Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Malfoy Manners or lack there of

You know my loyal fans this is truly my favorite story I've ever written. I like it even more then my Twilight parody that has over 100 reviews. Of course that is twilight(even if I'm making fun of it) and this is Harry Potter so obviously this is more awesome. However I'm bringing my Twilight story to your attention because It has 14 chapters and 103 reviews, this story has 12 chapters and 84 reviews. I got 10 reviews for the last chapter meaning if I can get another 10 for this chapter and my next one we shall beat the number of reviews for my twilight story!

Come on people! Prove that HP is better then sparkly vampires! Prove that this story is much better then my other one so I don't feel guilty updating this one instead of the other one. Review! Because if that doesn't inspire you to review what will?

Malfoy Manners or lack there of.

Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were Draco's great grand parents, Lucius's grand parents, and Abraxas's parents incase anyone was confused as to which Malfoy's Harry was confronting at he moment. They seemed to be nice well mannered folk when they weren't throwing curses at trespassers. Of course this was not Harry's fault because if they had invited him in he would not have had to force his way in.

Harry inferred as he dodged a yellow spell, followed by a flying vase that crashed to the floor. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy seemed to believe he had a nefarious purpose in mind for their son, due to his questionable permission form. Really just because he wanted permission to bring their child anywhere without telling anyone where that was and then not wanting to be responsible if something harmful were to happen, did not mean they needed to overreact so much.

Well putting it like that he supposed he would see where their worries were coming from. Sorta.

Now you might be wondering how he was going to not only get out of this, but do so with permission to take their son on the trip of a lifetime. The answer my friends involved Harry's ability to talk while in life threatening situations and the fact that he knew of a certain secret drawing room that has housed the illegal stuff of the Malfoy's for centuries, had something to do with it.

"And if he should not come away with me this summer then the groundhog shall see his shadow and then the secrets of the drawing room shall be revealed to all…" He should get an Order of Merlin for his oracle voice alone, really.

Mrs. Malfoy was a sensible woman and didn't believe in seer nonsense; she told him so and began to cast a bone breaking hex. This made Harry very happy because anytime he met someone that wasn't that gullible and wasn't stupid as a troll was truly a good day. However, Mr. Malfoy seemed to think that seer stuff had some merit when it involved his secret stash of dark objects and muggle comics, or whatever it was he had in there, and therefore intervened.

In the end the Malfoy's gave Harry their only child, instructions on never to enter house again, and knowledge. Mr. Malfoy gave him the knowledge, that if anything happened or any secrets about the drawing room were to ever get out into the public, that they would find a way to destroy him. On the other hand Mrs. Malfoy gave him the knowledge that if anything happened to her son, she had a wand and she knew how to use castration hexes.

And so Harry ended up with one student 7 days ahead of schedule. Meaning he had not even gotten one day of summer freedom. This pleased him immensely especially seeing the expression on his charge's face.

"Well, that was fun! You're a bit early, but no matter. You can help me prepare!" Harry grinned evilly. Abraxas looked rather put out and then rather unnerved as Harry began to chuckle evilly as well. Harry had just realized that if he really wanted to be evil he could take the Ferret into the weasel den with him tomorrow. Muwhahaha!

Now we turn our attention to an orange sparkly man walking out of a crappy orphanage.

As the eccentric man was leaving he thought to himself that all was going according to plan, and that while Tom may be unhappy this was for the greater good of everyone involved. He also thought that he would eat a celebration lemon drop.

Lemon drop, Lemon drop, oh Lemony lemon drops! Lemon drop!

Of course being orange and sparkly was a sure fine way to be noticed by future Dark Lords.

Tom watched as the bright menace walk away from behind the old creaking gates, behind his crappy window and his eyes flashed red.

With the seer that had taken Abraxas tent shopping.

"You know…" 'Harry paused as he picked up a mustard colored tent.

"My doom senses are tingling." Considering this had come only a little while after his meddling senses early that day, it was a cause for concern.

Abraxas who had been looking miserable raised his eyebrows and drawled very scornfully.


"Doom." Harry repeated with finality.

"Doom, doom do do doom." He muttered a few words of the doom song as he felt the situation called for it. He ignored the Malfoy looking at him with increasing hatred.

"What say you, we gather a classmate or two of yours early? You'll be horribly bored if I'm the only one you have to talk to for 7 days." It didn't take a seer to know that meddling + doom = bad things. He would feel much more confident if Tom was with already with him, even if being in the castle would make him closer to Dumbledore.

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