Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Slugs,Seers, and somthings

Slugs, seers, and something's

Sorry it took so my fans! I was having a bit of a brain fart and it took awhile to get the chapter right. Let me know what you think of Slughorn and what part of the story do you like the most so far. Harry's POV, Tom's POV, Dumb's or Slugs? Also what are you looking forward to most besides the field trip? Give me some feedback people! I love you!

Slughorn loves his job. He got to make potions and the school paid for the ingredients. He got a lovely living space that he didn't have to pay rent for. What he loved most of all was interacting with his students. It wasn't just teaching, for Slughorn it was affecting a child's life for years to come.

Another thing he enjoyed was being around his co workers. Rarely had Slughorn met a fellow teacher at Hogwarts and not liked them. He was very fond of most of them; especially Dumbledore for he had a wonderful personality, although he was also in slight awe of his powers and often disappointed with the man, because really he could have been rather far up in the Ministry by now, if he had any ambitions at all.

For all that he liked Albus; they had had several disagreements in the past. Dumbledore's lack of ambition for one and Horace's favoritism over the better students. Slughorn of course knew his favoritism did a lot of good and refused to ever stop. Not only did he enjoy it, but including other houses and even some muggleborns in his favorites had the Slythrine's reputation at an all time high.

Of course Tom might have had something to do with this also. He was a very well liked young man, and his housemates would follow his lead.

Oh Tom, it was so clear now that he had wronged the boy. Allowed his respect for that man to overcome his good intentions towards the lad. He had allowed another's opinion to make him ignore his gut feelings. As the dear prophet had warned Slughorn once before not staying true to himself had lead to a great folly on his part.

There was no doubt in Slughorn's mind that Harry Potter was a great prophet not just a common seer, no! For Harry had shown Slughorn a memory of his visions. He had shown Slughorn the paths that Tom Riddle could take. In a way only the truest and most powerful of seers could Harry Potter had shown Horace Slughorn the right path.

Which was why Slughorn had charmed the pictures in the Headmasters office to sleep and was trying to talk a hat into guiding the hallowed seer on his journey. Despite the fact that the future of the world might depend on this great deed….the hat was having none of it.

With a smug hallowed seer.

Sometimes Harry thought being mistaken for a seer was the best thing that ever happened to him. It had been easy to charm Slughorn the first time they had met. "I see crystallized pineapple in your future and one day your words to one of your students will change the world!"

Everyone loved predictions; where good things happened to them or they seemed important. Of course it wouldn't be realistic to completely avoid doom and gloom.

"Not staying true to yourself will someday lead you to a great folly, but after your great folly someone will send you some mead to make you feel better about yourself. Your students really like to suck up to you don't they?"

Of course Harry had sent mead after over hearing a discussion between Slug and Dumb. Yes it was so easy to make predictions come true.

It was especially easy to direct Slughorn after all, the man asked for a reading of some sort every few months and Harry hadn't been wrong yet.

However if Harry did say so himself today had been one of his greatest, most awesome, and of course completely authentic performances ever! The things you could do with sticking memories from the future together and practicing your oracle voice.

"Ah! Another owl. Who might you be from? Hmm. Well this won't do at all. Nope I'll simply have to drop by ahead of schedule then. A pity they didn't take kindly to being invited to lunch in their own home. No matter."

"To the Malfoy's!"

He grasped his bag of floo powder and turned to the fireplace.

"I suppose I should have a plan of some sort…Nah I work better winging it anyway."

At the crappy orphanage.

"Mrs. Cole. A pleasure to see you again."

She blinked at his flamboyant apparel. It was orange and sparkling.

"Ah your that Dumbly, Dumblesdore fellow. What's all this about?"

"Well miss, it's about Mr. Riddle."

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