Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks


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Lemon drops! Lemon drops! Oh Lemony Lemon Drops!

Lemon dr- "Albus!"

Dumbledore blinked and stared at the luscious lemon drop that he had been about to pop into his mouth.

I am fairly certain my lemon drops cannot speak. However our Divination Professor has been known to use some unusual charms when he is unhappy.

"Albus! We cannot allow this!" Said a frustrated Headmaster, who had just barged into the room.

Oh thank goodness! It's just him.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled up at Dippet and gestured for him to take a sit.

All is well in lemon drop land.

"It's not safe for the children to just go off somewhere 'bloody secret' with one man. I know you trust him Albus, but-"

Ah I wondered when he would bring this up.

"Calm yourself Armando. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for the children who's parents decided to sign the form."

Indeed our seer is rather clever. It was still a Gryffindor move however, not very well thought out.

"But Albus-"

Dumbledore raised a hand for silence.

"Now Headmaster all is not lost, I'm sure we can persuade some of the parents…or guardians that is not to sign these forms."

Yes it wouldn't do to have Tom Riddle all, but unsupervised this summer to who knows where. He's a very powerful boy and under the wrong influences he could go down the wrong path. The more time he spends around muggles and away from outside influences the better, really.

"So you do have a plan then? You had me worried for a moment Albus."

Of course he had a plan!

"My dear Dippet when have I never had a plan?"

A plan for the Greater Good.

In a crappy poor orphanage

Tom was unusually happy on the first official day of summer break. So far he hadn't been bothered by anyone. He had managed to acquire adequate reading material for once thanks to his minions with large libraries at home. And of course the fact that he would be leaving this place in only a week had something to do with his raised spirits as well.

He had yet to approach Ms. Cole with his permission form. After all, he needs time to adjust himself to this environment so he was less likely to lose control of his contempt for the woman and harm her to the point that she wasn't able to sign anything or function at all for that matter. Besides it was only the first day and he had an unexpected confidence in Harry Potter. This time it really felt like nothing would go wrong.

Mind you he wasn't a Hufflepuff so if something did go wrong…there would be suffering. Sweet painful suffering.

Meanwhile with Harry Potter.

Weasley, Malfoy.

Ferret, Weasel.

Pureblood and pureblood.

Rich and poor.

Yet they both send owls knocking at my…window.

That does not rhyme.


Door rhymes, but they didn't come through the door, in that matter they didn't even knock either. Oh, the owls want answers don't they?

Harry stared blankly at the owls before drawing up a quick agreement for dinner the next day at the Weasleys and then another one for lunch at the Malfoy's the same day. Of course the Malfoy's didn't invite Harry for lunch, but it was best to inform them he would be there none the less. Otherwise he would be both an uninvited and unexpected guest and that just wouldn't do.

That done he decided to recheck his supplies and make sure he had everything. Luckily he had found a place to get a bottomless bag. It was also out of sheer luck that he had found a book last year (when he was devouring the Hogwarts library) about how expensive snake skin is. No Tom would have noticed if Harry had killed his giant snake so Harry had simply nipped down to the secret chamber in his cloak and collected some sheded skin.

A good thing too because otherwise he would never have been able to buy all the emergency supplies he felt the need to pack. Hey, Harry had gone camping unprepared before and let me tell you it sucked.

A large amount of food, blankets, books, brooms, bandages, potions, rope, clothes, money, candy, and many other things one fake seer and anywhere from a dozen to 20 students could possibly need during this awesome *cough* dangerous *cough* trip. Going through his supplies again Harry decided to take some crystal balls and his umbrella just in case.

Now that he thought about it, there was one other thing technically two, but at the moment there was one thing that he would like to take with him.

How long had it been since the sorting hat had had a vacation? What? He could pull a sword out of it, it was far from useless. Also the hat gave some fairly good advice at times.

Yes indeed, there was nothing like stealing rare magical objects to relive his boredom. As Harry sat down to do some plotting he felt a slight shudder. Hmmm, his meddling senses were tingling.

What was the old man up too? Perhaps some spying was in order?

Knock! Knock!

Knocking. Was it Dumbles? The Headmaster? The dreaded Madam Brusly? Merlin forbid!

This was where being a real seer would be useful.

"Hello!" Harry yelled though the door his wand in his hand ready to vanquish the evil Madam Brusly.

"Oho! Harry lad! Do you have a moment?"

Oh it's Slughorn!

"Come-neither fowl healers or old men with sweets are with you, are they?"

"Nope, I'm quite alone good chap. Are you able to answer the door or shall I let myself in?"

With a wave of his wand the door flew open and in walked the potions master, far younger then he was in Harry's own time Slughorn was still just as jolly. Well actually more so as he hadn't told the most evil man in the world how to become immortal yet.

"What can I do for you Horace? Want some tea leaves read or shall I simply tell you that you've picked out an impressive bunch of students yet again?"

Strange as it was Harry kind of liked Slughorn. He was sneaky, but his greatest ambition was to benefit from children achieving greatness. There were far worse things to have ambition about and he was far more open about his meddling than Dumbledore. Most likely because Slughorn's meddling was actually for the students own good instead of the greater good.

"Oho! Have I now?" Slughorn preened.

"But that wasn't what I came to talk to you about at all! That little speech of yours caught me by surprise last night. Why in the world didn't you say anything my lad? I think it's a wonderful idea and as I know you know I do know some important people Harry!"

"Indeed you do Horace, but I fail to see where you're going with this?"

"Well I'm not sure where you're going, but I suspect you might be taking your students on a little world trip, hmm? What I'm saying is if you need me to put in a word or two with someone I'd be happy to do so. I have a niece in America you know working with plants and potions in some experiences I believe. I also know a lovely woman who moved to Greece recently she works with the-"

Harry nodded and smiled and droned part of what Slughorn has been speaking about. Horace was always trying to set him up with some young woman or another it was fairly annoying however, Horace was also valuable and believed sucking up to a seer was a good idea. He was also, if Harry remembered correctly, rather fond of Tom. Now there was a thought…

"You know Horace I wanted to tell you about my trip however I didn't want word to get around too soon. You see it's not just for fun I'm doing this and I'm afraid Albus and the Headmaster doesn't care much for the idea…"


"You see Horace what happened was…"

Slughorn was not the only one that could gather allies and right now Harry could use an ally to help him overcome the meddling of two certain old men. The potions master would be very useful and very willing to be useful if things were worded out just so. Besides Harry had never liked two against one odds.

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