harry was fairly certain he wasn't ever a Death Eater to begin with. Malfoy was very much a minion, but he was also entertaining so he could go.

Hmm…Alexander Carrow, Orion Black, that other Black guy that would be the father of Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa. They all seemed to be closest to Tom at the moment. Hmm…decisions…decisions.

Of course they wouldn't all be slythrines that Tom liked, Fudge was fun to torment- he meant have around. He also believed he might have found Luna's grandfather a Mr. Atlas Lovegood in Ravenclaw 6th year going on 7th. He had also discovered Snape's mother by completely accident one day by bumping into her in the halls. She was 4th year that has never taken his class, but he had made sure to invite her anyway so she might go. In short if Harry recognized someone or that person's future children he invited them.

It made everything more fun if he knew the people. Sort of knew them, that is.

Harry was just adding a finishing doodle to the side of the list when two owls arrived. A plain barn owl and an elegant eagle owl both clutching letters.

One letter asked Harry to politely fuck off and informed him that not everyone was stupid enough to think those forms meant anything. The other asked him to come for dinner so that the parents could see for themselves that Harry wasn't evil and if he wasn't, then the parents would sign the form.

So wonder who those are from?

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