Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Preventing Doom

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Preventing Doom.

With Tom

Anger, hatred, rage, pissed off, unhappy and there might have even been the smallest amount of hurt and sadness, but Tom Riddle was most consumed by fury. The kind of fury that made his eyes turn red and gave him the urge to hear someone scream in pain.

Dumbledore was out of his reach at the moment so he tired to remember that he would be thrown in prison if he killed Ms. Cole, but if was very hard to remember that when his magic was close to the surface and muggles were so fragile. It wouldn't be that suspicious if she fell down the stairs and broke her neck, would it? Yes it would. Not to anyone else, but Dumbledore would try to put the blame on him even if she really did die without his help.

Logic. Cool, cold logic. The different between Slythrines and Gryffindors. It would not do to lose control. When he was calmer, he could inflict torture on the pathetic muggles he lived with. If he wasn't in control while he did so, he would kill them. Breath, calm, cold anger, not red hot Gryffindor rage. He was slowly pulling himself together…

"Hi Tom!"

And then his Divination Professor stuck his head though his three story high window.

With Harry

After much deliberation Harry decided Abraxas should not join him in the Tom rescuing. You see Tom lived in a shitty orphanage with crappy windows and Malfoy lived in a wealthy manor with snobby peacocks. Tom may not like his minion seeing his living arrangements. Either Abraxas would think less of Tom or worse, but not likely to pity Tom and then Tom would have to hurt the boy until such thought left his head.

It was better for everyone that Harry go alone.

Now window or door? Legal or illegal? Fun or more fun?

Oh who was he kidding? He would do both of course. Starting with the window. He cast the needed notice me not charms and then flew up his broom to find the right window. He noted that the window wouldn't be big enough to fit a person out of anyway, so it was a good thing he had been planning to use the door as well.

Vashioning the small crappy glass in his day he watched Tom for a moment, seeing his eyes q scary bright red he knew his doom senses were spot on.

"Hi Tom!" He said casually, as if he did this all the time.

Tom Riddle froze, turned and started at him. After a moment it appeared, Harry had shocked the red out of his eyes or at least most of it, it didn't look like the burning pits of hell at the moment, anyway.

Tom Riddle blinked and Harry waved at him.

"Hello Professor…" He said at last looking as if he's not sure if he even should question why his professor is outside his window. However with Harry choosing not to say anything else he sort of had too.

"Do you normally just show up outside your student's bedroom windows?" He sounded snappy, but it was understandable, after all not only had he been angry a few moments ago, but Harry had given him a bit of a shock.

"No, not usually. You see I was tent shopping with Abraxas-"

Tom blinked at him with the most interesting expression. Harry of course ignored this.

"- and I felt a deep sense of Doom. Why was I sensing Doom Tom?"

Harry waited expectantly.

Tom raised an eyebrow.

Harry gave in first, pleased that the last of the red had completely fading from his eyes.

"Because there was a disturbance in the force Tom." Harry explained patiently, enjoying himself.

"Of course." Tom said with an air of mocking his Professor.

"Glad you agree. Pack your things and meet me down downstairs won't you? I'll just be a moment."

Then he replaced the glass and flew back down to earth. Then he waved his wand turning his clothes into his proper muggle fortune teller attire and walked into the orphanage in the front door where he encountered a woman.

"Ms. Cole, a pleasure."

"Hello…How did you get in here?"

"The front door of course, it was unlocked."

"Oh bother, I thought I locked it. Well what's your business here?"

"Madam I am a seer, a medium, a fortune teller if you will. I have seen many horrible things…"

"I don't want any of your nonsense here!"

"You are aware of a strange child, yes? A Mr. Tom Riddle… He is different from the others and you have made a choice recently. A choice which shall bring about your downfall if not corrected..."

The words chilled the woman for a creepy voice and a smidgen of truth can do that to some people.

"Let me gaze into my crystal ball and I shall show you…show you the path you have set…"

Dun, dun, dun he whispered to himself silently as he prepared his performance.

With Abraxas

"Stay at Hogwarts, he says. Go find Slughorn, he says. Help him with his hat problem, he says. Of all the cracked, ridiculous things…"

Abraxas knocked on Slughorn's office door, he could hear voices inside.

"Oho! One moment!" There was loud banging inside and then Professor Slughorn stuck his head out of the door, blocking the room with his body.

"Oho! Mr. Malfoy, what are you still doing here, my lad?"

"My parents sent me with Professor Potter early." Replied Abraxas sourly.

"He has business elsewhere and asked me to go see you. Apparently you have a hat problem I'm to help with?" Abraxas really hoping that there was no such problem; he had already been shopping with one professor, he didn't need to go into a hat shop with another one.

"Ah! He really does know everything doesn't he? Well come in lad! Maybe you can talk some sense into it."

Talk sense into it?

To say Abraxas was surprised to see the sorting hat on the Professor's desk was an understatement.

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